June 9

May 29 2009- my birthday in Sibu


We had enjoyed Kuching enough and it was time to move on despite a wisdom tooth that had begun to give me some trouble a doay or two before. Regardless, we got on the boat that would take us from Kuching to Sibu, a medium sized town 3.5 hours by boat north of Kuching that is pretty much a mandatory gateway to the rest of Borneo. The 3.5 hour ride became a 5.5 hour nightmare becasue of my tooth, already requiring painkillers that is had brought along just in case. Liza suggested I begin taking antibiotics for a probable inflection, and she being a dentist following her suggestion sounded like a good idea.

The first impression you get to Sibu is not very charming: traffic, old small medum sized buildings covered by pollution and a crowded but small boat terminal are only a part of your welcome.  So step one was to find accomodation and for once out LP guide was spot on with their description: Li Hua hotel is spotless and rooms have high ceilings, and thankfully we were given the corner room on the 7th floor which offered very nice views of the river, jungle and water front. In fact I would say that the only nice view you wilol find in all Sibu is from there.

And step 2: a visit to a dentist. Finding whyat appeared to be a reliable one was not easy, but after asking around we went to see Dr Hung: he has a reputation for being good albeit somewhat painful.

It ended up being a good bet. Dr Hung is an amusing chinese dentist what had studied in the UK, and he confirmed the infection but said he would not extract the tooth until the infection disappeared. In fact he suggested I do it when I finish travelling or perhaps in Kota Kinabalu. A few jokes later her prescribed and gave me antibiotics, painkillers, and suggested I find something better to do on my birthday than visit him. And so I did. Thanks doc!

That night we had a great diner at an even better price (20 MR- dirt cheap considering the stylish place we were at , and by any standards as well) and went to sleep- we would have a longish bus ride to Miri the following day and spending some time to relax in the great room felt very appropriate.

Li Hua hotel- view from our room
Li Hua hotel- view from our room
Look no further: the best view of Sibu
Look no further: the best view of Sibu


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  1. Muchas felicidades , Federico.

    Hacía tiempo que no entraba en tu web, y con el enlace a este blog he podido leer que ha sido tu cumpleaños. Lo mejor es que lo celebras como más te gusta: viajando… Tenemos pendiente trazar algunos planes, socio.

    Revisaré tu blog con aisuidad.

    Un abrazo, amigo mío.


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