September 3

Internet does not mean freedom


Most of us believe that the internet is a placer where everything goes, where you can type pretty much anything and let anyone read what you want to say, right?  Wrong! It is well known that China has a strict control over what can be seen in the www,  so  much in fact that this website cannot be seen  as a good friend who lives there tells me. Iran and many other muslim countries have a similar control to that of CHina, but what i did not expect is to have my website and therefor blog censored in Vietnam, the country I have been travelling through for the past 2 weeks.

This is the reason I have not been able to update my blog or reply to the emails you have been sending me, and thus I would like to appologize. It might also mean that I may have lost a few or seveal regular visitors thinking that I would no longer add anything else.  This is certainly not the case, at all. As a matter of fact I have been writing posts along the way, but have not been able to include them, and though will have to do so in the upcomming days/weeks. It might mean you will not read it all, but someday you and I might feel like checking those posts as well.

Anyhow,  Cambodia does not consider my blog a threat and thus I am free to share stories and pictures again. Thanks to all and again, my appologies.


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