December 25

Merry Christmas!!


Travelling sure is a lot of fun, bringing you the opportunity to meet interesting people and visit exciting or exotic new places around the world.  Different cultures, behaviours and interests are and eye-opening everyday happening, and in some parts of our planet these patterns have something in common. One of these is Christmas, celebrated in many countries  in a similar yet different way, and experiencing this is also enriching. However, it is also a time of the year that most people prefer to spend with their families, enjoying each others companionship and love if only (sometimes) during these few days of the year.  If this is your case, make it as valuable as you can, because only time shows how important family bonding can be.  Take care of each other and, most important, enjoy these holidays if you have them, because before you realize your “normal” life will settle in again.  This said,

MERRY CHRISTMAS  TO ALL OF YOU! Friends, family and readers of this blog I have not had a chance to meet. Enjoy this time of the year as much as you can and remember to get out of your comfort zone and travel, because the world is a small yet big enough place waiting to be discovered by you. See you somewhere!


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