January 14

Brisbane, Australia


While in Bali our initial plan was to fly into Cairns and visit the Great Barrier Reef, but the high costs of getting there made us change our plans and fly into Brisbane instead via Darwin with Jetstar. Tourism in Brisbane isn’t as big as it is in other parts of Australia, but there are many things to do that will keep you busy.

Most Australians (mainly from Melbourne and Sydney) say that Brisbane is a dull and boring city, not a place where they would choose to live. But we found quite the opposite, and if I could choose where in Australia I could live I would choose Brisbane of the three.

It is a nice, easy city with the best climate of the lot, superb beaches nearby and has cheaper flights to most international flight hub airports.

This said accommodation isn’t cheap anywhere in Australia, and initially this scared us quite a bit because beds in a hostel dorm usually go for around 25 AUD. Add food and transpotation and the cost of travelling in Australia would take a much bigger chunk from our budget than expected. At the end, though, luck was on our side. You will see why as you read my entries, with tips that will be usefull for your travels there as well.

Brisbane is a city small enough to be visited in one day (walking) unless you like to visit museums. You have the CBD with a few churches and the Anzac memorial, the botanical gardens, the Koala Sanctuary (one of the few places where you are guaranteed to see and even hold Koalas and enjoy many other wildlife experiences- a great day trip) and a great sunset view from any of the bridges to wrap up the day. On day number two we figured out our plan for the next three days, time during which we would head North and then back to Brisbane, spnd a night in the city, and join a discussion group with wickedcamper vans the following day because 5 days worth of rental would be given for free to those who showed up, time we would use to make our way South to Sydney.

And so we did. We rented the camper van for three days, purhased a road map and headed north not sure yet about where we’d stop or what we would visit.

Kangaroo feeding
They sure like to eat
Are you sure this is it?
Koalas at the Koala Sanctuary

Have you visited Brisbane? How did you like it?


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    1. Depends on what you mean by posed…I took that picture of Liza as she was walking back from a few other pics we had taken which were posed… glad you like them though!

  1. Well I’ve lived in Brisbane longest out of all the places I’ve lived, so I think there’s something right. I’ve got to say, I’m not the hugest fan of living in a humid climate though!

    1. OOhhh…I know about living in those climates. Yet after living in extremely dry ones too I’d much rather sweat all day!

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