February 8

I want to know about you


Blogging is good fun, although it all comes to a feeling of satisfaction when you know that others are reading what you are typing and narrating. The best part of it is when you get emails or comments regarding a post or something your opinions is valued, but alas,  now a days people prefer to stop by, read, and move on.

About a month ago I published a survery with qustions I wanted to know answers of regarding maitravelsite.com, but got very few replies. I understand that when you read about having to fill one out you immediately feel lazy, and skip it.

Hence, I will now ask you 4 simple and shortquestions that I would really like to have answers for, because I want to know about you, and thus deliver what you would like to have.

They are:

1) What is your name and where are you?

2) What do you like about maitravelsite.com?

3) What do you not like about maitravelsite.com?

4) What would you like to see in maitravelsite.com that would make youvisit us more often?

That’s it! Short, to the point, and hopefully, by knowing about your likes, I can make this site that much better.

Talk to you soon!


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