March 30

maitravelsite now has a header image!


maitravelsite logo

I’ve been wanting to have a header image for quite a while, and am pleased to say that I finally succeeded in creating one.  To me it represents one of the ultimate goals of many travelers and certainly one of mine: finding that great, isolated beach where civilization is unheard of and only nature and great views are there to be enjoyed for some time  during a trip. Have I found any? Indeed!  Where at?  I wont tell you!

You see, one of the great things about traveling is that you get to find one remote places you like to think are your secret spots. This rarely corresponds with reality, but imagening it makes you feel good. It makes you feel as if you have discovered something new, as if all the sweat, mosquitoes and heat you endured have actually had a purpose.  And when that happens you hav an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Still, if you really want to know where those beaches are you’ll have to ask me… bearing in mind that we might have a differend concept of paradise!

Happy travels, and let me know if you like the header image…or not!


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