June 1

We’re going up, and up, and…


maitravelsite traffic

Thanks to readers like you the community around maitravelsite.com has been growing steadily for the past few months…pretty much since I found the time and way of keeping you updated about my world travels and sharing those tips myself and other guest authors have been writing.  For this I would like to thank you and ask you to please spread the word about this site (if you like it!) and participate as much and often as you can!

How else can you participate in this website? Very easy! Guest posts are always welcome, you can subscribe via rss, get maitravelsite updates straight into your inbox by signing up for email delivery (free of course), become a facebook page fan (check the sidebar widget), follow maitravelsite through twitter, make comments in posts, ask questions, share great pictures of places you have visited, share posts you read in social media sites, send suggestions….the list is endless!

Keep dropping by! Expect to read some cool articles posted by fellow bloggers, reviews on places and tours I have done/ visited…and I hope to launch a contest sometime this summer that will offer a great prize(s?) Maitravelsite is not my travel site…but YOUR travel site!

Happy travels!!


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