July 28

We Have a Winner!!


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The contest is over and the time to announce the winner has come, but before doing so I have to say that despite expecting  many more participants I was glad to recieve 27  entries from  India, Chile, Italy, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Malaysia and Singapore.  Yup, all the entries have come from just these 9 countries…interesting right? Everyone who participated answered the questions correctly, being place number 1 the Petronas Towers and place number 2 the Taipei Financial Centera , or Taipei 101.

I would also appreciate feedback on the contest which will help me prepare the next one (yup, expect another one in the upcomming weeks). Did you enjoy it it? Was it somewhat challenging? Were the clues easy enough? Maybe too easy?  Was the format simple? What kinds of contests would you like me to organize in the future?

Anyhow, no more procrastinating! The lucky winner of the draw has been

Amber Smith from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Congratulations! I’ll be contacting you via email to ask for your home address and within the next 48 hours you’ll be getting an email with a gift card confirming your 1 year subscription to National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Enjoy your prize!

This said, I’m not done yet. I know that the contest only mentioned one prize to be awarded to the winner, but I’ve made a last minute decision and will be giving away a second prize. The winner of this second draw has been

Nidhi Chandna from Bangalore, India.

Congratulations to you too! You’ll be recieving an email with a 15 USD Amazon.com voucher  to spend on whatever you want.

Thanks again for participating! I invite you to become a fan of our Facebook page and/or subscribe via RSS /email to be notified about the next contest I’ll be holding in the next few weeks, besides getting the travel stories, tips and news about this world we all share. Talk to you soon!


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