October 22

Is All Mexican Food Hot and Spicy?


One of the issues that most travelers face when visiting Mexico is finding food that is not spicy or hot. Truth is that almost all dishes have some sort of chile in it, and if it’s not hot enough you’ll have some on your table ready to add at your convenience. But alas, all is not lost. I like spicy food, but I don’t really enjoy it when every single dish I eat is hot: it gets boring, don’t you think (if you’re from Mexico, India or one of the countries where food is always hot too then this is not an incovenient, I know 🙂 )?

restaurant Bucerias Mexico
Liza making sure her food is loaded with chile

This time though I was happy to find a simple restaurant close to the ocean where fresh fish is the call of the day and, good news, many dishes do not have chile. Finally! Located in Bucerias, a small town close to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico’s Pacific side, Rodolfo made sure we knew all the fish and sea food available today at El Rey Bombon had been caught by his in-laws a few hours ago.

fishballs Mexican food

I chose fishballs ( meatballs with fish instead of meat) expecting them to be served with rice and veggies of some sort, but instead the waiter showed up with this plate which was more a soup than anything else.  At 30C in the shade it did not seem a wise choice…until I tasted it. It had one of those flavours that really fill your mouth and have your taste buds all excited and ready to party. Despite the heat I enjoyed every spoonful of it, and was happy to enjoy a new flavour in tortilla country.

mexican food fish and tortillas

Liza chose breaded fish with rice and veggies, and the portion was big enough for two. Of course the home made tortillas came right after, but you really did not need them this time. It was fresh, tasty and crunchy, very enjoyable .

So,  is all Mexican food hot? No, it’s not. Most street food is tortilla based (tacos, burritos, enchiladas, sopes, flautas…) and tends to be quite similar yet is ideal for a quick snack or cheap meal, and doesn’t have chile when served. If you have an extra bit of time and want to sit it will not take you much of an effort to either to find a restaurant where non tortilla besed dishes do not have chile. This said, to be on the safe side, I would double check before ordering because when mexicans say food is not spicy they mean it’s not spicy- for them.

How good are you with spicy foods? Like’em, hate’em? Share your thoughts and this post too if you liked it!


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  1. haha its true, one of my aunts is married to a Spaniish guy, when he visited Mexico for the first time, he told us “damn, in other countries,people use “chile” as a seasoning and you use it as the main dish!”

    And yes, thats true ahha

    nice blog

    1. lol It really does feel like it is the main dish as it is always present! Thanks, hope to read more of your comments 🙂

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