November 2

Not Even a Year Old and Growing High– Thanks


maitravelsite 10 month traffic

Keeping a travel blog updated while traveling the world is not easy, like every blogger knows: writing, editing, optimizing, uploading photos and sharing content demands a lot of time. Maitravelsite (pronounced My-Travel-Site if you ever wondered) began as a website with a blog which I would update every so often due to the old computers and slow internet connections I was finding in South East Asia.  It eventually became a full-on blog  11 months ago, and what a ride it has been!  During this time I’ve had the opportunity to share my travel experiences around the world with you readers, and have shared travel tips and photography which has been praised by many of you too (thank you for the feedback, it really encourages me to keep going :)).  The travelogue has also let me make new friends around the world who I’ll meet at some point if I haven’t already.

As of today (Novemeber 2nd 2010) we have 1795 Twitter followers, 1080 Facebook fans, 97 RSS subscribers, and- check out the graph- we are growing every month. It is now my turn to thank you for being part of this blog and enjoying the travel articles and photography we (myself and guest authors)  bring to you each week. Stay tuned because to celebrate this achievement, the first year of the blog (which is right around the corner) and the upcomming holidays I will be holding a contest or giveaway with a superb first prize.


What do you like about this blog, what would you like to not see or what would like to see in the future?


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  1. Hey there, I came across your site on Twitter.

    Congrats on growing your site, you have so many helpful articles for the newbie traveller like myself (I’m going on a round-the-world trip shortly).

    Look forward to your updates 🙂

    Lily Leung

    1. Hi Lily!

      I remember you 🙂 I’m pleased to know you find the articles helpful! 🙂 Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you might have…how long will you be on the road for? 1 year , like the name of your blog?:)


  2. hey, congratulations on your achievements. A great travel blog like this with so many travel tips is worth growing. Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Thanks a lot Amer! I hope to improve it further this year, and am in the middle of two big projects which should save travelers quite a bit of money when on the road. Keep traveling!

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