December 24

Reflecting on this Blog and Travel Ebooks for 2011

happy 2011 from Moorea

2010 has been a great year for me. After traveling for almost all 2009 in East and South East Asia, 2010 began with a month long trip to Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela in South America after which I moved to Mexico hoping to find a decent paying job and time to make this blog grow.

Perhaps the first part was not fully accomplished, but on the other hand I did find the time to reach out to many of you and, best of all, you have taken the time to get back to me and share this great adventure it has been. I want to give a special thanks to maitravelsites  Facebook fans for being so active and supportive!.

For 2011 I have prepared, and still am preparing, what has been the biggest project of all since maitravelsite became a reality a little over a year ago. On January 1st I will be launching my first ebook, a travel guide for Mexico that will not only highlight the country’s most interesting spots and give other travel tips, but will also save travelers money while on the road in terms of accommodation (special rates and/ or free nights), tours, activities and more. How much? Around 150 to 200 USD per person, or 300 to400 per couple- per ebook! Soon after I will be launching one for Australia, Spain and more countries to come. It is time to give back to all of you who read along!

Travel plans for 2011? I can’t specify any yet. But rest assured that I will be on the road very soon exploring and sharing stories with you readers, and hopefully meeting some of you along the way!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to speak with me. I wish you a merry Christmas and great 2011…and best of lucks in all your projects for this upcomming year!


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  1. thats a great idea, the ebook. Insane that you want to create one for each country. This could become a travelers must have item!

  2. I really can’t wait to seeing your next trip. I’m sure this will be a very good year for you, so God help you. I can’t wait to see ‘the biggest project of all since maitrav­el­site became a real­ity a lit­tle over a year ago’. Have a great day, Maria.

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by! I will announce it next Monday, and if you plan on traveling soon it could very well help you save money. Stay tuned!

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