December 29

Maitravelsite Travel Sweepstakes January 2011


New year, new contest! It has been a while since maitravelsite last launched a contest, but I think the waiting time will be worth it once you read the prizes to be won, which add up to around 1500 USD in value! So what are you looking to win?



First Prize

First prize is a one week stay in an apartment in Punta de Mita, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, worth 1250 USD! The apartment can hold up to 4 people and is right in front of one of th best beaches in Puerto Vallarta with great surf spots nearby. This fantastic prize is possible thanks to, and does not include air tickets or meals.

punta mita puerto vallarta


Second Prize

is a 3 day/2 night stay in the Tegal Sari hotel in Ubud, Bali. Ubud is famous for its spectacular rice terraces, superb value market and being the spa town of the island! Flights and meals are not included.

tegal sari hotel


Third Prize

is a 40 USD gift card from Amazon to buy whatever you want with it!

How to enter the sweepstakes


1. You must LIKE the Maitravelsite Facebook Fan Page
(you will find it here)

2. You must LIKE the First Prize sponsor’s Facebook Page
(you will find it here)

3. You must subscribe to via email, although you may unsubscribe once the contest is over
(you can do so in this page- check the sidebar)

4. You must SHARE this page in your Facebook wall.

5. You must answer these 3 simple questions correctly:

What are the indigenous people of Silvia- a small town in the Andes of Colombia- called? (the link to the answer is here)

What are the two tallest (connected) buildings in Kuala Lumpur called? (you will find the answer here)

What is the name of New Zealand’s best city where you can learn about Maori culture? (the link to the answer is here)

Remember to email your answers to

Email Example

Title: Maitravelsite Sweepstakes Contest

Name: Peter Bellanca

Country: Botswana

Contact email:

Answers to questions:

The answer to question 1 is xxxxxx

The answer to question 2 is xxxxxx

The answer to question 3 is xxxxxx

Once I have recieved the email with your answers, I will verify that you have followed steps 1 through 4 before addding your name to the final list.

6. The winners of the first and second prize agree to send a short video (around 1 minute at least) showing themselves and scenes of their hoildays and time spent enjoing the prizes. Filiming with a compact digital camera is good enough.

NEW Contest Dates (as per sponsors’ request)


Third Prize : February 15th

Second Prize: February 16th

First Prize: February 17th

Contest Rules


1. All participants must be 18 years old or older

2. You must follow the instructions given in this page

3. Only one person per entry: you cannot create multiple email adresses for the same person in order to have more entries

4. No cash equivalent will be given.  This means that if you win the first or second prize and cannot or do now want to go once you are elected the winner you will not be given any money as a substitute.

5. The raffles for each prize are on different dates. If you want to participate for one of the prizes but not the others make sure you say so in your email.

6. If an international winner is elected for the first prize then he or she much make their way to Punta Mita in Mexico on his/ her/ their own

7. If an international willned is elected for the second prize then he or she must make his or her way to Ubud, Bali.

8. Once the winner of the first prize is elected I will communicate with him/her via email or other meand to arrange dates to validate the apartment stay. Ultimately, this will be done with the prize sponsor, and the week must be validated in 2011.




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  1. Awesome contest. I am halfway there already liking and subscribing, so I am going to finish off with the rest. Great job and good luck with the promotion. We’ll help you out as much as we can. Cheers!

  2. I would love to win! I love Puerto Vallarta! I have followed all your steps and can’t wait to get the call! Great contest!

  3. Great contest!! Just emailed my entry and completed the other steps. Have always considered going to Bali. A free place to stay would certainly make that far easier.

    1. You have to be kidding Abby! I guess going back and staying for free would be nice. I’ll be back there by Sunday, hopefully!

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