February 24

More Bang for Your Buck: Las Vegas on a Budget

Feeling the pinch? Think that the halcyon days of great holiday deals are over and you can’t afford to visit Las Vegas on a budget? In these cash-strapped times it’s hard to believe that any of us can still stretch the budget to include a trip abroad but there are still plenty of affordable destinations out there, and some of them are more exciting than you might think.
las vegas on a budget

How about Vegas? If you think that cheap holidays to Las Vegas are a myth then think again. Sin city is packed with free and affordable entertainment, food is plentiful and comes for a flat fee, and Las Vegas hotels still offer great value rates to entice the gamblers in.

Far from being all casinos and slot machines, Vegas is home to some of the world’s best entertainment, and some of it is absolutely free. Pop into Tropicana during the afternoon for a free floor show that barely touches the floor, featuring daredevil trapeze stunts and glittering costumes, head over to the Bellagio as night falls to watch the famous fountains strut their stuff, spurting metres into the air above your head, or rock up to the Mirage after dark to watch the impressive man-made volcano light up the night.
las vegas strip

Most of the Strip’s main hotels offer some kind of free show to get you through the doors and some have affordable attractions too. The rollercoaster at New York New York will take you for a spin around this vast Big Apple themed hotel for just $14, while the thrill rides on top of Stratosphere will mess with your head at 350 metres above the Strip for just $12.

When it’s time to eat, tuck in to one of the megahotels’ famous all-you-can-eat buffets. Head over to Excalibur at 11am and you could combine a late breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea with the $15.99 buffet, pigging out until 3pm. If you’ve got a little more cash to spend, the Bellagio has the most opulent buffet on the Strip, serving up a weekend brunch of succulent seafood, a range of classic Italian, Japanese, Chinese and American dishes, and endless mouthwatering cakes for just $24.95. You can even add a bottomless glass of champagne for just $5.
las vegas treasure island show
Spend all day soaking up the atmosphere in the Strip’s most opulent hotels but when it comes to choosing a place to lay your head, set your sights a little lower and you’ll save a packet. Circus Circus has spacious rooms and the world’s largest permanent circus (free to enter), while the Imperial Palace offers newly remodeled rooms and a large swimming pool complete with Jacuzzi. You could even stay at the Strip’s most iconic hotel, the historic Flamingo which in true Vegas style has been sidelined by the newer, bolder hotels around it (and is consequently cheaper). You’ll find vast rooms here equipped with everything you really need, plus a 15-acre tropical pool area and a free shuttle to the other Harrah hotels.

However much you have to spend, look to Las Vegas and you might just find it’s within your budget. And if there’s anything left over, head to the casino and put it on red you may even leave with more than you came with!

Been to Vegas? Do you have any money saving secrets you are willing to give away? Which is, in your opinion, the attraction not to miss? Comment below, check my other article with tips to visit Las Vegas on a budget and please share this post if you liked it!

Photo credits @Flickr: Patrick World, jsigharas, kmiller799


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  1. I was there when we were driving out to Burning Man. I wish we could have stayed longer but without knowing more budget friendly things to do, it can rack up very quickly!

    1. I agree. Unless you know what to do and where to go your money can disappear in the blink of an eye. But if you do know a few tricks, it can be very affordable!

  2. Stayng in budget hotels, apartments or family inns can help you a lot in saving money during your travel to Las Vegas. You can search for all these accommodation options easily on Internet. These will make your travel truly a budget travel.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Vegas, but it’s definitely an experience. With the shows that you can go watch, to just people watching. The fountain at the Bellagio can take up a good chunk of your day because they play different tracks for the water show and happen about every 10 minutes.

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