August 15

Aztec Indians Take Over Mexico City’s Zocalo


Mexico City’s main square, called El Zocalo, was built over the Aztec’s empire former capital- Tenochitlan- which itself was built on an island in the middle of a large lake where the city’s main temple, the Templo Mayor, rose 90 feet in the air.Β Β  It is not surprising then that the formidable Cathedral, one of the city’s main attractions which you will find here, is sinking despite constant efforts to recuperate it. The inside is a conglomerate of scaffolding trying to keep the structure in place, but nobody really knows if the temple will eventually make it. Today, performers recreate Aztec ceremonies and dances in the Zocalo regularly every Sunday, but only three times a year do the groups come in the hundreds, creating a unique show that begins at around noon lasts about 5 hours. It is, without a doubt, one of the most invigorating attractions you’ll find in Mexico city thanks to the extremely detailed costumes used by the performers and the beating of the drums that can be heard in the distance.

aztec indians mexico city

aztec indians mexico city

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aztec indians mexico zocalo

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aztec indians mexico city

aztec indians mexico zocalo

aztec indians mexico city

aztec indians mexico city


The secret of this performance lies, in my opinion, in the sophisticated costumes used by the actors. Incredibly detailed they have the power to take you back in time, and in a way appreciate the fact that you are not their enemy after all- the head masks can be more than threatening, don’t you think?

Have you been in Mexico City? Did you have the opportunity to watch the performers in the Zocalo? What did you think of the show? Where else have you seen similar displays of ancient culture remembrance? Share your thoughts below, and this post too if you liked it!


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  1. Great photos, so colourful. I am surprised to hear they call them “indians” and not indigenous/native/first nations/aboriginal like in the rest of North America.

    1. In Mexico they call them “indios” most often than not. Though sometimes they do use it as an insult as well… which I find surprising.

  2. Amazing! I love shows of any kind, so I’m especially a sucker for experiences like these. No, I did not see a performance when I was in Mexico City. πŸ™

  3. Lovely pictures of some truly amazing headdresses, and this happens every Sunday? Mexico is on ‘the list’ of destination to visit – thanks for wetting my appetite πŸ™‚

  4. Mexico City is a very good city.It is very wonderful.People come here from different-2 countries.I like this place.

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