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Swimming With Sharks in Oahu, Hawaii

If you had the opportunity to swim with sharks, would you take it? Shortly before heading to Hawaii I researched online for exciting things to do in Oahu’s North Shore, and the result was easy enough: surfing and swimming with sharks. Was I going to skip any of the two? Certainly not!  And thus only 2 days after arriving to the most isolated archipelago in the world we made our way from Waikiki to Haleiwa where we  joined a shark cage swimming tour with Hawaii Shark Encounters.

Getting to Haleiwa is easy enough with public transportation, but you will need to give yourself about two hours or more if going by bus. Luckily we had met a couple of honeymooners from Spain the day before, and after sharing with them our plans they decided to join us: we rented a car between both couples and got there easier and quicker- it only took us about an hour.

Home to the world’s most famous surf beaches Haleiwa is actually a sleepy town most of the year, with a few restaurants and scattered surf shops that provide any service you will need when there. We were there 30 minutes early, and chose to enjoy the best coffee and home made muffins in Oahu at the Coffee Gallery (the carrot pie is to die for!), a cafe I recommend you stop at even if you’re not going to join a tour.

Most of the wildlife encounter tours start early in the morning when the wind is yet to pick up and the animals are active, and by 8:30 the four of us plus another two more last minute travelers  were in the boat heading into the ocean. While heading out the dive instructors gave us the safety tips we have to watch for, and we also signed the omission of responsibility in case an accident with the sharks was to happen- this made some of the participants quite nervous!

After a brief 20 minute trip we reached the place where the crew had dropped some bait a few hours before, and sure enough we quickly spotted a few sharks swimming by. The cage was lowered and they asked for the first volunteer, who of course was…me!

The sharks were two meter long blue sharks, and certainly did not seem aggressive at all; in fact we were told that they had never heard about an attack on humans by a shark of this species. In 2006  they spotted a great white, but this is extremely rare as white sharks live in cold water, and the Hawaiian Island simply don’t have it.

swimmers in the shark cageGetting into the cage is easy enough, and observing the feared predators was a treat to the eye. The water in Hawaii is so clean that you can easily see them from 10 meters or more, and despite the fact that you can stick an arm or leg between the bars in the cage at no point I feel any threat or danger (nor did the other two participants who 10 minutes before had assured that in now way the y would be getting into the cage). The sharks were simply swimming around us with curiosity, and being so close to them simply felt great. Perhaps the most difficult part of the experience is being ablet to stay put in a single place, as the cage sways back and forth because of the waves and wind making it difficult to stay put and take pictures.

swimming with sharks oahu hawaii

The tour takes about two hours, and is a great adventure to be experienced by people of all ages. During our trip we spotted about 4 or 5 sharks, but there can be more, or less. You are in their environment for a change, and it’s impossible to know how many will show up. The staff at Shark Experience Hawaii is very knowledgeable and reassuring, and the boat is big enoug to fit 8 people comfortably. They also carry disposable waterproof cameras available for purchase if you want to take your own shots.

All in all I recommend this tour if you want a close encounter with these animals, as you’re in for a great treat and a lifetime experience. Would I do it again? I know I will! But next time it will be with… great whites!


Save Money When Visiting Oahu

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Have you ever swum with sharks? Where was this? Were you afraid, was this something you’d recommend? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below, and this post too if you like it!

We were offered a discount on this tour, however this has not affected in any way the opinions shared in this article. Hawaiian Shark Encounters is a well established and reputable shark viewing company in Hawaii based in Haleiwa. You can contact them via their website at or by phone at 1-808-351-9373


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    1. It is…I have seen them around too when surfing, and these were mellower than what I expected. But they are fantastic creatures!

  1. We do a lot of open water dives with sharks–usually white tips, black tips and nurses. The only time I’ve ever been scared was on my very first certification dive years ago when I saw a bull shark–you don’t want to mess with these guys!

    (Side note: Isn’t the hue of blue in the ocean in Hawaii unlike anything anywhere else in the world? So amazing.)

  2. Oh my god. I know you’re in a cage, but I still don’t think I could do this! Sharks scare the living daylights out of me, and I think I’d still be paranoid that they’d bite through the bars. More power to you though, looks like you had fun!!

  3. That’s too risky for me! I mean to swim even if I’m in the cage I just can’t imagine what might happen if this sharks get wild. However, a swim in that blue ocean. Just swim on the near by shore:)

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