January 22

Swimming With Dolphins in Puerto Vallarta (Video)

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is perhaps better known for whale watching than for swimming with wild dolphins, yet unlike whale watching,  this is an experience that can be enjoyed year around. I already shared with you before my thoughts on this tour and how much we enjoyed it, but now you are going to see and hear what we experienced during the trip. As always, if you have any questions about this tour feel free to contact me via email.  Watch and enjoy!

Puerto Vallarta has many other activities to enjoy, including fine dining and outdoor recreation. Check this Puerto Vallarta secrets travel guide I wrote with tips only locals know!

Where have you swum with dolphins? Was it like you expected it to be? Or, on the other hand, would you rather not participate in such a tour? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!


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  1. Swimming with dolphins must have been a great experience. I am a big fan of the animal, fish or should I say mammal. I loved watching “Dolphin Tale”, Winter, the dolphin in the film was so cute. From that time, I always wanted to see real life dolphins. I think it is about time I schedule a trip to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico to enjoy some of the lovely moments that you had.

  2. Never experienced swimming with dolphins but have experienced whale watching during Australia trip. It was a great experience watching whales on a sunny day with family. Would surely love to try out swimming with dolphins. Will plan out a trip at Puerto Vallarta! I have heard it is beautiful place with luxurious resorts. I think kids will love it too! Thanks for your post!

  3. Swimming with dolphins is one of my highly anticipated fantasy. I have always seen them on a television screen or on the internet but never have I seen it for real. I have heard about its intelligence. The way it reacts to ultrasonic waves and the way it plays with you if it bonds with you. I hope some day I get time to go to Puerto Vallarta and experience everything myself.

  4. Wow this is really wonderful. I am booking my next vacation to Mexico, the kids will love it. I am also a marine-o-maniac and as a kid always dreamt of having a Free Willy type of friend. So I would definitely like my kids to have some marine friends. Great that there is a place near America where you can do that, no need to go all the way to Australia.

  5. I knew Mexico is famous for its mouth watering cuisines, but was not aware of that it offers swimming with dolphins too! Looks interesting! Will include this in my trip to Mexico. Puerto Vallarta looks worth watching place in Mexico to visit. Also planning to do surfing in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks for posting!

  6. Great video! it look so amazing and i will definitely visit this place someday. Thanks for sharing useful information about Puerto Vallarta and for sharing your wonderful vacation with us.

    1. I didn’t really know there were dolphins here until a year after being here…they are certainly not as exploited!

  7. I was wondering about how economical the dolphin dream swim is? I am on a sort of economical cut down and do not want my expenses to cross the budget. I was an avid traveler, but then as my four kids came along the travel kept on decreasing and now I am saving for their future. I want them to enjoy with the dolphins but not at the cost of the money that will help out in securing their future.

  8. Swimming with dolphins has to be my biggest fantasy ever. I just love the life in the waters and dolphins top the list of my favorites. I was going through the activities dolphins perform while with the humans and I was amazed to see the list. It includes swirl, kiss, hug, footpush, jump, dance, singing and signaling. Theses are exactly what humans do when they interact with each other. Truly they are one of the most intelligent species after humans.

  9. I think vacationing in Peurto Vallarta will be worthy! Getting an opportunity to swim with dolphins and watch whales with scenic surrounding will be memorable one for me. Also luxurious resorts will be an added advantage. And to get all this at affordable prices is really worth I think! Thank for sharing Federico!

  10. Dolphins are amazingly smart and social animals… I had the pleasure of swimming with them off the coast of Ecuador while in the Navy. We were on a South American cruise a few years ago and dropped anchor for “swim call”. We did this often around the Caribbean (who says the Navy is a difficult occupation). The dolphins were a welcome sight because we knew they would keep the sharks away… By the way, another amazing sea creature (flying fish) were common in that area of the Pacific!

    1. I see that you had a great experience ! I had heard from another friend who is in the Navy (Australia) about these free swims too…they sound like fun indeed!

  11. I was lucky enough to go swimming with dolphins in Florida at Discovery Cove. These were bottlenose dolphins and it was an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing

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