March 29

Introducing My First Travel Guide: Mexico

Free Mexico Travel GuideA few months ago, in one of my last posts of 2011, I looked back into what the year had been like for this blog and made some announcements for 2012 mentioning changes, improvements and a new project I did not say much about. Finally the day has come and the first product resulting from this project is this free Mexico travel guide you can now download, share and use during your trip across Mexico!

Researched on location and with support provided by local experts the information is reliable, to the point, and perhaps most important of all, easy to read. Almost every single page in the guide has at least one picture, making the read more interesting and it being a reference to what is being described. The main topic in every paragraph is usually in bold for quick reference and the pages are numbered for your convenience too.


What does Mai Travel Guide: Mexico include?

The 44 page guide is available for download in PDF  and ePub and features 13 destination across Mexico including it’s most interesting cities and other nearby locations that are now as known. Every chapter has the following structure:

  • A brief historical introduction of each destination without making it long and boring.
  • Quick facts for the visitor: weather, how to get to the city from the airport, how to get around and what you should expect to pay, and lots more.
  • Local food delicacies or unusual meals you should try, and recommended restaurants- if there are any you shouldn’t miss! (If street stalls are the way to go, I tell you too).
  • What to visit in each city and where to spend your free time without going nuts and/or spending more money than you should.
  • Nearby attractions including villages or natural wonders you should visit if you have the time.
  • Full color photographs that highlight the location’s main attractions.
free mexico travel guide pages
Three sample pages of what the guide looks like

I have not found a guide like this one anywhere, thus I hope you enjoy it as much as think you will! And just so you know, there are more to come in the next few months, the next one being a free travel guide of Colombia. Anyhow, enough said. Just go to my Free Travel Guides page, right click on the link, select “Save As”, and the guide will be yours. Oh and, by the way, I’d love to read any comments you might have about it, as well as feedback I can  use to improve  the next version- I’ve put a lot of hard work and hearing from you would be really appreciated. Hasta la vista amigos!



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  1. Aloha Mexico! I really wanted to visit this lovely place… Thanks for the great tips you have share with us to get travel in this beautiful place…

  2. This Mia Travel Guide is huge help to a tourist like me. Now I can explore all over Mexico with this mag. Thanks a lot.

  3. Great post! Providing us this Mai travel guide is really a big help. How i wish i could visit this wonderful place someday, to explore the rich culture of Mexico. Thanks for the tips and for sharing this to us!

    1. Glad you find it useful! I assume you’ll be taking some great pics so you’re welcome to share them with us 🙂

  4. Let’s go to Mexico! This is a great travel guide magazine. It gives a lot of information about the place. Thanks a lot!

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