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How to Get a Visa Overstay Forgiveness: Is it Possible?


What should you do if you’re in a country and you overstay a tourist visa? Should you get in touch with local immigration for a visa overstay forgiveness or keep your head down and hope for the best? 

These are questions that have confronted many travelers over the years and the answers to them will largely depend on individual choice as well as the country in question.

visa overstay forgiveness


With the recent happenings in Europe and around the world and after receiving so many comments and emails asking for more help and info regarding overstayed visas I've updated the post significantly with a lot more information as well as country specific details which you can find at the end.

Make sure you keep your visa and passport safe (an RFID passport wallet like the one I own is a great idea), and watch for destination specific recommendations regarding Covid 19.

Also, if you have dual citizenship read this post on how to travel with two passports to avoid any problems you may have. 

What is a Visa?

Before explaining how to deal with an overstayed visa, let’s start at the very start: what is a visa, anyway? First, no, a visa is not your credit card!

Rather, a visa is simply some kind of document proving authorization for entry to a specific country

It's something like the temporary green card that you get in the US to avoid an unlawful presence status.

overstayed tourist visa -vietnam

For anyone wondering, the word itself comes from the Latin charta visa, which just means “a seen paper”. Throughout history, visas have taken all kinds of different forms, ranging from small stamps to massive, full form letters.

Nowadays, most visas are stickers placed inside your passport by immigration or diplomatic officials.

The image above is a perfect example of a typical, full page sized visa.

However, it’s worth noting that not all visas look like this. As mentioned earlier, some can be nothing more than a small stamp.

Yet just because someone stamps your passport at an airport it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a visaand certainly does not make you a lawful permanent resident.

For example, most countries will stamp your visa when you enter and exit – but neither of these stamps are visas, they’re just records of your comings and goings. Confusing, right?

Generally, most countries you visit will require a visa. Some of these might be automatically granted on arrival, others might require a small fee on entry, and others still could require extensive application processes before you even leave your home country.

For example, the small Gulf state of Qatar will happily sell you a visa on arrival, and just charge the fee to your credit card.

On the other hand, United States travelers bound for Bolivia can get a visa on arrival, but need a hotel reservation and evidence of solvency.

On the other side of the world, Algeria has somewhat stricter policy, where you’ll need to apply before leaving home, and need supporting documents including a letter from an Algerian endorsing you.

get a visa

Meanwhile, China also requires US visitors apply for a visa before departure, and failure to do so could mean Chinese officials will pretty much turn you around on arrival. ​

Yet one country over, US travelers can stay in Japan for up to 90 days without any visa whatsoever!

Put simply, no two countries are the same. Many common tourist destinations do offer visa waiver programs, others will sell visas on arrival, and other countries still will require lengthy application processes ahead of time.

The lesson here is to never assume anything; whatever country you’re visiting you’re going to have to play by their rules, whether you're there with a tourist visa, student visa, or something else.

cambodia border

I took this picture right after getting my Cambodia tourist visa 

You might think that the European Union has a single policy on passports and visa requirements but this is unfortunately not the case.

Twenty six members of the EU have signed the Schengen Agreement which allows free movement without passport controls or the requirement for a visa within what is called the Schengen Area.

Ireland and the United Kingdom are the only EU countries outside the Schengen Area, which also includes four countries outside the European Union—Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (Ireland and the UK have their own common travel area).

What is a Tourist Visa, Specifically?

This brings us to another important question: what is a visitor visa, also known as a tourist visa?

As we’ve already mentioned, visas come in all shapes and sizes. However, they also come with different benefits and immigration law attached to them.

border visa

Common categories of visas include work, transit, temporary/ permanent residency, humanitarian/ refugee, and of course, tourism.

Each of these visas has a very different purpose.

For example, a transit visa might only allow a traveler to remain in a country for a very short period of time, such as 24 or 48 hours. A temporary residency visa might allow a much longer stay, but limit a traveler’s ability to work.

Generally speaking, tourist visas give visitors free movement within a country, but are restrictive in terms of work or other activities.

 Think of it this way: the host country is effectively offering you the privileged to engage in tourism, and that’s pretty much all.

So, don’t assume you can work (paid or unpaid), do anything political, teach, or participate in any activity in an official capacity.

Some countries are extremely relaxed about their tourist visas, and in reality won’t mind if you do some volunteer work or take up some study during your trip (such as a language course).

On the other hand, other countries can be extremely strict. Again, the point is to remember every country has its own set of rules. Having said that, there are some general trends when it comes to tourist visas.

Most tourist visas (and visa waiver programs) grant travelers somewhere between 30 and 90 days of entry.

It’s also safe to assume you won’t be allowed multiple entry/ exits on the same visa, meaning you’ll have to get a new visa each time you cross an international border.

How Do "They" Know if You Overstay Your Visa?

To put it simply, most of the time authorities don't know  exactly who has overstayed a visa and who has not (see this New York Times article on this topic). Immigration authorities usually get this information from airlines, but countries like Spain and USA don't always stamp passports upon entry or exit, so they can't know when you left.

visa control

Same thing if you enter by air and leave overland

This can lead to visitors being able to play with their status, but where you are plays a huge roll. Try entering or leaving Gaza without your passport checked.

Valid Reasons for Overstaying a Visa

Most people are law abiding and have perfectly good intentions, but sometimes life has a way of complicating things.

There’s all kinds of reasons why a traveler might overstay a visa, ranging from a missed bus trip to a serious injury, or just plain old complacency.

In other cases, you may not notice that you’re living in a country on a visa overstay for quite some time.

overstay visa penalty

Jails in some countries can be like this, or worse.

It is normally only when you leave and try to reenter a country that problems arise, usually at passport control.

Turning up at passport control when you’ve overstayed a tourist visa can lead to either a refusal of entry or having to pay a large penalty fee depending on the country you’re visiting. It can also lead to further problems in the future.

For example, overstaying a visa in the US can make it extremely difficult to return.

Likewise, wearing out your welcome in an EU/Schengen Area country might make it difficult to visit other countries within the same bloc. 

At the end of the day there are no real valid reasons for overstaying a visa that will get you off the hook just because you mention them, but pregnancy issues, an accident or an assault that results in body harm requiring hospitalization is usually convincing enough, at least for some time.

Seeking political asylum is not in itself a valid reason, but it can delay your departure for some time if you pursue this route.

overstay tourist visa schengen

Visa Overstay Penalty

The penalty for overstaying a visa can have lifelong consequences. In some countries you may face prison (India), huge penalty fees (most countries) or being banned from returning (USA).

What happens at the end of the day though depends mostly on how you fix your situation, and the smallest detail of your behavior will impact the final outcome.

This leads to an often asked question: is overstaying a visa a crime?

Overstaying in the Schengen Area

So what happens if you find yourself in a Schengen Area or EU country saying “I overstayed my tourist visa!” And more importantly, what should you do to avoid problems now and in the future?

The answers will vary from individual to individual and from country to country. It can also depend on how long you have overstayed your tourist visa.

Many travelers from North America and the European Union inadvertently find themselves in countries on an overstayed immigrant visa simply because there is no requirement to obtain a visa before you enter.

It can therefore be very easy to overstay without even realizing that you are doing so.

In other cases, you may not notice that you’re living in a country on an overstayed tourist visa for quite some time. It is normally only when leave and try to reenter a country that problems arise, usually at passport control.

visa overstay tips

Turning up at passport control when you’ve overstayed on tourist visa usually leads to either

  1. a refusal of entry or
  2. having to pay a large penalty fee depending on the country you’re visiting.

It can also lead to further problems if you try to visit that country (USA) or another in the EU/Schengen Area in the future.

Many US travelers end up on an overstayed tourist visas because they don’t realize that you can only be in the Schengen area for 90 out of each 180 days before you need to apply for visa renewal.

Even if you’ve previously remained in a country on an overstayed you may still be allowed reentry if you’ve got a return ticket, a valid reason for entry and the period you overstayed on your last visit wasn’t more than a few weeks.

Having said that, it is obviously still better if you don’t overstay in the first place and if you do overstay apply for visa renewal as soon as you realize that you need to.

visa overstay

Overstaying Outside the European Union

Outside of the European Union, the procedures for dealing with travelers with overstayed tourist visas vary considerably. In some cases, penalties can be minor or pretty much non existent.

In other cases, an overstayed tourist visa can become a nightmare and you need to find a provisional waiver asap. In general, there are three main types of penalties you can expect to encounter if you overstay a tourist visa.


The first is simple deportation, which isn’t a big deal. This is because as mentioned earlier, visa problems typically arise during arrival or departure. So, if you’re already leaving a country, then deportation probably doesn’t sound all that scary, right?


Under most circumstances, it isn’t, though things can get complicated quickly. The biggest question is often who will pay for your flight? This varies a lot depending on the country, but again, there’s a few general rules.

If you get denied entry on arrival, it’s typically the responsibility of your airline to get you off the country’s doorstep. The company might just put you on the next flight home, or charge you an additional fee.

Under most other circumstances, a country will do everything it can to make the deportee pay the cost of their flight home.

If you can’t pay, they’ll attempt to contact your family, and make them pay. When all else fails, it’s possible the country will just buy you a ticket to get you out of their hair, but this shouldn’t be relied on.

In some circumstances, if nobody can pay, then you might face prosecution. In other extreme cases, you might simply be thrown across the closest border, and left to fend for yourself.

This is actually more common than you may think, and even countries like the US have done this to people in some unusual cases.


Other countries might impose fines. These usually aren’t too onerous; for example, fifty pesos ($12) in Argentina.

Similarly in Southeast Asia, the cost of overstaying a visa may be initially just a fine of a few dollars but could be an issue if you want to return to the country in the future. 

Many countries might also charge additional fines for every day you overstay.

So, a one day overstay might not be a big deal, but being on an overstayed visa for 10 years could seriously hurt your bank balance and any chance of getting any visa overstay forgiveness document.

border patrol

Future Problems

Even after you’ve been removed from the country, you might still face penalties down the track.

Many countries will impose future travel restrictions on travelers who have a history of overstaying visas, meaning you might struggle to return in the future. 

An overstayed visa can also make it extremely difficult to apply for different visas, such as a work permit or residency.

Arrest and Prison

The highest penalties for visa overstays include arrest and the extreme hardship of prison time. This is extremely unusual for short overstays though, and normally only an issue in the most highly strung of countries like North Korea.

However, extremely long overstays can still be a problem in even the most welcoming of countries.

While an overstay of one or two days might earn you nothing more than an understanding smile at departure, months or years of living illegally in a country will almost certainly land you in a questioning room. 

Passport stamps overstayed visa

Authorities will want to know what you’ve been doing, and why you’ve overstayed your visa for so long. If you don’t have any good answers, then don’t assume you’ll be let off easy.

Countries like India are known to become a nightmare for long term overstaying visitors, and at some point you may want to contact a law firm to get specific legal advice from an immigration attorney.

The Secret to Obtain a Visa Overstay Forgiveness

Typically, if you do the right thing, nobody will give you any problems.

Under most circumstances, it is only if you’ve overstayed a tourist visa in the past and then have to apply for a pre-entry visa – for example if you want to travel to a country to work or study rather than as a tourist – that you are likely to experience more than routine problems obtaining authorization.

One important point to make is that resolving visa issues can often come down to the discretion of border or diplomatic officials.

So if you are caught overstaying a visa, be polite and patient. Acting reasonably and calmly can go a long way for an adjust status, especially if you’re trying to convince a border official that your overstay was just an honest mistake.

In a nutshell, there is no secret. 

So to reiterate, the best advice is simple: check how long your tourist visa allows you to stay in a country (or, if you are visiting the European Union outside the UK and Ireland, in the Schengen Area) and stick to it.

If you’re overstaying for a few days only, you’ll probably be OK. If you know you won’t be returning to the country, you might want to take your chances.

visa overstay forgiveness usa

But if you want to stay longer than you had intended in the country you are visiting, it is always much better to apply for a unlawful presence waiver than to remain on an overstayed tourist visa or have to get a visa overstay forgiveness.

That’s the only way to ensure that you won’t be denied entry or encounter other problems on your travels round the world in the future.

Country Specific Recommendations

To further help you out I've created the following sections for some specific countries. This information has been obtained from official government pages, and in some cases I called consulates to get it from a reliable source.

What to do if you overstay your Philippines visa

What to do if you overstay your USA visa

What to do if you overstay your Malaysia visa

What to do if you overstay your India visa

What to do if you overstay your UK visa

Have you overstayed a tourist visa? What did you do or are you going to do? What happened to you? Share your story with us in the comments section below, ask any question you might have, and please share this post if you liked it!


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  1. I overstayed my tourist visa in Medellin, Colombia by 3 weeks. I didn’t know i was overdue until i went to extend it. Cost me $200USD, a border run to Ecuador (because you have to leave the country for 15 min before you can reenter and get a new visa).

    The best part was, when i found out at DAS (immigration) that i was illegal, they told me,

    “You CANT leave the country until you pay a fine”.

    My response, “But the WHOLE POINT is i DON’T want to leave”.

    Who thought a country would ‘punish’ you for staying too long by refusing to let you leave? (I just wish the fine wasn’t so much)

    1. Hahaha…what did the guys at DAS say when you told them that epic phrase Dani? Where you are the border crossing where the bridge is?

      1. They laughed at me. Then i flew to Quito, Ecuador for the weekend (cause i have some friends there and it wasn’t much more than busing to the border. Oh, and flying is an hour and half each way vs. minimum 20 hours each way on a bus)

          1. I have a quick question.. I over stayed my visitors visa in the UK (i am a US Citizen) by two years. i know i have to go back and am in the process of getting my return ticket home. I would like to know what i will be facing at the airport. will i be fined by the UK and the USA? please help me, and no i haven’t worked since i’ve been in the UK, I just backpacked around England with friends and had money sent to me via paypal.

  2. You do not need a visa to visit Gibraltar. Also, watch out for the monkeys. They will steal your film or anything left out if you put it down for even a second.

  3. I backpacked through Europe just a couple of months ago and while I was only over there for about 2-3 weeks, my friens and I met a bunch of people who were staying for months and could definitely have used this information.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us this kind of ideas, at least when I got travel, I know what should to do for the future…

  5. The next time you travel make sure your things is cleared so that they will not have any problem while taking your vacation.

  6. Very useful! It’s good read this kind of post so you have an idea what to do in case you fall in these types of situations. It’s pretty scary though 🙂

  7. I love this post. It give me a fresh insight on the possible effects of staying beyond what is stated in your tourist visa.

    For me, the best solution is not to try to take chances.

  8. Thanks for this wonderful and adventurous post, by this when I got travel, I know what should to do for the future…

  9. I have not had any experience of overstaying but what I can say is that we may liken overstaying to what happens to you if you are overdue on a a) library book or b) credit card or other bill. The scenario chosen largely depends on your nationality and the country’s development relative to yours.

    In scenario a) where you fail to return the book on time, you pay a fine and you are easily forgiven — and forgotten. The library forgets about it. If the country is less developed and reasonably democratic, overstaying your visa might just be treated like returning an overdue book.

    In scenario b) where you default on your credit card bill and other payments, or they become past due, you know that they will cause HEFTY fines and a serious dent on your credit report. When your credit report is tarnished, you find it very difficult to obtain credit in the future. The same thing for overstaying your visa in highly developed or less democratic countries. If you overstay even by a little bit, they will find very little reason to grant you a new visa in the future.

    1. Interesting comparison Paolo, which is probably quite correct. I would not take it as a rule though- relatively poor countries can use this as an excuse to get you into trouble, expecting large amounts of money and some press coverage. I’d say it also depends on the officers involved, and what they think about themselves.

  10. hi..need some help.i overstayed in ireland for a month due to private reasons.And now i want to go home. My cousin told me that i need to get an exit visa from immigration in dublin so in the future,if my brother will invite another member of the family to ireland,there will be no problem. Is that true? I was hoping my problem is only getting a ticket and now there’s the exit visa. Where can I ask for the requirements and how much do u think it cost? Please give me some insights because Dublin is a 2 hr travel frm my location and i want to save on time an cost if possible. Thanks

    1. Hi JJ

      I’m pretty sure you won’t have a problem getting an exit visa- the country doesn’t want you there if you don’t have a job. As for the fine, you’ll probably get one too. I recommend you call your country’s embassy and explain your situation for the best possible answer.

    1. Exit visas are the paper you have to keep when entering a country that is stamped by the customs official. I don’t recall being given one when entering Ireland, I think I just got the big green stamp that uses one full page. But that stamp says when you have to leave. I suppose that an exit visa is an official document that you’ll have to pay for, with a fine, that says you’re leaving the country legally. This said, if you fly to another European country it might not be checked, though the Schengen visa might be over too. Again I recommend you check your embassy for the most updated info as things may have changed since I was there…

  11. also i hav another concern as i am trying to book my flight online via cathay.im used to getting dub-amsterdam-hk flight bt i’ve seen the route is not available on the probable dates i wanted to travel. if i opt for dublin-london heathrow-hk or dublin-france-hk, will i need to get transit visa for Lobdon or France even if i wont be enterng the country.? wil jst be waitng for my connecting flight. pretty please enlighten me.

  12. I visited Mongolia about several months ago as a US citizen. As a US citizen, a visa wasn’t required since I was there for under 90 days. However since I overstayed by 3 days past 30 days which I needed to have registered my passport, I forgot to do so. As a result, I had to pay a fine at the airport to leave. While I do not believe this is the same as overstaying a visa, anyone know what implication or problem this may have if I wanted to visit another country like a EU country in the schegen agreement territory or any other country?

    1. Hi Peter. Although you did not overstay your visa per say it is true that you did not fulfill the legal requirements to stay in the country, and thus had to pay the fine. This however should not have any other implications in your future travels as you left Mongolia legally and and will all the paperwork done. I’ve had to pay a few fines here and there because of loosing the immigration card and similar things, yet have never had any problems because of this. This kind of information is not shared between countries- it’s pretty much irrelevant. Happy travels!

        1. Btw I was advised of a 3-month entry ban of that country. However afterwards been told it would not be a problem. In addition as I have also confirmed with the embassy about it, I have been told that it would not affect my entry to other countries at all.

  13. Hi,
    my daughter who is 3 months old wants to travel to UK with her tourist visa. Currently she is holding a US passport. But on our trip, my daughter have to over stay in UK for 2 months, what shall I do?

    Will it be any problem for her when she go back?
    will it be any problem for her to enter to the UK later in her life?
    or is there is anyways that she can extend her visa to stay another 2 months in UK

    please help me. Thanks…

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I suppose you mean you want to take your daughter cause at 3 months old she can’t even speak 🙂 Anyhow, a US passport allows you to stay up to 6 months in the UK without a visa, so you shouldn’t have any problems to return to the US after just being there for 2 months or come back to the UK again later. This said it is probable that during check in you will be asked for a document or letter in which the father of the baby allows this trip, assuming he is part of her life legally. If in any doubt you can always call a UK consulate and double check, but you should be fine. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your information. But the thing is I want to stay there for 8 months, so she will over stay in for 2 months? what shall I do for that?

        is this will cause a big problem for her in later in her life?
        will the immigration will ask us why we didn’t go?

        please help

        1. I see what you mean, the 2 months would be because of overstay. I have to say that this could potentially get you into trouble, though there is no guarantee because it will depend on the officer who checks your passport and you may simply get a fine and that’s it (after some questions, yes, but with no future implications). I think your best bet would be to leave the country for a few days before the expiration date (Ryanair.com can take you to many places in Europe for under 30USD) and then return, and if not I recommend you speak with the consulate to see if you can get an extension before you get there. In my opinion the first option is the simplest, but I understand that traveling with a baby is not easy. Does this help you?

          1. Yes, it is.
            But want to ask you, Is it possible to reenter after spending about 4 months in UK and come back to UK to stay another 3 months within a year?

          2. I’m pretty sure it is. I have done it in several countries around the world 🙂 This said there’s a risk of the immigration officer seeing your previous stamp and limiting your second stay, but that doesn’t usually happen…

  14. I am traveling around Europe on 2 different passports and had my visa renewed three times (by leaving the EU and coming back) once on my Brazilian and twice on my Australian. I leave for Israel in six weeks and on my passport you will see I’ve been here for 8 months, will this be seen as overstaying evan with the renewed visas?

    1. Hi Sarah! If you have renewed your visas you won’t have a problem because you were there legally- it’s what the renewals are for. Didn’t know Aussies need a visa to visit Europe! Have fun in the holly land 🙂

  15. Hi, I have been in Italy for the past 5 months, arrived at the beginning of march. Recently I had to go back to the states (my country) for a funeral and will be here for a month, until the beginning of October. I thought the tourist visa was for 6 months and had planned to extend my visa, but when I left the country to come back, I learned that the tourist visa was only for 3 months. Ooops! I need to go back into Italy because I have all my stuff there and everything, what should I do. Can I do anything from the states or do I just have to pray that I get a sleepy past port control officer? Any help would be great, I’m completely at a loss! Thanks

    1. Hi Nicole! You left the country (maybe even paid a fine?) so in theory you should be allowed back into Italy without problems – I am assuming you have been in the USE for a month. In simple terms the law says that those from outside the Schengen zone may stay in the Schengen region for 3 months (90 days) per 6 month (180 day) period with nothing more than a passport (no visa required). This only applies to those from countries like the USA, Canada and Australia who have a visa-free agreement with the Schengen region. If you were to have any issue you would have been given a notice when you left, but from what you’re saying you did not. If I were you I’d double check with an Italian embassy or consulate in the USA, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

  16. Hi Somebody, I got a French Schengen visa for 25 days which i promised to stay for 10 days, i couldn’t travel as iv’e been ill, the amount of days left on my visa won’t be enough for my holliday and now i need to apply for another Visa. do i need to give a reason why i couldn’t travel when i got the visa or what? as i need to re apply for another visa. I need help about this pls.

    1. You could give a reason but I don’t think it will matter- unless the clerk is really nice you’ll probably have to pay for the extension. It also depends on what country your passport is from because Schengen visas are usually valid for 90 days. I wouldn’t worry too much about it as customs officials don’t really care about why you couldn’t go. It’s obvious to them that you are loosing money if you apply for a visa and don’t use it. Good luck!

    1. You are most welcome Henry! Good luck with your application, I don’t think you’ll run into trouble. Let us know how things go! By the way, my name is Federico 🙂

  17. Hi,
    I hope this thread is still active because I have a very urgent question! I’m in Bulgaria, and am very close to overstaying the 90 day limit for Americans, and I need to know what will happen. I was told by the embassy that “the fine varies, but can be up to 5,000 leva and I will not be allowed to return for 6 months. But I’d like to know specifics about the fine.. I will potentially overstay by 3-4 weeks. I have a puppy who currently has an infection I need to take care of and I can’t leave the country with her till she’s older:( I also need to know if this will cause problems if I want to return to Bulgaria in the future.. my fiance lives here.. but is unable to take care of the puppy. If you know please answer ASAP, I need to leave in a hurry if I’m going to!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Your situation does not seem to be too good, and frankly I don’t think you have many options. Perhaps the fine might not be too important for you, but if you do want to see your fiance anytime soon you will want to make sure your immigration status (even if as a visitor) is spotless. Authorities in Bulgaria are not the nicest in the world (they want the money and sometimes even bribes- I know because I had an issue with them years ago) so wake sure your next steps are solid. You might want to consider applying for a long-stay Visa -called type D- via the Ministry of Interior (hurry up because they will ask for many papers and I have the feeling you don’t have much time left. From the US Embassy in Sofia¡s website “An application to extend one’s stay beyond the original 90 days can be filed for urgent or humanitarian reasons, but must be submitted to regional police authorities no later than five days prior to the end of the original 90-day period.” Please note that this is an extension, not the same as the type D visa. I would try this first.) and if things don’t look too promising I would leave by the due date if planning on returning soon (remember that in theory, once you have used the 90 day tourist visa you are not allowed in the country again for 6 months). Hope this helps, let us know how everything ended up for you!

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply! No, my situation is not good at all. I only have 2 or 3 days. I’ve already asked a policeman I know about the extension for “urgent or humanitarian reasons” and he said my reasons don’t count, and it would only be extended by a few days anyway. As far as a long stay D visa, I was under the impression I have to travel back to the U.S. and go to a Bulgarian embassy to apply for one.. am I wrong? I’m sure I don’t have time now anyway, even if I can apply for one here.. right? The fine is a concern, certainly if it’s 5,000 leva it’s a concern (and your bribery comment created a new concern!). The same policeman I asked about the extension is actually the one who suggested I just overstay, and he thinks the fine will be no more than 500 leva and I won’t even have to pay now, but I’m worried he’s wrong. And I’m most worried about long term ramifications. I actually don’t plan on coming back for 6 months anyway, but I’m worried it will cause a problem when I do want to come back in the future, or if I ever do want to apply for a long stay visa or actually marry my fiance and want to live here. Any idea about that? Thanks again for your quick response!!

        1. Hey Lisa, great to hear from you.

          While it is true that the policeman has told you that, you might get different feedback from the people who actually handle the extension. I would speak with these people directly, and who knows how long they would extend it for? This is very personal, and if you find the right person on the right mood things can go easy. If not, well… As for the D visa, yes, in theory, but again I would also ask the Ministry of Interior if you can apply for it after all it will mean more money for them! I know of many people who have overstayed visas ( I have) and didn’t have problems in the long run…but I also know of those who have. In your case there are personal circumstances that make this trickier…I’m not sure what to say. If you do marry your fiance though I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem getting in- and if for the time being you overstay, pay the fine and follow whatever other things you are told you will have done what they asked, which will mean no more trouble. I would check with the relevant authorities about the extension and the D type visa, and if you don’t succeed there it all comes down then to how important that puppy is for you (by the way, what you’re doing is commendable…if the puppy only knew!) and the possibility of the heavy fine (possible) plus future consequences (highly unlikely)… Keep me posted on what you decide to do!

          1. Thanks for another quick response and all the good advice! I’m not exactly sure who to talk to.. the website just says regional police and I assumed he works for them, as he’s a policeman in this city.. so I just asked him, and he called someone in the office to ask them. This was actually before the puppy was sick though.. maybe I’ll ask again, or go to the police station myself. I will look into applying for a D visa at the Ministry of Interior as well, but it’s the weekend, so might not be an option:( I sure hope you’re right and there won’t be long term consequences.. really hope I don’t get a really big fine either.. as I may have no choice but to stay. The puppy is very important to me. I found her alone in the woods at maybe 6 or 7 weeks old and she’s been with me since. Rescue groups are hard to find in Bulgaria and the few that exist have a very hard time finding homes. So, I felt I had to take her home myself, which has been an incrediby difficult and expensive ordeal. I can’t give her up now, and I have no place to take her anyway. Not sure what I’ll do, but, wish me luck.. I need it:-/

          2. No worries. Please understand that I am not sure about the long term consequences, nobody can guarantee anything as of now, but it seems unlikely (but again, it CAN happen!). By the way, why not take the puppy home with you?? You can call your airline offices in the US which will be open now and ask for requirements. This could solve all your problems.

  18. Thanks again, I know you can’t make guarantees. I really don’t want to risk overstaying the visa, I’m actually quite terrified, I just don’t know what else I can do. I am still trying to figure it out though. And really now I’ll only have two days left, and I need to give myself enough time to come back and get the puppy and prepare her for travel, so I have to leave tomorrow (and should have left today). What you suggested is actually what I’m doing, I’m taking the puppy to the U.S. That’s been amazingly difficult, and expensive. I had to change my flight because the airline I have tickets for doesn’t allow puppies under 4 months old, and I couldn’t find any good way to get her home sooner. So I planned on leaving her here till she’s old enough and leaving the country, but now, I have no one else who can or will take care of her. All I wanted to do was rescue a puppy but it’s turned into a horrible situation. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. So do wish me luck because I haven’t had much so far:(

    1. I guess this is more of an “animalitarian” issue! Gotta go now, if I can come up with anything else I’ll let you know, otherwise please keep me posted!

  19. Hey,
    it would be a good idea, but, the problem is the puppy is not currently healthy. She has an infected patch of skin and I was told by a vet tech that she should be kept from other dogs till she’s better and they know it’s not contagious, so I doubt a kennel would take her. Plus I’m pretty far from Sofia, I’m in northeast Bulgaria. She’s on medication which she’ll be done with in a week, but she’s also being treated for worms, so she needs another treatment a week after that. I will write the vet tech again who’s been trying to help me but I doubt she has any new solutions. This certainly seems like “urgent or humanitarian reasons” to me! But the authorities will probably say otherwise. Thanks for trying to come up with ideas though, I really appreciate it! Any more are welcome!

  20. I’ve always been more of an animalitarian:) I have to go too and get some sleep. Thanks for your help and I will let you know what happens.

  21. Hi everyone,
    I’m in Canada,for now I’m not illegal but i’ve already extended my 6 month visa (tourist) on June and I a must to leave on december but the thing is I have to stay until January because I have to go in New-York visit my friend before going back in France. I heard that leaving Canada will not be the problem but trying to enter to the USA will be because they’ll ask me why I stay so long in Canada. I will have my return ticket in France with me to prove that I won’t stay in the US territory forever,it’s just for 3 weeks.
    I wish I could ask for an extension again but I think they’ll just ask me to leave the territory…
    If someone know something…
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Eylia. From what you’re saying you shouldn’t have a problem with the US either. Canada customs takes care about their borders and the US takes care about theirs- if US customs officials do ask questions about why you spent more time in Canada simply tell them the truth. If I were you I’d double check your extended stay in Canada, but if they say you won’t have a problem leaving I wouldn’t worry about the US either. Of course there’s always the possibility of a customs official who’s not in a good mood, but that’s anybody’s guess! Hope this helps!

  22. Hello all!

    I am currently traveling in Spain and recently bought my return ticket to the U.S. for December. I didn’t realize until after I bought it that from the first day I entered Spain until my departure day, I would be overstaying within the Schengen Area for 4 days (a total of 94 days). I have been very stressed since.

    However, I am planning to visit a friend in Dublin and tour Ireland this month and will be out of Schengen for a week.

    I have done the math and physically staying in Schengen leaves me with 87 days (7 days – not included in the 94 days = 87 days in Schengen).

    Technically, this means I am OK and would not be overstaying my Schengen visa, correct?

    My return ticket is non-refundable and non-modifiable. I hope to avoid buying a new one simply to change the day…

    If anyone has suggestions or an opinion as to what I should do, I would appreciate it immensely and it would put my mind at ease. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tinissn

      You should be fine, I wouldn’t worry much about it. Even if you stayed 4 extra days I don’t think it would be much of an issue, specially if you had booked the return ticket like that in advance.

      1. Thank you for your advice maitravelsite! I just worry that I will be fined (for example: what if they do not stamp my passport when I arrive in Dublin and/or exit and then the border control officer at the Spanish border sees this when I leave Spain?) I just don’t want to deal with a heavy red “you’re illegal” stamp in my record.

        Also, I do have two more questions:
        (1) Is the Republic of Ireland is outside of Schengen? I know it is a part of the European Union.
        (2) Do they stamp your passport up entering and exiting the country?

        Sorry to be such a bother. Thank you for all your help!

        1. Hey Tinissn,

          No worries! My name is Federico by the way. Regarding your questions, here are my answers:

          1) As you say, Ireland is not a member of the Schengen area.
          2) They do stamp your passport, but in any case, always ask for the stamp! I do if I enter a country and they don’t stamp it- it’s always cool to have the passport full of stamps anyhow…

          No bother at all, enjoy your trip!

          1. Thanks Frederico! Yes, I have talked to several people, including the U.S. Consulate in Barcelona but they had given me the same information in which I already researched. You, including several others assured me I should be fine. I was just confused as to if Schengen is a 90-“consecutive day” visa within an 180-day period OR a visa that allows travel up to a “total of 90-days” within an 180-days period. It just isn’t stated very clearly. Again, thanks much for taking the time to answer my questions! Knowing as much as possible helps put all the travel stress aside. – Christine

  23. Mark


    I am a Canadian citizen and i am in a very delicate situation and i need your best advice i can get. I have a couple of questions In hope that you can answer them for me

    I am in Sweden and i have overstayed my Schengen visa for 2 years and a couple of months now and I haven’t traveled to any other country in europe while i’ve been here .When I first arrived everything was ok ! I was given my 90 day visa to stay but just around the time when it was for me to leave I lost all my identifications including my passport. I decided to put my passport at a friend apartment. So i wouldn’t have to lose it while travel around sweden..leaving it in the possession of a careless friend was a big mistake and I didn’t file in a police report because I wasn’t convinced that the police would  be able to help me retrieve my passport in time for me to board my flight. After trying serval attempts to find my ID’s  i lost all hope and eventually gave up.  So i stayed here in Sweden for 0ver 2 years and I slipped into a deep depression and was very confused about how to handle this problem because I have never been in this type of position before and neither have I ever lost my passport.But now after 2 years of hardship I have found my Canadian citizenship card and now i have been to the Canadian Embassy and applied for a new passport and im awaiting for a new passport and I will purchase a new ticket to go back home. But I need to know a few things first.

    1) What are my options for getting out of the Schengen zone and going back home without out any problems ? (no fine and not getting banned to re-entry Europe again) 

    2) How should I avoid getting caught by the sort authorities at the airport or which Country would be best for me to leave from other than Sweden ?

    When I’m leaving Will I be integrated,investigated or fingerprinted when I am at the airport ? Or will i even have a problem passing through the UK as transit ? 

    much appreciated, thanks!

    1. Mark,

      I’m so sorry for taking so long to reply, I thought I had. As for your questions, this is what I think:

      1) I would say they are pretty slim. You have overstayed for a long time, though getting a new passport might help a bit. I don’t think you’ll be banned, but a fine is very probable.

      2) This is a follow up for question one, and from my experience Spain is very relaxed- specially when it comes to leaving the country. If using a Canadian passport things are even easier than if you had one from say…Colombia. However there are no guarantees of anything and it will all depend, as usual, on the mood of the customs agent. What do you think you’ll do?

      3) If in transit you shouldn’t have any problems in the UK. I don’t think you’ll be investigated either, but you could be pulled aside for questioning (it even occurred to me in Barcelona once, and all my papers were legit!). I’m sorry to say there is no final answer for your situation, but simply stay calm when the time comes and deal with things as they come. If you appear to be nervous odds are that things will not go too smoothly…

  24. I have a question too that I’m getting very stressed about! I am American but living in England on a work Visa with my husband for the past three years and will remain here for at least another two years. My four year old American grandson is here with us visiting, he was supposed to return last month but his mother is having some problems with housing arrangements and asked us to keep him longer for his well being. Her living arrangements would not be a healthy situation for a little boy.
    We are happy to keep him longer but the problem is his 6 months in country will be up soon. This situation isn’t permanent, perhaps just a few more months. We really can’t afford making a trip back to the USA right now either. How serious of a situation will it be if this little boy overstays his six month stay? Would he have a problem reentering the UK in the future?

    Also another big question is, does anyone keep records of visitors leaving and entering? If we say, left England and took a trip to France for instance so that the grandson’s passport was stamped reentering the UK, could that be used as his entry date to start the six months visitor visa over again?

    I know there is an application to extend a visitor visa though I’ve been told most are rejected, and there is a huge fee (over 500 pounds) just to apply which we just can’t afford.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Interesting question your asking, let’s go by parts.

      1) When dealing with a minor things can get a little bit more sketchy, and thus should be considered thoroughly. I am assuming you don’t have an officially stamped document in which the mother states that you are keeping the kid with her permission, so you could potentially be charged with kidnapping or something like it. My first recommendation is you get such paper, and there is a good chance it will have to be signed by a notary (which means money). As for overstaying the visa, I’m pretty sure that when it’s time to go customs agents will look at his papers closely, particularly if he’s traveling alone, and questions will be asked. Adults can handle this, but a 4 year old will find himself in a situation he doesn’t understand, will see his mentors are uncomfortable, and thus he will be too. I’m not sure you want him to go through it. These links will take you to the United Kingdom Border Agency, which has a lot of information:


      http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/visiting/sponsoringavisitor/ (This link explains requirements when sponsoring a visitor- this might be an option)

      2)Most definitely. The 6 month visa is per 12 months, so what you’re proposing won’t work, sorry.

      3) I thought about the extension too, but from what I’ve read many are now rejected.

      I strongly recommend you call the UKBA and get first hand info for this. This is a sensitive issue and I’m not a UK customs agent, but I hope my explanations have helped a bit!

      1. Thanks for the reply! I can have my daughter send the permissions to us, good idea just in case.
        When grandson returns he will be with my husband and/or myself and we actually all have the same surname. Everyone assumes we are his parents, so I suppose if the question never comes up I wouldn’t need to volunteer that information.

        Does customs check information as you are leaving the country? I only remember that occuring as you are entering but I’ve never really paid attention to what they do when I come and go.

        I’ll check the links you gave me as I really don’t know what to do. We honestly can not afford to return to the USA within the next month and to even apply for the extension is over 500 pounds.

        1. Hi Sandy,

          Customs does check information as you leave…sometimes. It is very random, but more than once have I had customs agents ask where my entry stamp is (passport has sommany that they couldn’t find it) or even ask questions about what have I been doing, where I am going, why did I visit the country, etc.

          If you don’t find the info you need call the UKBA, or even better call the US Embassy in London, or a consulate. You’d be getting answers from the same people you’ll have to deal with, if at all…

  25. Hi, I have an inquiry regarding a Filipino caught by Police in Japan for over staying (Dec 2012). After being detained in Japan immigration her was alloweed to go back to Philippines. Now he got married just recently to a Japanese girl here in the Philippines(Aug 2012.

    Here are my questions?
    1) Is he allowed to go back to Japan?
    2) If yes when can he go to Japan? Can he work in Japan?
    3) If no, when can the ban be uplifted?
    4) When he was deported, does his passport have a stamp of being banned to Japan?

    Hoping for your response. Thank you.

    1. Hi Nica

      I suppose you mean he overstayed in December 2011. Once released he probably had to pay a fine…? If he is not allowed (temporarily) to enter the country he would have been told, but since you’re asking me I assume he wasn’t. In any case if the couple has legal papers that validate the marriage he shouldn’t have a problem to enter the country, but I recommend he calls the Japanese embassy in the Philippines to get first hand info. Oh, regarding a work permit, that is a completely different story and he’ll have to do some paperwork once there that varies a lot between countries. A residence permit is not always the same as a working permit. Hope this helps!

  26. hi,

    I would like to acquire a schengen visa to Austria. But since i overstayed for 2 months when i traveled to Greece last 2007. Would there be any conflict if ever i would like to travel again to Europe countries? Please give me some advice to clear my mind as i really wanted to travel with my friends next year.

    Waiting for your reply.

    1. It was a long time ago, and if you were temporarily banned from re-entering you would have been notified. You should be fine.

  27. hey,
    i am Pakistani and i have Ukraine residence i got 2time schengen visa and traveled and returned right time to home country. i want to ask in the future i can get schengen visa easily or not.

  28. hey
    i wanted to ask that have schengen embarrasses councelted with each other on applicant or not. i have 2time traveled to Austria and now want to travel to Poland, i want to know that will poland embassy will be ask to austrian embbassey why i traveled austria or not.

    1. It’s difficult to know, but I don’t think embassies speak among them generally. If travel has not been restricted for any reason you are free to go wherever you want as long as you have the proper documentation. This said the world we know now is not what it was before, and passports from certain countries will have a tendency to be followed more closely. I wouldn’t worry though.

  29. PLEASE

    i wanted to ask that have schengen embarrasses councelted with each other on applicant or not. i have 2time traveled to Austria and now want to travel to Poland, i want to know that will poland embassy will be ask to austrian embbassey why i traveled austria or not.

  30. Hi Federico
    do you know anything about South African laws i have a Slovakian staying with me and they only gave her 30 days if she stays an extra couple of weeks, will it be a problem, do you know?
    regards Mandy

    1. Hi Mandy,

      Whenever you overstay a visa in any country you run the risk of being fined and/ or penalized. 2 weeks is not much time, and she’s from Slovakia which is not a country known to cause trouble (generally speaking), but ultimately it will depend on the officer on duty. I suggest she calls the Slovakia consulate in South Africa and see what they say. Hope this helps!

  31. Hi,

    I’m a US citizen and want to travel to the UK to be with my fiance. I don’t want to go for 6 months and then leave for six months. I also don’t want to get married just yet either to stay with him full time. My questions:
    How difficult is it to get your visitor visa extended and how long is the usual extention? Can you get multiple concurrent extentions (one right after anohter)in order to stay for two years?
    I don’t want to work as I’m self sufficient financially and I don’t want to go to school. I just want to live with the man I love…Is it possible?

    1. Hi Tracey,

      I´m afraid that what you want will not be possible as stays in the UK are limited to 6 months out of every 12, and visa extensions are only given for emergencies, unfortunately. Requesting the extension costs 500 pounds, and the UKBA does not guarantee it will be authorized. I think your only option is to sign up to some kind of course…

  32. hi im a indian i came to malaysia on 4th july 2012, on tourist visa, now i want to go back to my country, because i have got an job offer from tunisia,my questions are
    how much is the fine for overstay,?
    will they stamp my pass post and ban me from entring malaysia, if the do thn for how long?
    if they stamped my passport thn can i go to tunisia, i have already worked there 2 years legally
    hoping for the best kindly help

    1. Hi Vijay,

      It is very difficult to know how much the fine will be (even if there will be one) and what they will do- many times it even depends on the mood of the officer you have to deal with. In any case even if they don’t let you enter Malaysia for a while it shouldn’t affect your entry to Tunisia as they are two different countries. I recommend you call your embassy in Malaysia to get the best info regarding the two first questions.

  33. hi there,
    I went to USA last time on AUG 2010 with a British passport and left the US back to England on OCT 2010, then I went to Yemen by Emarits flight on JUL 2011, I checked my passport there isn’t any proof that I left USA on OCT 2010, and I throw away the boarding ticket that proof I left USA befor my times end.
    The next stamp in my passport is the enterance stamp from the Emarits boarder and the Yemenies boarder is on Jul 2011.

    Now I would like to go to USA again for New Year holiday, but I was asking my self this quastion “the US boarder may chick my passport and say that I overstayed by 11 months, when they see JUL 2011 stamps”

    Can you advise me what to do? and to proof that from OCT 2010 until JUL 2011 I was in England what I need as acceptable ducoments to proof to the US boarder that I wasn’t overstayed my VWP…

    Note: a frind of mine, get pand from re-entering the US for 10 years, simply cuse he did not proof that he wasn’t overstayed and between the US entery stamp and the other country entery stambe is 2 years, which they thought he was in US land for 2 years…

    1. In theory customs should be able to track where you have been . I wouldn’t worry too much because I have been in your shoes and nothing happened. As for proof thatvyou were outside the country, did you purchase anything with a credit or debit card while outside the USA? The bank statement is proof that you were elsewhere. Hope this elps 🙂

  34. Hello,
    I am a Canadian in Spain… and have lost my student visa for about a year now. I will be finishing my studies in April, but I would like to go to Canada for Christmas. I was wondering what are the penalties for being illegal in Spain for such time. And if they would like me enter again in the spring or in the future travel to other countries?
    thanks 🙂

    1. Visas are usually stuck to a passport, weird you lost it. I would first try contacting your embassy and school to inquire if they happen to have a copy. if not call immigration. In the past Spain was very relaxed when it came to leaving the country, but with the current situation it’s anybody’s guess…

  35. Hi everyone.. Im living illegal in Malaysia.. when i came agent cheat with my money.. I was scared to file a police report at that time..becoz i was new.. After that Govt Malaysia Started 6P Program. it was good but it couldn`t help me though.. still my file in immigration.. and the agent is always telling me “2marow” “2marow” and “2marow” i want to go home back and also i want there would be no claim up on me.. i want my passport clear and neat.. Do u guys have any idea what should i need to do? looking for help thanks..

    1. Hi there

      This can be a sketchy topic. How long have you been iligally in the country for? This is a very important factor regarding the cleanness of your travel records… and there is no guarantee. But if you have only been there for a few weeks or even months your record could be OK. I strongly recommend you contact your embassy and explain your problem.

  36. Hey all
    I’m an Australian female, 22, I am on the schengen visa and I have been travelling for 5 months now (Ireland, UK and Europe). I was sure I had overstayed my visa when I bought a ticket back into Ireland from Spain. I was convinced I was going to get sent home, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. To my suprise I was let back into Ireland!
    So here I am, back in Dublin, best place in the world! And I would really love to work and live here for a year or maybe more.. The problem is finding a job. I would like to know a few things:

    1) How easy would it be to find a job without a visa? And can I get a PPS number?

    2)What will happen when/if I want to go home?

    3)I have some interviews lined up, should I tell them I can’t work legally or should I lie and hope they wont ask for proof?

    I never intended to stay for so long, but I fell in love with this place and there is a situation at home I just dont want to go back to. I have also thought about applying for residency, or would it be too late for that now?

    I really want to have a life here and Im so worried ill get sent back 🙁 Please help!

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Jess,

      Lucky you for being allowd into the country! it doesn’t always happen, but I do know of a case of somebody who lived, worked and traveled into and out of ireland for a few years without being a legal citizen. So regarding your questions:

      1) I don’t know how easy it can be, but it can happen. A small business that wants to save the taxes it would have to pay for you being an employee is who would hire you.

      2) You never will- you’ll go straight to jail. No, I’m not serious 😉 You could be fined and even banned from visitng the country for a while, but this is uncommon and unlikely. It can happen though.

      3) From a personal viewpoint, I’d say nah, don’t tell them. If they are interested in knowing I guarantee they’d ask. If they do ask, then it’s up to you what you tell them.

      Hope this helps you a bit Jess, and best of lucks! it would be great if you dropped by again telling us what you eventually did- others might find your info useful.


      1. Thanks so much Frederico, you’re a legend!

        Well I had an interview today, I told them I was only on the Schengen visa and they said as long as I can get a PPS number I can work for them. So I went to the bank today, they said all I need to open a bank account was a passport (Australian is ok) and a proof of residence, which I can get no problem. So that’s done.

        All I have to do now is see what I can do to obtain a PPS number. I was advised to just walk in and ask for a form and see what happens. So I can keep you updated with that.

        I have one more question though, I was also thinking of going to apply for a work permit, I was thinking I will explain to them that I have overstayed a while in Ireland but I would like to stay and work if possible. How do you think that would go down, or should I not bother?

        Thanks again for your help! 🙂

        1. Hi Jess,

          Great to hear the good news, congrats and thanks for getting back to us! As for your question, I would wait for you to get the job offer in paper so you can present it as a supporting document that can help your cause. In many administrations you only get a work permit if you have a job offer first (Brazil comes to mind). This is just a personal thought again and should not be taken as an official recommendation. What do you think?

          1. Hello again!

            Just another update. So I went into the Social Welfare Office with my Australian passport and proof of residence. Bang, got a PPS number no problem. I think I got lucky with that as the woman I was dealing with was very nice and she was chatting to her work colleagues at the same time so she wasn’t checking my passport too much.

            So here I am ready for my first day of work and they decide to pull me up and ask for my GNIB card. Which I obviously don’t have. So they said I cant work for them without one. I guess it was a misunderstanding with the Shengen Visa.

            Anyway the good news is I’ve got my PPS number and a permanent residence and soon a bank account so it should be a bit easier getting someone to hire me. I’ll just have to tell them that I was born here but moved to Australia when I was young. Well see.

            Thanks again for your help!



  37. Hi, I am a US student in the UK with a UK student VISA that allows me to stay here for almost 2 years. I know that the UK isn’t in the Shengen zone, but do you think that because it’s a *student* Visa, it allows me access to the Shengen zone?

    What I want to do is move to Spain for about 5 months… I know that as an American, I’m only allowed 3 out of every 6 — that’s why I’m wondering if the Shengen might apply to my UK student Visa? Wishful thinking?

    1. Hi there,

      As a US citizen you don’t need a visa to enter the schengen zone- you’ll be issued a tourist one on arrival to any of the member countries. All legalities considered it is wishful thinking, but you might be able to get away with it. Please note that I am not saqying you will, but that you could, which is different.

  38. Hi , Im visiting the US from Canada and they never stamped my passport upon entry roughly 65 days ago . My Fiance lives in the US and I have also recently started up a business . My 90 days will expire shortly , If I just stay in the US for another lets say 240 days do they even know I am still here since they never stamped my passport of which I traveled through air … I wanted to obtain a B-1 or Nafta visa but they keep telling me that since I am here on a waiver program that I do not require any forms and I should jus return and come back immediately and cross the border.
    Plz let me know if I should just stay and continue my business with my fiance and when we get married I should be fine since I can get my green card … or should I go back cross the border by road and come right back since they cant deny my entry because of my status Business or otherwise.. Thank you so much for your help !!

  39. Hi , Im visiting the US from Canada and they never stamped my passport upon entry roughly 65 days ago . My Fiance lives in the US and I have also recently started up a business . My 90 days will expire shortly , If I just stay in the US for another lets say 240 days do they even know I am still here since they never stamped my passport of which I traveled through air … I wanted to obtain a B-1 or Nafta visa but they keep telling me that since I am here on a waiver program that I do not require any forms and I should jus return and come back immediately and cross the border.
    Plz let me know if I should just stay and continue my business with my fiance and when we get married I should be fine since I can get my green card … or should I go back cross the border by road and come right back since they cant deny my entry because of my status Business or otherwise.. Thank you so much for your help !!

    1. Hi Ryan,

      From what you’re saying leaving and re-entering is not much of a problem, si I’d do that to be on the safe side…even if they didn’t stamp it the magnetic band did register your entry date. This is just my opinion though! You might get away with it overstaying but it is an unnecessary risk …

  40. hello there:
    I am Bolivian,i have a 25 days tourist visa in Dublin,but i would love to travel to other country (Egypt) for few days only,can I re-enter in Dublin just before I leave Ireland?.or could I get a new visa stamp after Egypt?thanks for your help.

    1. Hola Camila,

      I think Ireland doesn’t differentiate single entry and multiple entry visas so I think you should be OK going to Egypt( you could need a visa there too) end entering Ireland again before you leave. I do strongly recommend you call immigration though. Hope thus helps!

  41. Ok this is going to be a woosie…

    i am a US citizen and i have been traveling all over the world ever since i was 15 on my own. i am now 30+ 2 years ago i met my future wife in london and we were on a long distance relationship i would go to the UK she would come to the US.
    We did this for the first year 2 months on two months off. Then to save on funds the following year i decided to extend my visit to push the 6 month allowance. Whilst in the Uk we were traveling in and out of the UK.
    On one occasion they held me and asked me 1001 questions but said we will allow you to come in this time, and gave me the special stamp which they have to initial.
    So i was back in but i thought every time i cam back in it renewed my 6 months. Well on a return flight to the UK from greece, they gave me a second special stamp and said the next time they will stop you, but i trust and believe that you will purchase your ticket back to the US. Which i did for 3 months later.
    So my girlfriend and i decided to go on a little holiday to amsterdam and on my way in the stopped me and questioned me (even though i did have a return flight) i had over stayed two months.
    My girlfriend who was waiting for me downstairs came up and she looked suspicious so they asked her was she waiting for someone, she replied yes my boyfriend. She got asked a few questions and she told them yes he lives with me, we travel a lot, i can and have supported him, and i would be willing to sponsor him. The IO told her that tourist visa probably wont cut it anymore because his intentions are to be with you and he will stay longer. So after that they gave us 5 minutes and told her he will not be coming in.
    they detained me overnight and in the afternoon called the airline with my returning flight back to the US which was for december and made the switch for the 15th of october (two days ago).

    So my questions to you are:
    1). I have been refused not deported, correct?

    2). What should i do in order to visit again?

    3). What steps can/should my girlfriend and i take? We are planning marriage in the next two years but not right at this moment.

    4). I was planning on visiting hungary for a week and most of the flights from the US fly into the UK for the connecting flight. Am i allowed to fly into the UK for my connecting flight?

    Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Im not trying to be an outlaw i just love traveling and my girlfriend deeply and dont want to ruin anything. thank you!!

    1. i guess there is no advice for me. If any one knows of and/or has gone through a similar experience can you please let me know what you think i should do. thank you!!!

      1. Tore,

        Sorry for you not getting the reply earlier, I have answered to your questions now. Hope what I say helps a bit!

    2. Hi there,

      I’m sorry for you not getting the answer- I actually do remember reading your case and replying, but I now realize it did not publish. Anyhow, regarding your questions:

      1) Yes, you have been rejected entrance, not deported because you were not in the country.
      2) Yours seems to be a complicated case, and I highly recommend you speak with you embassy/ consulate and explain the case in detail. There are a few odd things (perhaps if your GF hadn’t showed up you would have been allowed in?) that are outside of what is normal, and I understand you did overstay 2 months.
      3) I understand that you have already stayed the 6 months you can stay in the UK per year, so you have to wait for another 6 months to go by. I don’t think your GF can do much about this. Looking into the future, I wouldn’t worry too much because 2 years have to go by still. Make sure you allocate enough time to be in the UK (remember you have 6 months out of every 12) to get married and that’s it. Once married you are legally authorized to stay in the country (you’ll need the appropriate documents).
      4) You should be. Transfer areas in airports are visa free because it’s not national territory. This said, I would confirm this with your embassy just in case.

      Hope this helps! Again I apologize for you not getting the response previously. Your case is very interesting, I would appreciate if you could get back to us with what happens- others will benefit. Thanks!

  42. Hi I need some advice…

    I’m a Chilean citizen and I’ve overstayed for about a year and 4 months inside the EU. I’ve been traveling around but only inside the EU, different countries.

    I am currently in Finland and I want to go to the UK (London) to visit a friend, but do not plan to stay there for more than 2 weeks.

    I was wondering if there are any passport checkups in London? If coming from another country inside the Schengen. I would be taking a flight.

    Do I risk being deported from the EU or denied the entrance to the UK and being sent back to Finland or anywhere?

    I have more than enough money to live or do whatever, so this is not the issue, it’s just the passport :/

    Thank you a lot.


    1. Hi Marten,

      Officers might check your passport for stamps, there is no way of knowing this, but you should have no problem entering the UK because the UK is not part of the Schengen area. In other words getting into the UK would be like entering Finland, and you had no problems, so in theory you should be OK. Now if you get a customs officer who’s in a bad mood the story might be different…good luck!

  43. Hello,

    I am in Belgium in Schengen business visa now. My wife is also with me in Schengen tourist visa. My visa has 6 months validity with maximum 90 days at a time. My initial plan was to visit for 35 days. So, I applied the tourist visa for my wife like that and she got it for 45 days maximum stay. After coming here I had to extent the stay for 35 more days. Now, my wife can stay here in Belgium for 10 more days legally. I have already applied for visa extension for my wife through city office in Leuven. I have also provided necessary documents for the extension of my stay. The officer said to me that she can stay here until we receive a word from the immigration office, even my application get rejected.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it easy to get the tourist visa extension in Belgium?
    2. Will it cause any problems, if we overstayed and in case her request is rejected?
    3. Will this overstay cause any future problems for us visiting Schengen countries or any other countries?

    Your help is highly appreciated!!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Shafi,

      From what I understand your situation does not seem to precarious, here are my thoughts.

      1) Frankly, I don’t know as I have never had to request one.
      2) Potentially there could be some issues, but I understand you’d only overstay a few days and as of now you don’t know if here extension is being approved. You an always argue that you were waiting for the verdict and that by the time you got it you only needed to stay a few more days. Again, if you run into a picky customs officer you might get fined, but that should be about it.
      3) It’s difficult- if not impossible- to say. Again, this is not an official recommendation, they are just my thoughts based on experience, but from what you’re saying yo have done everything legally so fay and only need a few extra days. There is a chance of a fine, but I don’t think much more. I do suggest you speak with your embassy though for more info.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hello,

        Thanks for your response.

        An update from my side. The things are moving positive for me. I got the information from city office today that the ministry gave a green signal to approve my request to extent my wife’s visa. We need to provide the extended travel insurance too (that does not cost much to me). The officer told me that since it is for a short term prolongation, ministry has no objection for this request. I will update you the final status soon (hopefully, the good news!!!)

        Best regards,

        1. Hi Shafi,

          Great news indeed! Very good. I am glad things have gone well the legal way and you don’t have to worry about it. Looking forward to the final resolution! 🙂

  44. Thanks for all the helpful information! I am considering overstaying my Schengen tourism visa by two weeks and feigning ignorance upon exit- saying I didn’t realize that my two week trip in Switzerland counted against my 90 days. The only thing that concerns me is the size of the possible fine- can anyone share how much they were fined for overstaying?

    1. Hi there,

      Best of lucks in your quest! I have read the fines can be up to 1100€ ( see this thread in Lonely Planet, which although old, I’m sure it still applies http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/thread.jspa?threadID=1841750).You will see that many overstay and have no problems, others do. At the end of the day what happens will depend on the CU on duty. Get back to us with the result of your adventure if you may! I’d love to hear if you do well 🙂

  45. Hi,
    I am an american traveling around europe. I was here for a month and then bought a three month eurail pass. I then later found out about the 90 day visa. Prior to the trip i thought it was 90 days for every country. I dont want to lose a month of my pass, but dont want to pay a fine. My plans are to go to morocco after the pass runs out. My questions are as follows:
    1. Do you think a boat from spain to morocco would be the best way to avoid getting in trouble?
    2. If i make it out ok, the next time i go to europe would i grt in trouble for the prior offense? I will overstay by 20 days.
    Thanks so much, cant wait to hear back.

    1. Hi Tom,

      1) I don’t think that going by boat or airplane will make a difference; after all you will be leaving the Schengen zone and your passport will probably be checked. This said, Spain is one of the countries in Europe where it used to be relatively easy to leave without being checked thoroughly, but I’m not sure how it is today. It will really depend on the mood of the customs officer…

      2) If you leave the country without any warning you should be OK when returning, particularly if you spend quite some time outside. How much would this be?

      Hope this helps!


  46. Hello,

    Last year, i was stamped 3months at the POE at JFK but i overstayed by 2weeks.Meanwhile my visa is still valid till march 2013. may i risk travelling again to the USA in december?

      1. My passport is from Nigeria. I have a good job here in my country and did not mean to overstay, actually i did not know about the 1-94. i thought i could stay 6months. i intend to spend christmas in d USA and return to my job or will using another port of entry help me?

        1. Hi Omobola,

          I understand you are in the USA now and want to fly to Nigeria after Christmas, which is where you have your job? You have already overstayed in the USA if this is the case, and extending the overstay can only do so much more harm. I don’t think using another port of entry will help because Nigeria won’t care about how long you overstayed in another country; your Nigeria passport will allow you in. Not sure if I understood you well, but if I didn’t please get back to me 🙂

          1. Oh. i am saying i left NY after 3months and 2weeks on a 2year visa but at JFK i was stamped 3 months by the immigration. I am in Nigeria right now but i desire to go back to NY for Christmas and the new year. I have a very good job here and i don’t have any reason to stay back in NY. Can i get past the immigration without hassles? there was no good excuse for my staying the extra 2 weeks besides bad advice. my uncle said it didn’t matter. will be grateful for your response

          2. If when leaving the US the agent stamped your passport at 3 months but did not say anything about a fine or anything like it you’ll be fine. Plus on paper things are ok (he marked the 3 months, not the 3 months and 2 weeks) so I wouldn’t worry. You might want to check with the US consulate just in case, but I believe you’d be fine. Hope this helps Ombola.

          3. im so sorry i have not been very clear. I arrived JFK and the immigration gave me a 1-94 and stamped it 3 months stay(even thought i have a 2-year visa. I am saying that i did not know the implication of this and i ended up staying 3 months and two weeks. when i was leaving, i was not stamped out…….no immigration. but when i got to Nigeria, i was stamped in though. i am saying that should i go back in December, will i have problems with the immigration the 2 week overstay? Sorry to come back again and again on same question.

          4. Hey Omobola,

            Gotcha. I think you would be OK, even though you were stamped 3 months ( I wonder why if you have a 2 yer visa)- were you in any kind of trouble you would have been notified when leaving. Just to double check I would call the US consulate in Nigeria and explain this too them, but I’m quite convinced they will second what I say. I don’t want you to purchase the ticket to the US and then be denied entrance, but I would say that the chances of this happening are slim to none. Hope this helps and sorry for not understanding Omobola, I’d like to hear again from you. Thanks for stopping by!

      2. Thank you very much. i think my stay was limited to three months because i was pregnant. i did have my baby in the USA and paid the bills but the birth was uncomplicated so i could not get the doctor’s letter stating i overstayed just because i had a baby at the time.i remember the immigration said i should not have obtained a visa simply to come have a USA baby. Of course i said that was not the sole reason for procuring d visa! Now my worry is 2-phased: did the immigration flag my passport to confirm whether or not i had a baby in d US and hence say i came in only to have a USA baby? Will they be convinced that i did not deliberately disregard the 3month stay and that i just had to tidy things up after the baby came? i will be travelling pregnant again and intend to pay the bills when i get there.

        1. Hi Omobola,

          Tough call. I don’t think the customs agent will have any notes anywhere regarding the previous case, but then it should not be their concern if you have all the appropriate documents. I think you should be OK but just in case I would call the US consulate and double check all is OK, and if so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask for a letter from them confirming that you are indeed to enter the country; this should calm any picky officer (though there is nor guarantee they will be willing to send it). Hope this helps too!

          1. Hello once again, i am about to purchase my ticket to visit the USA again and thinking this time i should go on new year’s day, maybe the immigration/customs will be in a festive mood and probably use Newark or Atlanta POE instead of JFK? would either help?

          2. Hi Omobola,

            Not sure the festive mood will help much as you might run with a cranky officer who’d rather be with his or her family! Smaller airports are usually easier to get through as well,though this is not a guarantee for avoiding problems. If the flight costs you the same or less, and getting to your destination is not more complicated this way it is another option you may want to consider. Otherwise I wouldn’t take it as it’s not really worth it…

  47. Hello

    I am a little worried! I have a visa for the UK for two years and I though I was allowed to travel in Schengen as long as I like in those two years. I was wrong and got a fine in Greece on the Albania boarder and they said I can’t enter Greece for 5 years if I don’t pay the fine that’s fine for me. I Over stayed 6 weeks.

    I need to enter Schengen again from Romania to Hungary and fly home from Germany. I have been out for the three months. I was just wondering if you think I will have problems? I am Australian.


    1. Hi Jono,

      It depends on how much time you have spent in the Schengen zone. Has this been more than 3 months in the 6? If not you should be OK, but if you have you may run into some trouble, again all depending on the customs officer you might find. Schengen Visas are short-term visas for up to 90 days out of every 180 interval. Can’t you fly into Germany on the day you are leaving home and say you are in transit? You should be fine with that.

  48. Hello..
    I am in a desperate situation. I came to Barcelona May 19th 2011 to live here with my sister. We are both from the USA. She has been here 1 year longer then me. Well, when I got here I didn’t apply for health insurance or a bank account, I just worked under the table basically making money at places with a cash pay. I have my name on the flat that I have proof from the Agency that I have lived here for 1 year and 4 months, and signature from the owners. I am now engaged to my fiance of 9 months who is from the UK. We want to marry and i would like to go with him to the UK and have a big wedding with his family, and come back to Spain sometime during the summer to visit my sister and her fiance’s family without any problems. I know I have overstayed for quite sometime, but I also had to go to a court hearing back in March which had to do with my sister and her ex. I was asked to be a witness at that date. I have a record of document that I was there to be a witness from the Spanish court. Is it possible to visit the UK, a EU country and come back to Spain without any penalty or fines? Could we marry here in Spain? Could I get an extension on my visa, and work in the UK for a bit, and then return here? Can I get a UK passport to travel there for marriage? I do not want to go back to America. I want to handle any legal documents here, and go to the UK for a bit and be able to re visit my sister. Could you please tell us all the steps we need to take, as we are getting married either it be here in Spain or in the UK. I want to be able to visit all schegen countries without a problem. Please help! We want to marry. Please tell us what to do, and where we need to apply. We are willing to anything to be together. Thanks so much. Also i know if you live here for 3 years you can be a resident and pay a fine. i just don’t want to wait another year and half. I want to spend Christmas with his family. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Lot’s of questions here, and unfortunately I can’t answer as well as I’d like because of the implications. From what I understand you have overstayed for a long time and this could be an issue when flying to the UK- it all depends on the customs officer you run into. It could be easier if you get married in Spain, but you’ll need a residency permit which you do not have. According to the state department’s website, you have to have lived in Spain or a Schengen country for 5 years (not 3) as you can see here http://www.interior.gob.es/extranjeria-28/ciudadanos-de-la-union-europea-718/residencia-de-caracter-permanente-725?locale=es . All in all I am sorry to say things do not look very well. There could be an option though if your fiance states that he has been supporting you (you don’t want to say that you’ve been working illegally as well), I have heard of this being used by people who want to remain in the UK. I would recommend you call the US consulate and expose your case, see what they have to say. Also, you can call what in Spain is known as El Defensor del Pueblo, a public service organization funded by the government who’s main duties include guiding citizens in Spain (no matter what nationality they are from) with whatever tasks they want to do. This is free and could be of help too- here is their contact info http://www.defensordelpueblo.es/es/Ciudadano/contacta/index.html. Finally, most towns/cities in Spain have lawyers in the city hall that are free and open to any kind of consultation. I don’t remember their name (maybe it’s the same thing as the Defensor del Pueblo?)but you can call any city hall and inquire about this. I hope this helps Nicole, best of lucks with what you do. It would be great if you could get back to us letting us know what you did and the results- it can be very helpful to others as well.


  49. Hi Everyone,
    Please i need some help about my visa and a schengein visa
    I’m holding a Nigerian pasport and i’m adopted by my dad also a Nigerian. his wife is a Dutch so we both got the EEA family member resident visa since last year and wev’e all bee living and working here in the UK. i’m thinking of going to Europe to play professional football and i really wan’t to know if i still need a work permit when i get there or i can work streightaway legally in any EU country as a EEA family member?
    also will be applying for a Belgian schengein visa next month, do i need to pay a visa fee please? i’m just confused.
    Please give me some advice/answer.
    Thanks in advance guys.

    1. Hello Henry,

      I think that with the EEA visa you are allowed to work in the EU, but I would confirm with the Dutch consulate just in case. Regarding the Belgian visa, you don’t even need one. The EEA visa allows you to visit any of the member countries, Belgium being one just like the Netherlands. Hope this helps. Oh and, by the way, let us know about how your pro football adventure goes!

  50. I have a situation too. Im an Australian resident/Passport holder with a 2yr youth Mobility Visa for the UK. Some of my work took me inside the Schengen Area and after I finished the job, Im taking holiday in France. It seems Through Multiple entries Ive managed to over stay the 90 days (due to the fact most ppl assume you can stay as long as you like on the UK tier 5 and me just not looking for hard evidence).
    Some things Im not 100% sure on:

    Im not sure if Im entitled to stay in schengen longer because of the work and work visa.

    I have a chipped passport and presume Ill be flagged upon exit anybody know about this?

    Im pretty sure Im screwed, only here over a week too long I should probably head straight back to England, Ireland or Scotland so as to not ruin my prospects in the UK and Further more EU.


    1. Hi Trev,

      The work Visa should specify what you are eligible for and not…does it say anything at all? All new passports are chipped now, and whether you’ll be flagged or not will depend on the mood of the customs officer. If you don’t overstay by much you might be OK, otherwise you may run into penalties (which you can still run into even if you overstay one day). If concerned and there is no real reason to stay I would head back to the UK- you can always return with one of those cheap Ryanair flights. Hope this helps!

  51. Hi I need some answer pls help me. I living in serbia now im filipino citizen i would like to visit my friend in italy but im still holding filipino passport. If i apply visa in serbia to italian embassy are they allowing me apply them?

    1. Hi Ruby,

      I see no reason for them not to grant the visa. If you are legally in Serbia it’s just a matter of bureaucracy and paying… best of lucks!

  52. Thank you very much for the advise/answer !, I will check with the Dutch consulate and see what they say.
    Will definately keep you posted on the football side ,
    Thanks a million.

  53. Hi…I was hoping someone might be able to help me. My stepdaughter is in Egypt & has a return ticket to the US in April 2013; however she just realized her tourist visa expired 2 months ago. She went to Egypt with her husband & she decided to stay while he returned to the US. Does anyone know if she should go to the embassy and try to extend her visa or renew it? Or will she need to return to the US because the visa is expired? She’s tried calling the embassy and can’t get through to anyone. We are trying to find out if it’s something as she’ll have to pay a fine or if it’s more serious and she will / can be deported and perhaps face problems when she tries to visit Egypt in the future.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Heather,

      She’s doing what she should be doing. I suggest she calls a US embassy in a nearby country or even in the USA if nobody is answering, and get an answer from them. I don’t think it will be anything more serious than a fine if at all, but I do recommend you don’t let this situation extend much more. How much longer do you think she has to stay there?

  54. Hi!
    I have a quick question. I’m a US citizen and I’ve been traveling for 4 months in Europe and Morocco. I did exactly 90 days in the Shengen Zone, and I’ve been in Morocco ever since. I need to go back to Madrid to fly home to the US… but I will be going over my Visa when I return. Will they let me back in to Spain if I have my airline tickets to prove I’m leaving? It’s only a couple days so I thiiiink I’ll be fine.

    (I meant to leave myself a couple days on the Visa but I had problems with transportation when leaving Europe.)

    Please let me know what you think! Thank you!


    1. Hi Nick,

      Difficult to say. You should be fine, but once again it will depend on the mood of the customs officer you are dealing with. You might want to have a print version of your departure flight handy just in case, explain the problems you had leaving…and hopefully you’ll be fine. Are you going overland? It should be easier I think…

  55. Hey Federico, I am a US Citizen and my boyfriend of two years is Dutch. We travel back and forth between the states and the EU and UK for the last two years and three months… No problem with a 30-60 day overstay, flying always in and out of Holland, but we are well traveled and well presented.

    Last year his ESTA number was up for renual and he was 60 days overstay in the USA when we had a MAJOR car crash and he was in the hospital for 7 days with major surgery and like three broken limbs, and like that he was almost a year overstay by the time we arrived back in holland. There was no fuss on the US or the Dutch side.

    We were planning to return to the USA for holiday season, ( he still didn’t realize his ESTA number was expired, he’s 20 years old and I am not used to having to have an ESTA because I am US Citizen ) but we had to book tickets early because I had a family member that die unexpectedly.

    When he booked the tickets all was fine, when he went to check us in online his ESTA wasn’t valid ( dugh ) and the denied him a new one for one year. What we can’t figure out is this:

    1.) is the ESTA one year from the date of EXPIRY or the date he tried to make a new one.
    2.) We have never been apart for 2 years and three months, and now I am back in the USA with my family and he is stuck in Holland and after HOURS and HOURS of reading on the internet we still don’t know what we can do to get him back to the USA. We thought we understood that marriage didn’t get you any kind of permit, but then I see that one can marry and then I can claim him as my immediate relative ( I guess if we marry in Holland, lol ??? ) and then he will get an immediate Visa?

    Any thoughts because we are almost made of the same skin we have been 24/7 now for almost 2.5 years. We are both in horrible distress, and we don’t know what to do.

    Thanks Man!

    1. Hi Liz,

      What an odd case! ESTA numbers are valid for two years since awarded or until passport expiration, whichever comes sooner. From what you are saying customs is not considering the fact that he was in the hospital for so long after an accident, which surprises me (by the way, I’m glad to know you are both healthy now).

      From what I know if you do get married overseas entrance as immediate relative is not guaranteed even if proof of you being able to support him (financially) can be shown, but it would be points in your favor. In fact, once you land in the US airport he should go with you and you should both queue in the line for US Passport holders, even if he doesn’t have one- a US customs agent told me this.

      This said, I would first do the following:
      1) Call the US embassy in Netherlands and explain them the situation, and specifically mention the accident and all the time spent in the US
      2) Call the Dutch embassy or consulate in the US and explain the same thing, and what you want.
      3) Compare what each party is saying and see if there’s a common line of agreement that benefits you among both of them. If things don’t make sense, call again and say you are being given different instructions.
      4) I would also double check with them if, once married outside the US, your then husband would be allowed immediate entrance in the US. Specifically mention that he has an EU passport.

      It would be even better if, instead of calling, you and him showed up at each consulate or embassy and speak with people face to face. If you find somebody nice they will be willing to make an extra effort for a face they know than a voice over the phone.

      Hope this helps Liz, and let me know how it goes. Best of lucks!

  56. This is such a great article!

    Do you happen to know what the rules are regarding student or work visas? I’m in the UK on a work visa and I couldn’t get a flight home to the US until a few days after my visa expires. However, I will have only been in the UK for about 20 days at that point as I’m going home for Christmas. As long as I finish work before it expires, it’s still OK to stay as a tourist, right? I’m wondering whether I need to do any border-hopping!

    Thank you for any help!

    1. Hi Emily!

      Your assumption is correct; your entry tourist visa allows you up to 90 days so if you’ve been there only 20 there is nothing to worry about. I wonder though…why would you get a work visa for 20 days? No worries though, you’ll be fine 🙂

  57. Hey,

    I have over-stayed my tourist visa by about 2 months in the uk, but I was actually born in the uk, so I have a British passport and citizenship, my passport is just expired so I entered on my other, none uk passport. My question is, does the fact I have a British passport and am a uk citizen make a difference to the fact I over stayed, cold it cause problems if I wish to return?


    1. Hi Avia

      I think you should be fine. I have entered with one passport and left with my other after overstaying and had no problems. I suggest you renew your UK one and ask for a temporary letter that confirms it is being renewed, and that’s it.

      1. But what if I need to also leave on my other, over-stayed passport? I need to fly out next month and may not be able to get my uk passport back in time for that, do you think I will have trouble leaving on my over-stayed passport? and coming back to the uk on it, having over-stayed?


        1. Hi Avia,

          If you tell the consulate your travel plans they will expedite the process. If for some reason they don’t have it the will also issue a stamped document (in fact you might want to ask for it right from the beginning) that explains that your passport is in the process of being prepared, and these documents do allow travel for a month (usually) while you get the new one.

  58. hi i’m sohail and i’m indian….i was entered in malaysia with tourist visa then my agent cheated me so i have overstayed 1 year and 6 months then i took fingerprint then i go back to india.. so now i’m in qatar and i want to visit again to malaysia for 1 month… is it possible..??

    1. Hello Sohail,

      Were you not told anything when leaving? If you were fingerprinted I think they really wanted to identify you for future control, but if they didn’t say anything maybe you can still return and visit. I don’t have much information from what you’re telling me, so I advise you call the Malaysian consulate in Qatar and explain your situation. They should know whether you can visit the country or not. Hope this helps!

  59. Hello,

    I seem to need some advice. I have come to France and on a extern type situation and in the begin I didnt relize that I had to have a visa to stay for a long period. Now my time is up and I have a trip planned to go to Spain for a week and then come back to France and finish. My question is that am I wasting my time trying to go on this trip because I have a return flight back to my country shortly after I arrive back to France. This is my first true time in Europe and of course very blind of the laws. I could reallly use some help.


    1. Hello Jess,

      Is your question if it is worth for you to go to Spain for a week? If you are flying from France your documentation will be checked and thus your illegal situation could be pointed out, but if you travel overland probably not as there is no passport control (95% of the time). If you really want to travel to Spain try to cross the borders overland if you can, and once you’re back in France and have to leave you’ll deal with whatever comes up then (you are facing a penalty already). Please remember that this just a personal suggestion and does not guarantee everything will be OK, but from my experience you should be fine on this short trip to Spain…

      1. Thank you, My flight to Spain has already been paid for and my worry was when I go to the airport. If I showed them that I have proof of going home will they permit me to travel and re-enter the country possible, in your opinion, my time honestly just expired within the last 24 hours, Im not goin to far off my overage. I understand I might face something when I return to the States but if Im not going to be permitted back into France on my return flight, I would rather not take the risk. Thanks for the feedback.

        1. Hi Jessica,

          So you have only overstayed 24 hours, which is pretty much nothing. Knowing this, if I were you, I would go to the airport and try to hop on the flight to Spain. Even if you can’t get on the plane back to France (which I seriously doubt if a week before you are flying) you can always return by bus or train.

  60. Hello,

    so my situation is quite different but I need advice ASAP. I am a U.S. resident and i came to colombia for already 4 months, i dont know if i could stay longer, and for that i need a permit from the U.S,I dont know what permit it is or how to get it!! please help me out.

    thank youuu

    1. Hi friend , you will have to go american embassy , they will help you out with that , or the country you overstay immigration office

  61. Salutations

    so my situation is quite different but I need advice ASAP. I am a U.S. resident and i came to colombia for already 4 months, i dont know if i could stay longer, and for that i need a permit from the U.S,I dont know what permit it is or how to get it!! Any help will be greatly appreciated it, thanks

    1. Hi Sarah,

      US citizens are allowed to stay in Colombia for up to 60 days, which means you have overstayed two months already. From the US Department of State website “Extensions may be requested by visiting an office of the Colombian immigration authority, known as the Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad, or DAS, after arrival in Colombia. Fines are levied if a traveler remains in Colombia longer than authorized, and the traveler cannot leave Colombia until the fine is paid. Any traveler possessing a Colombian visa with more than three months’ validity must register the visa at a DAS immigration office within 15 days of arrival in Colombia or face fines. The DAS immigration office in Bogota is located at Calle 100 and Carrera 11B 29, telephone (571) 408-8000. This office is open from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Fridays from 07:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ” I don’t know how much the fine is, so I suggest you call the US consulate or the DAS office to inquire. From my experience officials in Colombia are quite nice, but I’m pretty sure they are picky about many things due to the country’s turbulent past. Hope this helps Sarah, and if you can please let us now what you ended up doing and the results 🙂

  62. Hi,

    I am staying in Bulgaria now, but my tourist visa expired last week. I have been in and out of the country two times, so I just counted 90 days. I will be leaving for another country just for a few days, and then I plan on coming back next week.

    I am not sure what they will tell me when I try to leave the country, or when I try to come back.
    My hope is, that I will leave with one passport, and then I will come back with another passport (from a different Country) and hopefully they will not take too much notice and let me back in. I already have a ticket to plan to leave at the end of december, and I really want to stay until then.

    Do you think it is best that I try to come in with my other passport because it has no stamps that say I have been here before?

    1. Hi Rosie,

      I would do that. I also have two passports and use whichever suits my interests in that particular moment. Does your other passport require a visa or will you get one on arrival?

  63. hi i want to ask u sth plz help me in thz case tht ,i m frm pakistan nd if i wil go on visit visa to canada so can i work there during the process of converting my visit visa into studentvisa is it easy or what?nd wht difficulty i have to handle during thz nd hw much money i hv during the process nd can i get easily job in canada or not nd hw much time does it takes to acept my visit visa

    1. Hi Anu,

      A student visa does not allow to work as well, but there are student visas that do. Make sure you ask for one that does, but I do not know the costs. I suggest you call the Canadian embassy that is closest to you to get more information, but getting the visa should not take more than 4 weeks. Hope this helps!

  64. Hello,

    My name is Jose and I’m from Mexico, with Mexican and U.S. citizenships, at the moment I find myself in South Africa till December, when I have a flight to Germany.

    I am planning on studying in Germany the next semester, this is from April to July but I need to get a language certificate of B2, In order to secure my studies I am applying first to a university Austria just in case I dont get that certificate. My plan is to study German in this 4 months (From January to April inside the EU) and get the certificate.

    My questions are:

    1) Do I need a visa?
    2) Can I apply for a student visa in Austria and then go to study in Germany? i believe both are inside the Schegen Area
    3)Can I apply for a visa while being in Austria or in Germany?
    4)Can I get away with no student visa?

    Thank you very much, I will much appreciate your help



    1. Hello Jose,

      You do need a visa if you are going to be more than 3 months in one same country. A Schengen visa allows you to be up to 6 months out of every 12 in member countries, most with a limit of up to 3 months. If you’re going to study the language on your own you can spend 2 months in Austria and 2 in Germany and thus you’ll be OK visa wise. But if you’re going to study in Austria the language for 4 months you will certainly need a visa, which are easy to get. I would forget about point 4( the school will probably ask for it) but you should be able to apply once there. If I were you though I would apply for overseas, and would call any of the 2 country’s consulates to ask if there’s a single student visa for all Schengen countries (there are schools that offer semesters in different countries). Hope this helps!

      1. Hi,

        Nice site! Just one thing…no, he can not stay 2 months+2 months on a tourist visa. It’s 90 days within ALL of Schengen, it doesn’t matter which country or countries. And it isn’t 6 months in one year in the general sense….when I got busted by the Swiss authority they plainly spelled it out for me. It’s 90 in, 90 out—or 3 months, as you said. But if you do a full 90, you MUST leave for a full 90 to reset the ‘clock.’

        1. P.S. He definitely needs to get his initial student visa in his home country. This is usually easier for places like Austria and Germany than places like Italy (which has a bit too much popularity and too many requests). He needs to go to the website of the German or Austrian embassies and read what he needs to do to apply (usually in person). Usually one needs 2 passport sized photos, a receipt and letter of acceptance from the school where he intends to study, proof of financial support and the generic Schengen Visa application.

        2. Very helpful Denise, thanks for pointing out the “reset the clock” concept. From what I read in the consulates’ websites I understood he could switch countries and be OK, as it is what I did and had no problems too. This said you were given the full details by the Swiss so there you go…

  65. Hey there ive always wondered but had no one to ask i make frequent trips to japan but i was born in the u.s if i wanted just to go and stay in japan how would i go about that???

    1. Hey Melvin,

      You would probably need a job or something that would be justify a resident permit; another option would be to enroll in a school for some lessons to get a year long visa. Other than that it is probably very difficult…if not impossible. Maybe you want to call the Japanese consulate closest to your home town? Hope this helps,


  66. Im overstaying in colombia 4months. I will go to the imigration(DAS) by dicember, I know I have to pay fine, and I get out colombia.
    My question is, When I intent to enter colombia next year, Will DAS reject me ??

    1. It’s impossible to know as it depends a lot on the customs officer you deal with. Hopefully the fine will be enough to satisfy them…

  67. Hi , i have a Jordanian passport and i am currently in amsterdam. I only had a short term schengen visa from the german embassy, duration of 4 days, but i stayed 7. I am leaving tomorrow from Dusseldorf, Germany as my return ticket is from there. Any advice you can offer me on exiting? And whats the worst and best that can happen ? Thanks

    1. Hi Khaled,

      That was a short visa indeed! The best that can happen is nothing at all, though you might get questioned a bit. The worst that can happen is that you get fined and refused entrance for a certain amount of time, but I doubt the later will happen. Make sure you have answers for any question they can ask you regarding the reasons of your overstay. Keep cool, tell them what they want to know and hope for the best. Good luck!

  68. Hi everyone,

    It just hit me that my residence permit in Germany last until December 20th. However, I will be leaving Germany to travel in Schegen area for another 10 days. My flight leaves from Lisbon on December 30th back to America (I am an U.S.A. Citizen) and I was wondering if this is going to cause me a ticket. I will be overstaying for 10 days from my residence permit I got from Germany and will be traveling throughout that time. Is this a very very big issue? If so, what can I do to extend my stay? Thank you all so much!

    1. Hi Christina,

      10 days is not much time, but it is enough to overstay and be fined. I would call the US consulate in Germany and ask if the residence permit for Germany also implies that you cannot be in the Schengen area any more. If it doesn’t, then you should be fine 🙂 If it does, there’s not much you can do other than go to a non-Schengen country for that time or change the flight date…

  69. Hello!
    I would appreciate any advice. I hold an Australian passport and entered the shengen region around 4 and a half months ago. It wasn’t until I got to glasgow that I properly realised that I would have trouble getting back into the shengen area. The problem is I can’t afford to stay in the UK for another 6 weeks, before I can legally enter Poland. My dad lives in Poland, and I have an expired (by 2 years) polish passport as well as a registered polish birth certificate. However, at the polish consulate in Scotland, they are predicting a 4-5 week wait for a new temporary passport.
    I just really want to return to Poland ASAP and am wondering if I get the bus from London to Poland, would immigration checks be less strict. Would the fact I speak polish and have an expired polish passport, as well a polish birth certificate work enough in my favour to let me through?
    Any help would be great!!

    1. Hey Patty,

      Frankly, it is anybody’s guess. I am sure that the expired passport and the knowing the language will help, but I am not sure it will be enough. Even if they are preparing a new passport consulates can give official letters that can be used to explain reasons for travel. These are usually due to an emergency or impending cause, so if you tell them that you’re in an illegal situation it should help. Give them a call and see what they say… hope this helps!

  70. Hello,

    i was issue a portugal tourist visa from dubai since i worked there for two months and i landed in lisbon but then i travelled to france now im in paris but my visa expired on sep 27 2012 now i wish to exit back to india my home country what should i do now will i have to pay any extra fines or will i get temporary travel ban at passport control actually i came france to work but im not able to find any job im fedup and want to return back now to india please guide me

    1. Hi RG,

      There is no way I can tell you what will happen, but I can tell you what MIGHT happen. The three possibilities are nothing at all, a fine, or a fine and a temporary ban.The visa has expired almost two months ago, so I would expect a fine, but I don’t think you’ll be banned from re-entering. It will all depend though once again on the customs agent you deal with, so I suggest you smile, be polite and take things as they come. Are you in the construction business?

  71. I overstayed my Canadian Visitors Passport by 4-5 months. I married my US husband BEFORE the visitor time was expired. We downloaded and paid over $300.00 for the appropriate forms, and I had all of my immunizations re-done ($500.00) .. we visited an immigration office where we were told they are used to this situation and just file the paperwork .. piece of cake. We were a one income family and it costs over $1500.00 to finish filing, so we were trying to save up the cash and had targeted Christmas as being the right time to file .. I injured my back and was in such agony and the US hospital would not assist me, so we frantically went to Canada so I could seek help. I was denied re entry into the USA .. leaving me in a dire situtaion and homeless for a week .!
    I was completely assured that I am not BANNED in any form (as they well could have) and we are wondering if an I-94 filled out and prestented at the point of entry might suffice or am I just dreaming here . I so badly want to rejoin my husband and we are going in circles here .. and have not got the funds to hire an attorney … any advise from anyone who might know? Thank you very much.

  72. Hi Sheila,

    Somewhere in the comments section of this article there is a similar situation that was posted by another person. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to know what will happen as what does will depend on the mood of the customs agent. I have the feeling that you’ll have to to fly to the USA anyhow, and the extension will probably not be granted because it is not an emergency. For starters I suggest you request the mother a signed letter with her authorization for you to be with the child; you don’t want to be charged with kidnapping. I am not saying that this will happen, but it can, so make sure you have it with you when you go to the airport. What happens from here is anybody’s guess. You have the work visa so you’re fine, but the child could be banned from visiting the country, or entering it with you…I can’t say nor can anyone. Try calling the US Consulate again (maybe one in the USA, not the UK?) and the UKBA as well, or even better request a meeting and see if you’re luckier. Otherwise you’ll simply have to book the ticket and see if you’re lucky… I know this isn’t what you probably wanted to hear but it’s the best I can do. Let me know any further thoughts you might have.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I have been looking at the idea of buying a ticket for his mother to fly here soon and staying with us (for less than 6 months!) and then when she returns to the USA to bring her son with her. At least we’ll not have to deal with the possible kidnap issue. But I do need to find out more about this because it’s causing us a great deal of stress. I read somewhere (and I’ll have to see if I can find it again), something about exceptions to being refused a visa if the child is under age 18.

      1. Hi Sheila,

        How long has his mother been out of the country? Remember that she cannot spend more than 6 months per year in 3 month intervals. I would request that letter as it is a simple solution that takes care of it all. Regarding the visa make sure you speak with a UKBA employee who hopefully has some authority or somebody in a consulate you can get a name from to be used as a reference in the future as needed. Let me know how things progress!!

        1. She was only in England for a week so no problems there. Someone told me there is something called a multi country Visa that is good up to one year? I don’t know if it’s something you have to apply for or if just traveling through various countries and having your passport stamped repeatedly is what they were referring to.

          I am still curious whether there is a master data base kept with information on visitors coming and going from and to the UK. If an American citizen overstays in the UK, returns home to the USA, in the meantime their passport expires and needs to be replaced, is there a record kept anywhere besides the stamp in the passport?

  73. Hello,

    I need some advice! I am an American living in the UK on a work Visa with my husband. Our daughter came to visit last summer with our 4 year old grandson. She went back to America and the grandson stayed behind with us, which was only supposed to be a couple months. He’s now been with us for 7 months as she hasn’t been able to come back to pick him up. She was having other issues with housing etc and actually didn’t have a safe home to bring him back to or we would have brought him back ourselves.

    So now, to help her we are looking at getting her a student visa so she can come and live with us, or at the very least just come and stay with us for 6 months.

    The problem now is, I want to return to the USA with the grandson for a visit and return with my daughter and grandson to the UK together. Because the grandson is a child his passport is only good for 5 years and needs renewing soon which must be done in the USA. Will I have a problem bringing him back to the USA and returning to the UK because of overstaying the 6 months? Will the new passport help eliminate problems returning to the UK because there will not be the old entry stamp in it? I don’t think they stamp passports on exit or reentry into the USA. But is there a grand database keeping track of all this and we’ll all get tossed in prison when we try to leave? I just don’t know what to do!

  74. I should add, a couple months ago I called the US Embassy and explained my situation to them but was told to contact the UK Border Agency. I called the UK Border agency and they were equally as unhelpful. The only option given was applying for an extension but that most applications were rejected. Once rejected you were given a certain number of days to leave the country. (It also cost approx 500 GBP just to file the application) I was actually considering that option anyway until I found out the my husband and I would have to surrender our passports during the process. This would not have worked as my husband has to travel quite a bit for work. The length of the process they said could take up to 6 months.

    I considered the other option of just flying back to the USA for a short visit and returning with him, but was also told by the UK border agency that the maximum allowable time as a visitor is 6 months out of 12, so that wouldn’t work either.

    It’s pretty much an impossible situation, but right now this is the best place for the little boy in question to be. He’s happy, safe and healthy.

  75. QUestion? I have a friend who travelled to Africa for work. He finally was able to come home but when he arrived in the UK, he was told that since his son was sick he would not be permitted to fly. I believe they stated he had chicken pox. He was suppose to leave out Firday but missed the flight by being in the security check. Now he is told because he has stayed pass the three day allowance that he will have to pay before flying home. It is 150lbs a day and he is not understanding what is going on if they are the ones whom would not let him fly home. Is there something he can do or will he have to pay? Also, is there some assistance he can get maybe he could go to the US Embassy there and see if they could assist him with some more funds?Thank you

    1. Hi Ford,

      This is a very odd situation . What country is his passport from? Did he get the names of the people that did not let him go through? What was his final destination? I recommend he calls the US Embassy there as soon as possible to explain the situation and ask for help, and also call the UKBA. I would also tell him to speak with some authority of the airline and let them know what has happened, as well as an authority at the airport. If he has all the appropriate documents I am pretty sure he will be able to get the fee waved, and in any case will have to be checked in at a hospital or clinic to obtain official medical attention for whatever he has , if anything, and be able to prove once he want to board a flight again. But first things first- tell him to call embassy and UKBA asap. Hope this helps!

  76. Hi,

    I did not realize the 90 / 180 rule for Europe, and now have overstayed my visa by a few weeks. I need to come back into the region, so really need to make sure that I don’t get banned. What are the possibilities of this?

    Which country is the best to leave from? I heard that Amsterdam, Switzerland and Germany are the strictest with border control. How is Belgium?

    Is it worthwhile catching a train across Europe instead? I am in Holland at the moment, so it would be a fair treck to a non-shegen country.

    Please advise if possible.

    Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Frank,

      With these kinds of things it’s anybody’s guess. How long have you overstayed for? Where is your passport from? If it’s just a few days or a couple of weeks and your passport is from the EU, USA, CA, AU, NZ and similar countries odds are you’ll be OK. If you have overstayed for more you might be asked some questions, to which you can reply the truth. If more it may vary…perhaps if you can give me some more info I might be able to give you some more pointers…

      1. Hi,

        I was having trouble replying to your reply so just posted a new comment. In regards to your question I have an AU passport, and I believe I have overstayed for about a month.

        Are some countries stricter than others at checking?

        Any help would be great.



        1. Hmmm, I wonder why you had such trouble. Regarding your question, four weeks isn’t that much, but the Netherlands enforces this very strictly as do the neighboring countries you mention. On the other hand, Spain, France, Italy and Greece are notorious for not being strict at all, particularly when leaving. If you have the time I would suggest you travel overland to any of these countries, and take off from there. In my experience Spain and France never use exit stamps, so these are probably the safest. From what I’ve heard England doesn’t issue exit stamps either.

          When leaving now, would you be going to AU or want to stay in the are? Remember that the 90/180 rule is for the Schengen zone, not Europe as a whole. These are not the same thing.

          Hope this helps?

          1. Hi,

            Thanks for your response? Is Belgium known to be strict? I am headed to Asia next.


          2. You’re welcome. Belgium is indeed known for that. If heading to Asia, I would suggest you make your way to the UK, Spain or France. There are cheap flights with several airlines from the UK and you don’t get the outgoing stamp, and there are good flights with superb Middle East airlines (stopover in their hubs) in the other two that are not as strict. Again though, these are just suggestions based on experience and comments from other travelers but not a rule. Let us know how it goes!

          3. Hi,

            Thanks for the further information. Would catching a flight from Belgium or Amsterdam that stops over in the UK or Paris potentially work? Will def let you know how I go. Fingers crossed I have no problems.

          4. Hi Frank,

            Not if you catch an international flight. If you book a flight to say Bangkok from the Netherlands via the UK, you will only have a connecting flight in London (not going through customs) and thus your passport will be checked in Amsterdam. You would need to get one flight to the UK (Ryanair? Maybe EasyJet? )on one side and then purchase the one to Bangkok from the UK (you can purchase them on the same day, I just mean that both flights should not be part of the same printable itinerary). UK is not part of the Schengen area and thus Amsterdam or Brussels might want to see if your Schengen Visa expired. France is a member country, so there is a smaller chance they might be on the lookout for it. Ideally, though, I would go overland, or fly Ryanair (they are not very thorough with passports-usually). Good luck!

  77. Hi maitravelsite,

    I am not from EU national. I’m from West Africa.

    I have overstayed my tourist visa by 5 years in Dublin Ireland. What should i do?

    1. Hello Donal

      Wow, 5 years is a lot of time, and I have to admit that I don’t have many tips as you can’t leave elsewhere overland. You might want to ask your consulate or Embassy ( I am guessing Senegal?) see what they say, but if the can’t help much you’ll have to risk it. You might want to fly to Spain with Ryanair (cheap) and then leave Europe from Spain as they aren’t as picky with passports, particularly when leaving. The UK usually doesn’t check passports of outgoing travelers either. The worst thing that can happen is that you get banned from entering Europe for a while… I wish I could be of more help. Feel free to ask more if you want, I’d love to know what ends up happening. 🙂

  78. Hello, I am an American citizen and have overstayed my Schengen visa in the Netherlands. I came here to live with my Dutch boyfriend. I arrived September 9th, so it has been 6 months and 16 days. We intended to get a registered partnership visa, however it took much longer to get all of the forms in order and legalized. As of right now, we have all the documents and he meets the financial requirements. I also received a Verblijfsaantekening / Algemeen sticker in my passport from the Immigration Police. I have an appointment at the IND at the beginning of April. Do you think it is still possible that I will be approved for the visa considering my overstay? I called the IND, and when I made the appointment and asked, the first lady sounded doubtful and the second woman I spoke to said of course it would be possible. Even the Immigration Police in the city I live in now said that they really don’t know what the IND will do. What should I expect to happen? Will I be taken away by the police once the IND opens my passport? I’m very nervous and have no idea what to expect.

    1. Hi Keri,

      Thanks for stopping by. The truth is that it is anybody’s guess, and what happens will depend mostly on the mood of the person you see that day. 6 months is quite a bit of time, so just stay calm, be polite and hope for the best. You do have all the papers ready, and you can always insist that getting them sorted too much longer than what it should have, always in a pleading tone 🙂 Good luck Keri, wish I could help you more!

  79. I am a US university student studying abroad in Costa Rica for the Spring semester. I arrived in January and I my flight leaves for the US on April 25th. Due to this being longer than a 90 day stay, our group of students left the country for Panama for 4 days. However, upon reentering Costa Rica, I was only given a 30 day entrance stamp instead of the normal 90 day stamp. My visa will expire on April 2nd and my flight does not leave until April 25th. I have been told that it is too late to get an extension on my visa due to the office of migration being closed during holy week and not opening again until April 1st. If I overstay my visa by 23 days, what will be the consequences when I leave for the US? What can I expect to happen at the airport? I have been told by many that I will pay a fine and not be allowed reentry into Costa Rica for 3 times the length of my overstay. Is this correct? I want to make sure that I will not be detained or arrested at the airport. I am nervous and worried about this situation, but I do not have the money or time to leave the country again or to get a flight out early. Any information you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Brittany,

      I wonder why you only got the 30 day stamp. Did you mention in the immigration card that you were going to spend less than 30 days in the country? Remember to always say you are going to be there at least 4/5 of what the standard Visa allows you to so the immigration official allows you the full stay. This said, what can happen is anybody’s guess. Costa Rica isn’t usually very picky about these things, and when the moment arrives, should you get into some sort of trouble tell the customs agent tht you are traveling with your fellow students and teacher and the return trip as set on the same date ( I assume this is true?).

      From what I have found online,

      “Starting at the beginning of next year, the Dirección General de Migracion y Extranjeros will impose a new fee for foreigners who overstay a tourist visa, according to Mario Zamora Cordero, security minister.
      Delinquent persons will have to pay $100 for every month over their allowed visa period at the time they are caught. If the person cannot pay, he or she will be denied entry for a period that is triple the time that they overstayed, he said Thursday.”

      Changing a flight will cost you around 150 USD, and the fine would be 100 because you are overstaying less than a month, so make sure you carry the extra cash just in case and you will be able to return without problems.

      Please note that I have gathered this info from reputed sites online; if I were you I’d call the US Embassy in San Jose, confirm that what I mention here is true, and you’ll be all set.

      Hope this helps!

  80. Hi,

    I have a tricky situation. I am an Australian citizen and have been in the Schengen Area for over 1 year now, entering on a Dutch Working Holiday visa on 23rd March 2012. My visa has expired by a few weeks but before it expired I applied in Amsterdam for a Spanish Student visa for 9 months. I am currently in Barcelona waiting for news of the decision on my spanish visa – but very nervous as I am currently on an unexpired visa! However I am wondering, if it is not approved and I stay in Spain anyway until the end of August or September and exit the EU through Spain flying to South America, what will I be likely to encounter when I get to the airport to depart? I have no plans to return to the EU after I go to south america but do not want to face being banned for years either.
    Also, would there be much chance of being checked travelling by plane between Barcelona and Rome on a return flight for one week in July?

    Thank you for any advice/information you can give me!

    p.s. if it makes any difference I also have a working holiday 2 year visa for the UK valid until March 2014

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Your situation might be tricky, but it’s not the most complicated. Do you have any documents to prove that you are waiting for your Spanish student visa? That would help a lot in case you do get flagged. Regarding your passport check when flying to South America from Spain chances are you’ll be fine as you have a passport from a “friendly” country and I suppose they will just check your photo and let you go through. Regarding the Rome flight in July, same thing goes, and I suppose Rome will not be too picky either.

      The 2 year holiday visa might just be the extra help you need in case you need to lie, as you can always say that you left the Schengen zone a few days before the visa expired to the UK and just got from there overland (hence no stamps) because you were told the student visa would be waiting for you. Remember that once you start this road making mistakes becomes easier…

      All in all I think you’ll be fine when you leave Spain. When will you get any info regarding the student visa? Remember too that at the end of the day you depend on the mood of the immigration officer, but things don’t look too bad for you. Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you so much for your response! No I do not have any documentation regarding the student visa application unfortunately, they were not very helpful at the Spanish Embassy in Amsterdam (I got the feeling it just got thrown at the bottom of a pile from how they acted!)
        The visa process time was supposed to be 3 weeks and it has already been 4, so I am assuming I will hear some news soon, fingers crossed! I guess I am just preparing myself for a situation where I have to leave the Schengen area without a visa if I am not approved for the student visa.
        In the same situation do you think it would be difficult to fly out of Barcelona to the US (ie. New York)? Can you run into any trouble when arriving into a country like that or is the problem only getting out of a Schengen country when you have overstayed?

        Thanks again!

        1. Hey Sarah,

          If I were you I would call the Embassy or consulate to ask about the status. Best of lucks!

          As for flying to NYC, if you manage to leave Spain without problems you will not have any issues when arriving to the US. It does not concern them if you spend more or less time in Europe, their duty is to control their own borders.

          Best of lucks, and you’re welcome!

  81. Hi, i have a question. I overstayed my schenegan visa by two years and returned to india last july in 2012.i lost thst passport Now, i wish to apply visa to the UK on a renewed passport.plz tell me if uk officials will b able to trace my initial sttay in schenegan. Myrenewed passport contains the initial passport number but there are obviously no stamps as it was lost. Plz help me…. Thnk you

  82. Hello:

    My friend and I (US Passport) are traveling throughout the Schengen region currently. We arrived into Spain on May 6 and we didn’t book our return flight back to the US until September 3rd. We will be based out of Amsterdam primarily, staying with friends. We are going to overstay our 90/180 Visa by about 30 days. We may make a trip to Croatia/London, but it won’t be for the 30 extra days we need out of the Schengen. We flew into Madrid and we are flying back to the US from Dusseldorf. How are customs leaving Germany? What do you recommend? Is it difficult to extend a tourist Visa in the Netherlands?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Drew! From what I’ve heard extending a visa in the Netherlands is not particularly easy unless there’s a powerful reason, and customs there are notorious for being picky. If you’re planning on overstaying call the respective consulates to see if there is something you can do about it. Customs in Germany are not famous for being tough, but you might just get an officer who is particularly motivated that day…it’s a pity you are not leaving via Madrid which is much more relaxed. In any case 30 days is not much, and if you throw that trip in you could always make up some kind of excuse. It’s difficult to be more specific, but I hope this helps!

  83. I went to Colombia last year, at the entrance they gave me 90 days stay, I went on August 20, calculated I could stay to November 20/2012. Guess what they count the days, not the months from august 20 to september 20 etc. In summary, I was told at the airport I had overstayed 2 days. I had no Colombian money left and I could not take out money from my ATM as my bank arrangements had been for only 90 days. I told the officials I had no way to stay in Colombia for longer, no place to stay and no money left, so they allowed me to travel back to the USA.
    Now, I am traveling again, and wonder if they will let me enter the country or not and what are the new regulations in Colombia. Thank you.

    1. Hi Juliet,

      If they didn’t mark the passport you should be fine, they probably couldn’t care less. As for the new regulations for visiting Colombia, you might want to call a consulate or embassy in the USA and get first hand info, this way you will be sure you get the most recent information.

      1. Thank you so much for writing back. There is nothing in my passport about that.
        I shall follow your advice.
        Again, I appreciate the time you took to answer me.

  84. HI,
    Someone asked about Belgium?well,i know someone who overstayed their visa over 1 year even though they had a 1 year legal residence(so in total they stayed in Belgium for 2 years and some months let’s say)and exited at Brussels Zaventem airport and no one said anything.The overstay wasn’t intentional,this person had applied for an extension of residence but it took forever to get a reply from the authorities and when they finally did it was denied.(i Guess they didn’t find a good enough reason to extend the residence permit)
    ps.it wasn’t a tourist visa.i hope this helps someone going through the same situation.

    1. Hi Ray, thanks for dropping by and sharing this information with us. I suppose your friend was lucky, as most of them are?

  85. I’ve been in Los Angeles two times on a VISA WAIVER (ESTA). One 10 weeks period during 2012 and one 3 months period during 2013. At my last visit I overstayed 2 days unintentionally (an honesty mistake, I stupidly didn’t realize that 3 months don’t necessarily equals exactly 90 days) and now after one month in my homeland I would like to head for a third visit to L.A. How are my chances to get a B2-visa approved?

    Here in Sweden: I have a domestic partnership, we own our apartment here, I have studies and family here. Paper of all this. And economical finances. I also have a hearing-aid loss which make my possibilities to work (or get hired in U.S.A very small) – I have to live in Sweden to get the medical care and social support I need. Have medical paper of my disability too (I thought that this may shown that I’m not looking for working in US).

    So, this should shown strong ties to Sweden but is that enough? What more can I do? I really appreciate your feedback.

    Or can I still travel to US on my Esta and the ICE will have a discretion about a 2 days overstay?

    Would be very happy for your feed-back!

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Just so you know there is no set limit as to the number of days you can spend in the USA with the ESTA as a WVP. You are given 90 days per trip and you can take as many trips as you like. However, the longer you stay in and the more trips you make, the harder it will be to get in the next time.Why? Because immigration may think that you are actually living in the USA and simply taking short trips abroad to be compliant. You can read this here http://www.usembassy.org.uk/visaservices/?p=578. I explain this to say that you don’t need a B2. If you still want one though, I’m quite sure that the 2 day overstay will not be a problem.In fact if it were, you should have been notified already.

      I also think that the papers you have for Sweden are quite relevant and will help your cause. For the sake of it I would call a US consulate or Embassy, but with what you’re telling me I think you’re fine.

      Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  86. Hi! I have a question and I think you can help me out:

    My girlfriend was born in the US, but as her parents are polish and she is going to stay around Europe for a lng time, she applied in Poland for a EU passport. And she just got it. Her further plans include to come to Spain (where I live) from Poland (where she is now) – and then in Christmas she wants to travel to the US to see her family. She has just come back from a Ukraine trip so her EU entry stamp in her US passport says “August 3rd”.

    The thing is: if in Christmas she enters the US with the american passport, will there be any problems? (as she will have “overstayed” her 90 days on that passport). Because she will come to Spain and stay here until then with her newly acquired EU passport!

    Thank you so much in advance!


    1. Hello Javi, o mas bien deberia decir hola!

      Anyhow, with a US passport she can enter the USA whenever she wants, there is nothing she has to be concerned about.Customs might ask some question but it is not their business what she has been doing abroad, and these questions will be asked to put her off if she is up to no good, which is not the case. There is nothing she should be worried about, she’ll be able to enter the US without problems- just make sure she has her story ready without doubts in case they ask, and if possible it should be true. Have a great weekend!

  87. hi.i overstayed my tourist visa in france.it is 20 days now.i am from asia.i’m going to be 18 in 2month.now i wanna travel to germany by car to visit my aunt and then come back to france in 3 days.i wanna know that is there any passport check in my way to germany?and if there is,what will they do if they check it?

    1. Hi Linda. Both countries are part of the Schengen area so there should be no passport check when entering the country by car. Remember though that if you have overstayed for France you have overstayed for the entire Schengen zone and whatever problems you may encounter in Germany you can encounter in France too. You should be fine though…at least for this trip and assuming things are as they usually are. Hope this helps!

  88. Hello, i have a friend who is visiting the US from Colunmbia, he has a US visa, but it expires 3 weeks before the return date on his ticket. Is it possible for him to apply for an extension on his Visa while he is over here? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Stewart,

      I would recommend him that he requests the extension before heading to the USA as the process can easily take 30-60 days. Passport usually has to be mailed, and it does take some time…

      Hope this helps!

  89. I am a Pakistani citizen. I traveled to Germany on Schengen Visa for 9 days but unfortunately, due to weather changes, I caught High fever,cold and cough and missed my return flight. I remained on bed for 5 days and became overstayed for 5 days.On reaching airport I described my story to immigration officer. I also gave him a written statement in this regard, showed my official Identity Card of my organization and enclosed a photocopy of my return ticket with my statement. He imposed a fine of 200 Euro and let me permit to board my flight. I didn’t intentionally overstayed there. I arranged to book a seat on very next available flight soon I felt myself stable as I had to resume my duties at my office in my home country. I have also valid visa of UK & USA.

    My question is that:
    1.Can I apply for Schengen visa in future?
    2.Can this overstay leave any impact/effect on my other travels?

    1. Hello Syed,

      It’s unfortunate that the officer was not willing to let you go without the fine, but there are cops like that everywhere ( I have encountered them too). From what you say you were simple fined and have not been warned about not being allowed in again, so you should be fine when applying for the Schengen visa. As for any impact on your other travels I wouldn’t worry about it the least bit- you’re fine. Hope this helps Syed!

  90. hi my self sairam,last year (2012)i overstyed 3 months in malasia,actually one ajent took us there to malasia make a false promise there is jobs and he can provide work permit and all,but cheated us there,after that we all went to indian embessy in india to complain about this,the indian embessy gave us a permission letter to accpt my overstay in malasia to malasian embessy ,in there malasian embessy collected the fine (400rm )and they banned me 3 years.what exatly my question is now i wanna go to singapore next month is there any restrictions for me,can i apply for singapore tourist visa or not…is any problem will raise withwith immigrataion peopel in airport….please let me kow ASAP

    thanking you

    1. Hello Sairam,

      I am sorry to hear that the agent was fake and took advantage of you. Never trust people who do these kinds of things because most of them are scammers, anywhere in the world. Immigration in Singapore is quite strict so make sure you do everything well and legally. This said, despite being banned from entering Malaysia you should be OK with Singapore as it’s a different nation. You might get questioned but you should be fine. Good luck Sairam!

  91. I’m American, overstayed my Schengen visa by three extra months in Spain. I will be going to Romania for two weeks before heading back to the US with a layover in Germany. I went to the US and Morocco within those six months and my passport is a mess and full of stamps. Do you think I’ll have any trouble in Germany on my way home?

    1. Hi Rose,

      Having a passport full of stamps is actually good because it makes looking for specific stamps more difficult for the customs agents. I also understand that you have overstayed the visa 3 months despite the trip to US and Morocco (you were less than 3 months in those to places) so ultimately what happens depends on how thorough customs in Germany is. I think you’d be fine leaving from Spain, but from what I know Germany is not as lenient…smile and hopefully you’ll be fine. Hope this helps!

  92. Hi Federico, thanks for the informative post. I’m in a bit of a sticky situation here.

    I have been accepted to a reputable business school in Spain for a mater’s programme that lasts 9 months. However, since I am Singaporean and have completed my bachelor’s degree in the U.S. and the U.K. in the past 5 years, I will have to get criminal records clearance in order to be able to apply for a student visa.

    Due to family problems, I had to apply for a large amount of scholarship and was only awarded it two weeks ago. Subsequently, I accepted my offer just a week ago and the course is set to start in 2 weeks. So this leaves me no time to apply for a student visa since criminal record clearance from the U.S. has to go through the FBI which takes about 15 weeks, and the U.K. criminal record clearance will take around 4 weeks.

    My U.K. student visa will be valid until the end of September. If I enter Spain before my UK student visa expires, will it still count towards the 90/180 days rule?

    Should I risk staying in Spain during this period without a student visa and complete my course? Do you think any huge problems will arise when I try to leave Spain when my course ends?

    I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Ying,

      Tricky issue here. Any time you spend in the country will count towards the 90/180 rule, but Spain is not particularly picky about these things. This said you are a student and you just got some confirmation info a few weeks ago so there is not much you could do. I do recommend you contact the school and let them know where you’re at. The way things are in Spain I am sure they are more than willing to get money from anywhere so you can ask for them to create some sort of document stamped by them that shows you have been approved in the school while the student visa is being prepared, as you will most probably have to get this too. This said, have you contacted appropriate authorities for a visa extension? This should be quicker especially now that the school has approved you.

  93. Hello,

    I have a friend who overstayed her tourist visa in the USA for over a year now. She wants to go back to her home country (South Korea). I know it is unlikely that there will be exit control at the airport in the US, but she’s worried she’ll be detained and held while trying to leave the USA. Has anyone encountered similar scenario? And how likely is it that she’ll be caught and be detained before they deport her.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Kay! Well, there is a chance that she might be caught and questioned, and if this happens she most likely will be fined. The good thing is that it would be on her way out which makes this more difficult (irregularities going into the USA are pursued more) and she has a passport from a “friendly” country which is even better. At the end of the day it will all come to the mood of the customs agent that checks here documents… best of lucks!

  94. Hello, i have a friend that has a tourist visa from Poland and is the USA for a few months. She has a return ticket to go back as well within the time frame allowed and will go back. During her stay here, she wants to go to the Bahamas for a week before going back to Poland. Do you think she will have any problems getting back into America from the Bahamas?

    Thanks for any info!

    1. Hello, I replied to you via email as I was having tech problems with my site, hope you got the answer on time! As a summary, she should be fine.

  95. am jithin from india ,entered malaysia on august 5th ,with social visit pass for 30 days ,my friend and a recruiting agent from india offered me a job here ,but he cant get a job for me these days now my visa got expired and am over staying here for 17 days ,i want to got to india ,what shall i do ?
    pls relpy soon its very urgent

    1. Hi Jithin. You only have one good choice if you want to go to India, and that is leave. It has only been 17 days so it shouldn’t be to bad and you might just avoid any penalty. Do your friend and the recruiting agent work for a legitimate company? If so they could write an officially stamped letter saying that you were offered a job but it was cancelled last minute and no legal paperwork was processed. Not that this will help a lot, but at least it shows you had a reason for overstaying and a company is backing you up. Sorry I can’t be of more help, you might want to call the Indian embassy as well and ask them too… hope this helps Jithin and best of lucks!

  96. hi i’am from the usa and i over stayed 18 months in sousse tunisia. i married my tunisian boyfriend. i don’t know if they will let me leave to go back to the usa on american passport or a tunisian passport and i don’t know if i will have to pay a fine for my over stay or not or will they even make me pay a fine at all because i married a tunisian here and i lived here for two years. any information i can get would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Betty,

      There is no doubt you will be allowed to leave the country, and you can always use your US passport to enter the USA, but whether you are fined or not is hard to know. The best thing you can do is call the US consulate or embassy there and explain your situation, and make sure you have proof of marriage. Odds are you will have to pay something, but the marriage license might save you (if it automatically means you get a residents permit which I don’t know). Again, check with the US embassy, they will be able to point you in the right direction. Hope this helps!

  97. Hello! After reading from this forum, i realized you guys are very helpful. I have a refugee convention travelling document from Romania, and i’m presently in Hungary.I have overstayed here by 4 months and:1)I wish to go back to Romania without having any fine or ban. 2) If by any chance i get to Romania without any fine/ban, can i travel to another schengen country again(without passing through Hungary)? because i made some inquiries and other friends with my same passport said they have always overstayed but pass through Hungary without any problem. Please help out!

  98. hi,am zubair from Pakistan,my plan come to the poland dong the job,but my country sum problem that-way polish government not give the job visa,so my plan is i m come to the poland with transit visa and after i apply again job visa soo this possible or not,plz i need the sum advise.

    1. Hello Zubair, the truth is that what you are suggesting is not really the way things are to be handled and most of the time job visas requested that way are denied. You could go with the transit visa but once it expires you will be an illegal immigrant, unfortunately. This doesn’t mean you can’t try but…
      Hope this helps!

      1. sir some body say Poland steel open amnesty program,and than after u apply to job visa so no problem.this truth or not.and i think what is the amnesty.


        1. Hi Zubair, I have just read a bit about the amnesty program you mention and it happened about two years ago, not sure if it is still valid. The best- and only- thing you can do is call the consulate directly and ask them any question you might have. They will be able to offer better info than myself, as this is a very specific topic. I hope this sets you on the right path…

          1. sir am zubair,
            sir apply work permit for Poland throw one travel agent,and i got one approval letter for the ministry of labour and social policy of poland my question is what is the ministry of labour and social policy. their mention the following candidate are accepted for job & work permit.

          2. Hello Zubair,

            The ministry of labor and social policy is a part of the government that deals with employment and combating unemployment, relations and conditions of labor, labor-related benefits, and trade union relations. You can learn more about it in the official website (English) http://www.mpips.gov.pl/en/. Hope this helps!

    2. sir am zubair sir i need the same advice,i got one chance radiance permit for European country,in Albania,but i don’t know this country is good or not,my plan is am start the some business,or dong job.so i asking this country good for business or job,or not any thing good,pls reply am w8ing you.

      1. Hi Zubair. Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, if not the poorest, so I can immediately tell you jobs are scarce. This said, it all depends on what kind of business you want to do, how savvy you are and how much effort you put! I know of Chinese families who have created family run chicken farms in the middle of Africa and are now giving jobs to locals! There is a slowly growing tourism industry and this could be an opportunity, but as in any business, there are now guarantees.

    1. Hi Emeka, it depends on the kind of visa you have, if it is a multiple entry or not, etc. If it is then you still have two weeks left…

  99. Hi!
    last year I volunteered in Uganda for three months. I got a single entry visa at the airport at my arrival, which was supposed to last 90 days, but the officer gave me only one month time without writing anything on it. I asked the responsible of the organization i worked for and he said i didnt have to worry. when i had to flight back the immigration officer told me i overstayed my visa but he didnt fine me, only asked me not to do the same in the future. now i am planning a trip back to volunteer again for the same lengh of time. I am worried they might refuse to allow me in the country this time. I called the ugandan embassy and they said it all depends on the officer that will be present there at my arrival. Have you ever heard anything about this?? I am really worried!

  100. that my visa is double entry 4months, before i go back to my country i register my visa in frro in mubia after they collate fine from me they did not say any thing,i go back to my country and stay like a month but another new visa 4months and i follow mubia they send me to my country pls my dear i want to know problem is ulgent pls.

    1. Hi Emeka,
      I am not sure I fully understand you, I’m very sorry. If you could explain in more detail or even better I strongly recommend India’s consulate or embassy in your country, they should be able to say exactly what is going on. In any case feel free to get back to me with some more details please…

  101. i have overstay on my business visa multiple three month and three weeks what
    will happen when i leave India can i enter India gain is urgent

    1. Who knows Nonso, it really will depend on the customs agent you find. The worst that can happen is that you are fined and denied re-entry for some time.

  102. my friend who is a business vissa in india had overstayed for 4 months and goes back to Japan. How long will he be banned from entering the india territory? is urgent

    1. Hi John, it is very difficult to say because it really depends a lot on the people who are at customs and their mood- your friend might even get away by just paying the fine, but it’s pretty much impossible to know what will happen.

  103. i was using a dependent visa but now malaysian immigration has denied me visa and i have already booked a flight to my country before my visa was denied. flight date 30th nov. visa expiring 20th nov so i have 10 days difference but the issue is all flights are booked before 20th. what do i do since i cant get a flight back to nigeria?

    1. Hi Nolly, I’m not sure I follow. I understand at the beginning that you already have the flight to Nigeria but then at the end you say you don’t? IF your Visa expires and you already have the flight booked and there are no more, I would contact the consulate and ask for a document to present to customs showing that the Visa was denied once you had the return flight booked. Should customs ask questions this should help (10 days is not much anyhow). I/m not sure I fully understand though…

    1. Hi James,

      There is no official number and it depends a lot on the country in particular, as well as in the mood of the customs officials…

  104. when you overstay multiple business visa in india 3month and ten days
    you want to go back to india again how many years
    ban? is urgent

    1. James,
      There is no definitive number of years for the ban. Each case is different and what happens depends a lot on the customs agents and people involved. Sorry I can’t be more precise.


  105. Hello! My friend and I are studying in Dublin and we are supposed to re-register for immigration because we will be staying 18 days past the 90 we were given. We are running really really low on cash and don’t have money to pay the 150-300 euro fee to re-register, so what is the worse that could happen when we get on our flight to go back home?

    1. The very worst thing that can happen is that you are denied entry again in the country, however I doubt this will happen. You could very well be given a fine though…

  106. i overstayed my visa and same time my passport lost, so i go and get police report for a new passport and got new passport with a different passport number but my name and rest of my details are still same. can any one explain how this work. will they know if i overstayed my visa? when i go back to that country. urgent

    1. Hi Kelechi. You should be fine. When you get a new passport there is usually a note in one of the final pages saying that the current passport is a replacement for a lost or stolen passport. They can know if you overstayed your visa though if they registered you when entering the country you are in…hope this helps!

  107. i overstayed india with my business visa and same time my passport lost, so i go and get police report for a new passport and got new passport with a different passport number but my name and rest of my details are still same. can they allow me to re enter india ? urgent

  108. i stay 3 month in india with 4 month business visa i register in frro late they charge me some rubes i go back to my home country can i re enter india in how many month gap?

  109. Am Joshua by name i like to ask this question on this “stay not to exceed 45 days on each of your visit” does this means that if you exceed 45days you will need an exit to return back to your country & if you use an exit can you come back to India again ?

    1. Hi. Why do you ask different questions under different names? This means exactly what it says, and if you stay for longer you can be fined or denied re-entry.

  110. i have 4 month india business visa writing not to exceed 45 days i stay in india 98 days not knowing that i will register at frro withing 14 days arrival when i want to live india to my home country they told me that have to meet frro Mumbai when i go there they told me i have to bring 2 small passport, address were am living, resit of what bought,finger print,after that they corrected fine of 1679 rubes they did not give me any paper i go back to my home country after 1 month letter i get fresh new visa to re enter india at mumbai port of enter they send me back without saying any thing please i want to know the problem urgent

    1. Hello. From what you are saying you have been banned from re-entering India, but that does not make sense because they gave you a new visa. They should have told you why they are not letting you in, and frankly I cannot know either. I strongly recommend you call or preferably visit the nearest India consulate to your home and ask them to explain what is going on. They might not know either, but they have the tools and connections to find out. Hope this helps

  111. thanks a lot by helping me i meet my home country india embassy they told me many be 2 year ban but i have question if i Chang that my passport number would they allow me to re enter india.

    1. Hi Kelechi,
      No worries. The embassy should be able to confirm the 2 year ban, and you cannot change your passport number- you’d have to get a new passport. The ban though is for the person not the passport, so if things work well the ban should be transferred to your new passport if you get one. This said they might not remember to do so so who knows… if it is very important for you and you have the spare money it would cost you you can apply for a replacement passport saying yours was lost and see what happens…

  112. Hi, my name is Taylor and I have now been living in Ireland with my boyfriend for 5 months (I am a US citizen). We applied for de facto, but we’re not accepted. I was told I could stay in the country until we heard back from the embassy. We were notified in November that we didn’t get it, but nothing in the letter said how long I had to leave the country. Instead of paying to change my flight, I risked staying out my time until my departure flight at Christmas. Now my boyfriend and I want to spend some time traveling Europe after the holidays. If I were to fly back into Dublin after a few weeks at home, would I be okay coming back seeing as I have a reason for overstaying? And if I have proof to be leaving the country again after a couple months? Let me know what you think 🙂 .. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Taylor. There is no real way of knowing if it will be all right or not as only once you lave the country and go through customs will you know if you are being fined or banned from re-entering. I don’t think the later will happen, but as I say often depends on the mood of the officer. Proof of leaving the country later will not matter much because as you see it doesn’t really mean anything as it can be ignored… Hope this helps, I think you’ll be OK (except maybe a fine) but this is only an opinion to be taken with a grain of salt.

  113. Hi,I m from India.ny age 24.i want to that now I m in Malaysia and I got professional vissa,but I want to visit in Canada,can I get a temporary visit visa from Malaysia,,,?

  114. Hi there! Great article, very informative although I have a quick question. I have been living in South Korea with my boyfriend for almost 90 days. In South Korea a tourist may visit without a visa for a total of 90 days. When I first arrived in Korea they stamped my passport with a stamp that allotted me a 90 day stay. I recently left South Korea and traveled to Japan for a weekend. When I returned to Korea, the embassy stamped my passport with another 90 day stay. Does this mean I can stay in Korea for another 90 days??
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kaylee! You got it! That is what the stamp says then that is what it means! You can confirm by checking table 4 in this link that takes you to S.Korea’s official visitor guide Have fun in South Korea, and if you go to Sokcho say hi to Yoo at the House Hostel from me!

  115. Hi, I’m mexican and have a tier 4 (student) visa until January 17th next year. I want to stay in Europe with the 90 days that I can be there as a tourist but the mexican embassy told me that I cannot start the 90 days Schengen visa waiver right after my UK visa, is this true in your experience? If I go to Morocco for a few days and then come back to Spain, for example, will they not want to give me the visa waiver? Thanks so much!

    1. Hola Pixie! As I think you are pointing out you are right saying that Mexicans don’t need a Schengen visa, like the Chileans don’t either. I do think though that you would be allowed to visit for 90 days Europe after the student visa expires; the visas are for different purposes and have rules of their own, but then this is a personal opinion. If I were you I would call for example immigration in Spain (if you are going to enter EU from Morocco) and see what they say. Hope this helps!

  116. Hi i am a nigerian student studying in the uk with a uk resident permit. I am vacating in schengen area but just discovered that I have overstayed my duration of stay by 8 days unknowingly even though my visa is still valid. My question is will I be stopped from entering back into the uk?

    1. Hi Aby. You won’t be denied permission from entering in the UK, don’t worry. Worst thing that can happen is that you are fined and banned from entering EU for a while, but I don’t think even this will happen because you just overstayed for a little over a week. Just stay calm at customs and tell them the truth if questioned. Hope you had a great trip!

      1. Thanks a million for your prompt reply. I have been having a nervous breakdown since I discovered the overstay. I pray everything works out fine. I surely will post back when I make it into the uk by the grace of God.

        1. No worries Aby 🙂 Don’t worry, your overstay has been accidental and in any case it is just by a few days. It would help if you can show up at the airport with some tickets of hostels/ hotels you have stayed in during your trip or tickets of attractions. But I am quite confident you should be fine. Hopefully you get a nice customs agent who’s in a good mood…this makes a huge difference!

          1. Hi,
            Just to let you know that I am back to the uk. My passport was stamped out in Spain without any hassle by the immigration officer. I was not asked any questions,I was just treated like every other traveller. When I got to the uk, the immigration officer was more particular about my resident permit in the uk. Did not mention anything about my overstay. What a great relief it was for me. Next time I will be more careful not to commit such mistake again, it’s not worth it at all.
            Do you think I can still ask for visa to visit schengen area again? Or is it possible that I might have been banned without them mentioning any thing to me? Thank God for everything and thanks for your reassurance.

          2. Hey Aby, so good to hear from you, and even better to know that all went well as I expected it to! 🙂 Yeah, those small mistakes can cause more than a headache, but fortunately you just overstayed a few days so you were fine.
            I am pretty sure you can ask for a Schengen visa again. If you had been banned you would have been informed on the spot. Hope you enjoy your next trip, would be great if you connect with me via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/maitravelsite so we can see where you’re out and about. Happy travels! 🙂

  117. hello sir,my name is reet i m from india but now i m in malaysia.last year 6nov,2012 i came malaysia on visit visa.after that so many agent cheated me nd i m overstay from 1yr,3month.now u cn help m to get working visa in malaysia.

    1. Hello Reet. I understand that you overstayed your visa in Malaysia for 1 year and three months, are now back in India and want to go back to Malaysia? Were you banned from entering? There is only one way you can get a working visa and that is through official channels (if you want to do it legally). Try contacting a different consulate other than the one you used last time – this will reduce the probability of them remembering your case. Not sure if there is much more I can do…

  118. hello Sir i m vicky i want to ask something my brother caught in malaysia by police he has expired visa and what will they do ??? will they send him in India we dont want that they do like this is there any solution to stay there more

  119. hello sir i m vicky my brother is in malaysia he went there on tourist visa but that is expired now may be overstaying there over 3 months and he caught by police what can he do he dont want to come to india what have to do sir

    1. Hello Vicky. Unfortunately he will probably be deported and maybe fined, there is no way around this. I strongly recommend you contact your embassy or consulate and let them know of the situation if you are not able to contact your brother easily. The only way out that I can think of is if he has a job offer and the company hiring him can request a change in the visa status…

  120. heloo sir i m jai verma i ws in singapore last march hve TEP pass its like 4 months i ws working in sg 4 months and after this i go to malaysia i got one month visa for malaysia i stay there one month before one month i give my passport to a agent for work visa but he never give me back my passport two months and take my money and go away after this he call me and give my passport bck without my visa ws overstay last 2 months and after this i meet one guy he stemped on my passport and with counter settings he send me to thailand and i got thailand visa and after i mke tickets and come to india … but now i want to goback malaysia again my fiance is there i want to get marry her …what i ill do tell me plss guide me….. its vry urgent reply me sir … if u can give ur contact no i ill call u plss or u call me +91********* i need ur help ,,,plssss

    1. Hello Jai,

      First of all just wanted you to note that I have deleted your number- there are many bad people out there who could call you and do things they should not; I recommend you don’t make it public.
      This said, I read that you have been trusting many out there who have abused your good will. There are many fake agents out there so my recommendation is that you never give your passport to any other than an official government or consulate. I have read your comment in detail and I believe you have not been banned from visiting any of the countries you have been to, so apparently you should be able to get a visa for Malaysia again. What concerns me more is the counterfeit stamp (I suppose you mean fake) there is on your passport. If I were you I would call the Malaysian consulate, say you cannot find your passport and that you want to go there. Explain that you overstayed your visa but nothing happened on your way out and that you want to know if you can get a replacement passport if your situation is good. Hope this helps!

  121. Hi,

    I’ve got a question that no one seems to be able to answer so far…I’m currently living in Spain with a Foreigner ID card. My visa expired in December, but the ID card lets me stay in the European Union until May 31. My mother and I would like to travel to Italy for a bit less than three weeks, starting May 31. Since my ID card expires, I was planning on leaving Spain by June 2 so as not to overstay in the country by too long. But do you think I will have any problems getting into or out of Italy?

    1. Hi David,

      I’m not 100% on your case s but visas are what limit how long you can be in a country, so you should have left already. This said Italy and Spain are somewhat permissive countries with expiration dates and all that, but if you plan on leaving in June it is 6 months overdue. Whatever happens is anyone’s guess. If you left a month or so later you’d be OK but 6…

  122. Hey is really nice of you here replying..please this my question am from african and i got a czech tourist visa and i traveled to italy and then sweden where i overstay my visa for 6months,will i be banned from entering eu zone.

  123. I found myself overstaying in the Schengen Area by accident recently, as I omitted to include my 2-mth stay earlier in summer. I had went back home for 2 months and returned, completing forgetting the need to check up on the 90/180 rule. I thought I had 90 days in my trip when I only had 30 days. Imagine my shock when I finally realised a few days before I departed that I have been overstaying by almost 2 months.

    My original departure point was from Amsterdam, but decided not to risk it. Having flown from Schipol several times, I know Dutch immigrations are notoriously strict on their entry + exit.

    Meanwhile, I found out that Denmark has a bilateral agreement with certain nationalities (eg: US, AU, NZ, Singapore, Japan etc.) that grants an additional 90 days on top of the Schengen 90 days. Seemed to me like a pretty obscure rule as I did not come across this anywhere in any forums. My embassy (Singapore), was not even aware of this. Nonetheless, I had it confirmed by the Danish embassy (who also needed some time to double check the existence of this rule). So, all good.

    As there aren’t no border controls in Schengen, there was a grey area I could play around with. My plan was to claim I entered Denmark by car much earlier.

    So, I made my way from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. When I arrived at the customs, I passed my passport to the officer, fully prepared to be questioned. To my surprise, he merely looked at my photo page, and handed my passport back to me. No flipping of pages to look for my entry stamps, no exit stamps, nothing! I have to say, I was slightly disturbed by not having an exit stamp but I was certainly not going back to ask for one!!

    On hindsight, flying out from Copenhagen was a really good choice and I’m glad I made it! I am pretty sure I would have gotten into trouble leaving from Amsterdam…

  124. helo sir
    my friend go to malaysia on july2010 muliple entry tourist visa for 30 days and further extend one month,but bad time he register to 6p programme for employment,but after he surrender everything to putrajaya imigration with conformed fligt ticket during 6p program running on december the recive everything and give a memo letter pass named persutan memo valid with 7 day.they not ask any fine
    after go to the airport with memo counter give the letter and passport he ask 30rm and give the chop and wrote the pen on passport ‘im-101/HQ-E/1140/03/11.my qustion is my friend can re enter malaysia with working visa,if he baned how many years

    1. Hello Shanti, I am not sure I fully understand your question, but i think I have an idea.. This said if he was banned from re-entering he would have been notified. Also, if the visa was given after all this happened he should be able to re-enter the country without problems. Just in case I would call the closest Malaysian consulate just to confirm. Hope this helps!