May 20

A Weekend in Guayabitos, Mexico


Mexico’s Pacific coast is, not surprisingly, full of small beach towns that offer whatever you need to get away from it all, which by definition will not be much. This time we spent a weekend in Guayabitos, as a good friend of ours was getting married and it could be the chance to explore this little village in the southern coast of Nayarit, one of Mexico’s least visited coastal states except for a few well know surf breaks and exclusive resorts that cater to those with the money and knowledge about their existence.

guayabitos mexico

Guayabitos is about 1 hour north of Puerto Vallarta, and does not really seem to have any charm at all when seen from the main road. But if you drive into town and check out the beach, you then realize that this is the kind of place that Mexicans come to enjoy their holidays in. The beach stretches as far as your eyes can see and there is little to no surf throughout the year,  hence being ideal for families with children or average swimmers. There is a small  island right in front accessible by boat that boasts great snorkeling and even cleaner water than Guayabitos, due mostly to a small reef the borders it’s western side.

guayabitos bungalows

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from, ranging from great hotels like Hotel Real Villas (where we stayed at- check my hotel video review ) to a wide assortment of bungalows that will cater to any budget. As for food seafood is the way to go, with fresh shrimp, crab, oysters and lobster readily available and cheap, but if tacos or meat are your thing  finding any of them will be easy as pie. Most restaurants tend to be on the simple side so if you want something more upscale you will probably have to eat at one of the better hotels.

guayabitos beach

guayabitos town

So who is Guayabitos for? If you’re visiting Mexico from far away and have limited time I would only recommend you visit this town if you’re driving by and have some time to spare, but if you do have some time in your hands then it’s a great place to chill out  and relax for a day or maybe two. Other than that I’d say that Guayabitos is the place where those who don’t live too far come to for a weekend to enjoy the ocean and spend time with family, as many appeared to be doing.

guayabitos ocean

What kinds of places do you prefer when you want to get away from it all? Do you head to the beach or the mountains?Do you prefer to stay at home? What do you like-or dislike- about villages like the one featured here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!


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  1. I love the place. The town of Guayabitos is good size and offers most of what is necessary to prolong your stay. It would be wise to be a bit more fluent in Spanish than is required in most of the other towns along the Pacific coastline.

    1. Good point. As most of the tourists here are from Mexico, English is not as spoken, though travelers should not have any problems communicating.

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