May 30

Interacting With Dolphins- How Cool is it?

You may have noticed that for one reason or another lately I have been lucky enough to interact with dolphins, whether it was during our dolphin tour in Hawaii or the dolphin swim in Puerto Vallarta, and this time, it will be no different. Well maybe, as this time it has been the first time I have actually been able to interact with them one on one, and even play with them!

dolphin kiss

Dolphin shows have been very popular for many decades, as these sea mammals are very intelligent and have a special relationship with humans (despite random atrocities like the one uncovered in the acclaimed documentary The Cove). For one reason or another I have never been too interested with these shows, but when Dolphin Discovery approached me offering the opportunity to participate in one of their dolphin encounters I jumped to the occasion.

With several facilities throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, we visited the one in Puerto Vallarta, the most convenient for us, and were able to not only enjoy the Royal Swim with dolphins but enjoy the rides down the water slides the park has as well. So what was it like?

As big and heavy as dolphins are they’re perpetual smirk has always made me feel at ease, as it happens with most people, and seeing the strong relationships they had built with the trainers jumping into the pool with them involved no hesitation.As soon as we got our feet wet the dolphins  were already around us and would be for the next 40 minutes or so.  The interactions with the dolphins included:

playing with dolphins
Playing with dolphins
person playing with dolphin
Some dancing
Belly riding a dolphin
Belly riding
being pushed by two dolphins
Being pushed by two dolphins
Dolphin dragging
Dolphin dragging
dolphin bonding
Dolphin bonding

The deepness of the interaction and bonding was even mind boggling at times, I’d say it even surpasses that which is usually achieved with dogs. At no time did we feel afraid or even uncomfortable, displaying a big smile all the time we were with them.

water slides

On the other hand, the water slides were simply fine. The first few rides are a bit of a thrill but I suppose that these are meant for teenagers, who from the constant screams and laughter were certainly having a blast. I did spot some safety issues (see video below of one example) that I pointed to the park’s staff, but all in all had a great time.

We were invited by to enjoy a great day at Aquaventuras park in Puerto Vallarta, however the review, opinions and content in this article remains unbiased and my own. I would like to thank them though for the dolphin swim pictures- I was only able to shoot video.

Have you played with dolphins? Where at? What did you like most of your experience, and what did it include? Was there something you didn’t like? And what do you think about what happened to me (watch the short video)?



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  1. I’ve never swam with dolphins and it must be lovely to do so! But I don’t think I will ‘cos I find dolphins delicate and feel I might be stressing them if I do.

  2. Wow! Having this kind of activities with a dolphin seems really great, I know that this a one of a kind adventure that full of fun and happiness…

  3. Very nice! You always impress me with your writing skills. Thanks for this very much interesting and wonderful the dolphins!!

  4. People dream of swimming with, or riding on, dolphins. Swimming with the dolphins is possible in Portugal, Turkey, Scotland, Greece and dozens of other locations..

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