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The Spanish Coasts: Which One is for You?


The reliably beautiful weather, soft sandy beaches and low cost of living in Spain has made it a favorite holiday destination for decades. What’s more, with so many fabulous resorts to visit in Spain, you can spend your getaway somewhere different every time.

Nevertheless, everyone seems to know which of the most popular Spanish Costas they prefer, or at least the one they want to visit next. There’s a different experience to be had at each coast, and each will be truly memorable – but which one of the Costas is for you?


All White on the Costa Blanca

Spain’s ‘White Coast’ was so-called by the ancient Greeks, for its bright sunny skies and stunning white beaches. Almost 2,500 years later it’s these same qualities that keep holidaymakers coming back, particularly on cheap flights to Murcia with its stunning architecture and picture-perfect mountain backdrops, and Benidorm, whose wild nightlife and atmosphere is world-famous.

Retreat to the Costa de la Luz

Tucked away in the south-west corner of Spain is the ‘Light Coast’ of Costa de la Luz, a peaceful region on which tourism has failed to grasp. This makes it the perfect destination for visitors that seek the ‘Real Spain’ – you won’t find a 24-hour bar here, that’s for sure – and rustic towns, deserted beaches, unspoilt nature reserves and plenty of home-cooked food that you’ll find hard to forget.

Hot Holidays on the Costa del Sol

Perhaps the best known Spanish Costa, the Costa del Sol is fully deserving of being named the ‘Sunshine Coast’. Enjoying over 320 days of sunshine every year the Costa Del Sol’s resorts are often packed with tourists right through the winter, especially Malaga with its stunning beaches and many intriguing museums.

What’s more, cheap flights to Malaga from the UK are available as low as £32.99 one way including taxes from airlines like, providing a great excuse to escape the British seasons.

Out and About on the Costa Vasca

If your idea of relaxing is a stroll over rugged mountains and through lush forests, chances are you’ll find a holiday on the Costa Vasca irresistible. The entire landscape of the ‘Basque Coast’ is comprised of tree-covered hinterland, sandwiched between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic, but when you need to get back to civilisation the culture-rich towns of Bilbao and San Sebastian are where you’ll find the gorgeous beaches, chic restaurants and bars.

Blooming Good on the Costa del Azahar

Characterized by its vast orange tree groves that earned it the title of the ‘Blossom Coast’, the Costa del Azahar is home to a number of historic towns with impressive architecture, making this the perfect coast for those that crave a little more than just a good beach. Of course there are great beaches, of the white sandy kind that stretch for miles, but the Gothic cathedrals and towers in Castellon de la Plana, and the Knight’s Templar-built fortified sea port of Peniscola are simply unmissable.

peniscola beach and castle
I have a sweet spot for the Costa de Azahar as it’s where I spent most of my summers as a kid- and I still go there when in Spain. There’s an important Moorish influence as can be seen in old ruins like this castle in Peniscola. Photo @Flick alex rvd
oropesa playa la concha
This is a photo of Playa de la Concha in Oropesa del Mar, Costa de Azahar. I don’t even know how many days I’ve spent here, and while the town is pretty much empty in winter population increases to over 100,000 in the summer months. Photo@ Flickr by luipermom

Everything’s Golden on the Costa Dorada

It’s beaches as far as the eye can see on the Costa Dorada, with 225km of sand on which to lay your towel and work on your tan – they don’t call it the ‘Golden Coast’ for nothing! To many, the highlight of the Costa Dorada is the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, where culture, shopping and nightlife meet a fantastic urban beach, but for those that prefer the quieter life cheap flights to Reus often prove popular. You can snap up flights to Reus from just £33.99 from, with cheap flights to Barcelona starting at a fantastic £21.99.

barcelona beach people
Barcelona has several beaches within the city limits, and is also one of the most visited cities in Spain, if not the most. France is just a two hour drive away too…

Have you spent any summer holidays in Spain? Where at? What did you like and dislike about that coast? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!


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  1. La Concha is one of the best city beaches in Europe, let alone Spain. Situated in the north-east corner of Spain, near the western end of the border with France.

  2. The pictures in your post speak about a complete different story about Spain from what I had in my mind. The beaches really look very magnificient and beautiful. Till date I had heard a lot of Spanish food, their traditional dance and music but the beaches add on to the beauty of Spain.

  3. Costa Vasca seems the best place for me because it is so much of green there and I love nature. The water also is magnificient convincing me to pay a visit atleast once in my life. That place might be quite and peaceful enough to rejuvenate.

  4. And here are some beautiful beaches of Spain. I cannot take off my eyes from these pictures you have posted over here. These beaches are so peaceful, clean and extremely fascinating. An exotic getaway to deeply enjoy the environment and the beaches as well.

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