August 21

An Inside Look at the Plaza Theater in El Paso, Texas

Elegant and tastefully decorated, the Plaza Theater in El Paso is an unexpected beautiful construction one should not miss when in town. Sure, it might have lost some of its original splendor and furniture since it opened in 1930, yet the interior structure remains very close to what it has been in the past 70 years.

El Paso Plaza Theater seat view
The theater as seen from the seats.

I have to say I did not expect much from it when I first say its facade; a simple, unappealing ivory coated wall with a few windows and its name in brick red. However once you walk past the main door you realize you’re about to visit a special place. I’m not much of a theater person and have only seen a few in my life (all in Europe), but the looks of the Plaza Theater is one I would describe as unexpected and supreme. Unexpected because the theater room mimics what appears to be an old colonial town in Southern US, Mexico, or even Spain, and supreme because of the details with which this has been achieved.

Plaza Theater entrance
The Plaza Theater entrance
Plaza theater panorama
Panoramic view of the Plaza Theater as seen from the stage

Known as the Showplace of the Southwest for many decades one of its most distinguished technologies was the $60,000 Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, able to mimic anything from horse hooves to the sound of rolling waves at a beach. An event at the Plaza was more than simply seeing a show or a movie, but was a build-up of events. From the elaborate decor to the ushers catering to their every need, patrons were transported to a magical movie palace. Once seated, the theater lights would dim while tiny stars blinked and clouds appeared across the blue “sky”. The organ would rise from the orchestra pit and the organist would play a musical medley. Finally, the show would begin.

Plaza Theater hallway
Main hallway
Plaza Theater uper floor view
The hallway seen from the second floor
Ladies Plaza Theater toilet
The ladies’ toilet at the Plaza Theater

It only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to visit the theater, yet is something I highly recommend if you’re in El Paso. Finding it open to the public might be another story, but with its continuous performances you should be lucky enough to see its doors open while there. And finally, don’t limit yourself to visiting the stage only: walk around and picture yourself being a rich patron over eight decades ago- only then the lavish bathrooms and classical decorations will make sense.

And now it’s your turn:

Have you ever been inside a theater? Was it as tastefully decorated as the Plaza Theater? Where was this? Did you watch a performance? Did you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and this post to if you like it!

This visit was possible thanks to El Paso Visitors Bureau who sponsored my visit, however I was not told to write this review and the opinions are entirely my own


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  1. We came in here to see STOMP! We had a great time! The show was awesome, the theater was comfortable enough for my daughters to take a catnap in their seats.The seats are tight but not too bad and the balcony wis angled enough that even a 4 y/o doesn’t need a booster to see the show.Easy to access, when parking at Horton plaza. We paid $10 for parking even with validation at the plaza.Look forward to another show here!Sláinte!

  2. I never see this kind of hotel awesome kind I love their bathroom…Looks really nice and clean.I would recommend this to my Auntie…

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