September 20

Going the Cowboy Way: Rocketbuster Boots in El Paso, Texas

Say “Texas” and everyone will think cowboys, and with a reason. The largest state in continental US has always been a reference for all things cowboy , probably thanks to the good old western movies from back in the days, and while cars have replaced horses and people usually don’t carry guns anymore the cowboy legend is still alive and strong, with its culture having mingled slightly with that of bikers. And what do they all have in common? Boots!

rocketbuster boots
The building goes completely unnoticed when seen from the outside, yet this is one of the most popular brands in the world.

During my visit to El Paso I was taken to the headquarters and manufacturing offices of Rocketbuster boots, one of the most popular brands in the world. I expected to see some kind of flamboyant building, but quite contrarily it was in a back alley with nothing that made it stand out despite the brand holding the record for having the largest cowboy boots in the world.

rockbuster boots el paso
The boots here all are a piece of art- hence the price tag that goes with them.

Once inside though the place was full of character, and there were many shelves with all kinds of boots, each being a piece of art in its own. I’m not much of a boot fan, but I do have to admit that the designs were even astonishing in some cases.

cowboy boots el paso rockbuster
It’s almost like walking into a museum, with each boot being a unique art expression.


And I then spotted the largest boots in the world, not that they were hard to find but with so much to see my eyes were all over the place.

largest boots in the world
The largest cowboy boots in the world

We were hoping to see how they actually made one from scratch, but were told by the guy at the desk that the person who nails the leather sole to the boots has a bad temper and doesn’t appreciate people hanging around. And so we left after a few pictures, having now seen the largest boots in the world and learning that many of the boots they sold cost well over 3000 USD  ( visit for more info)!

And now it’s your turn:

Are you into boots? Which is your favorite brand? If you’re not into them, what’s your hobby? Did you know boots can be this expensive without being the most in the market? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!



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