October 3

How Youtube, Airlines and an App Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Flying


You might be surprised to learn that even avid travelers are not always happy with flying (including myself after my scary flight in the Philippines), but Youtube, airlines and an app are some of the modern tools available to help you overcome your fear of flying.

If you’re reading this article you’re probably an avid traveler or are soon to hop on a flight (perhaps your first one) and don’t feel as comfortable in the air as you are on land. After all us humans are meant to walk and sometimes swim, but most definitely need a machine to fly. Loosing control of being in the environment that surrounds us is one of the main reasons that cause fear of flying, and as passengers our lives are in the hands of the crew and aircraft we are in.

We have all been told that flying is safer than traveling by car, that breathing hard will relax you and in extreme cases a good dose of drugs and alcohol will hopefully make you pass out during the trip. With technology, however, there are new options that can help you deal with this feeling present in one out of every four individuals according to some studies (indeed, you’re not alone). Fear can be conquered- let’s take a look at three tools that can help you.

Youtube Videos

Youtube is a great source for many things, and little did you know, it can also help you overcome your fear of flying. A recent video by British Airways in which pilot Steve Allright explains some of the factors that involve this fear (sometimes panic!) has become very popular, and there are several others that do a great job too. These are some of them:

This video by Howcast is good fun and provides some great tips (seats where the wings are enjoy the smoothest flights- don’t forget this!), and you’ll be happy you’re not paying first class.

Another video by British Airways.

And perhaps the most comprehensive of them all which in 12 minutes takes you on a flight, explaining every noise and bump you’ll probably feel ( by Virgin).

Fear of Flying Airline Courses

Most big airlines have courses that can help you deal and often overcome your fear of flying. At around 400-500 USD  they may last from one to several days, and include mechanical explanations that explain why and how planes fly, psychological reasons that are often the cause behind this fear and how to deal with them, and they usually include a 45 minute flight at the end of the course to test the results.  These course have a 95% success rate and some of the airlines that offer them are Birtish Airways with their Flying With Confidence course, Spain’s airline Iberia and Virgin with their Flying Without Fear course.


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  1. Wow, great finds! I’m so glad I have no fear of flying, but I do have friends who suffer pretty badly. Might have to get them the app as a gift!

  2. As long as flights are smooth everything is fine, but only one bad flight is necessary to change one’s mood. Glad you liked the app 🙂

  3. Fantastic article, I sincerely hope that it can reach those people. Everyone should be able to travel without fear and maybe actually enjoy the travel part. First time I scared a little bit but now its pretty cool and I really enjoy it. Just be positive and remember there are many people with you, if something happens LOL.

  4. The smart phone app would be quite helpful and it would not cost much.It does not require internet connection once it is downloaded.There are also many fear overcoming courses offered by airlines and this would be quite useful to those who travel quite often and suffer panic attacks.There are many unknown fears in the mind of such passengers who suffer such attacks and it is important that they overcome those.

  5. There are apps available for your iPhone and Android to overcome your fear of flying and it is good for people to try out this especially those who frequently have to travel by flight.Also some courses offered by airlines would be another option to deal with the fear problem.

  6. Nice post.I was never aware that there are flying classes offered to overcome the fear of flying.It was also nice to hear that there are many apps available to overcome such fear.Thanks for sharing this post and it was really interesting to read it.

  7. Thanks for sharing this post.I never knew that there are apps available to overcome the fear of flying.I do not have any fear of flying but i can definitely tell my friends about these apps because I have some scary friends.Also it is great to hear that there are flying lessons offered by many airlines.

  8. Useful post, I never knew that there are apps available to overcome the fear of flying.I do not have any fear of flying but i can definitely tell my friends about these apps because I know how people get scared when the flight Takes off, good post, thanks for sharing.

  9. The app that is available for passengers who are afraid of flying will surely benefit them and it will surely destress their panic levels when they reach at their peak.Also the best thing about this app is that it can be used in offline mode once downloaded.

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