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Review: Hotel Veracruz in Veracruz, Mexico


Rich in history, very industrial, and less touristy than what it should be Veracruz is Mexico’s largest city along the gulf’s shore, and its harbor is the largest in the country. It’s not surprising then that there are many hotels to choose from, yet I found Hotel Veracruz very conveniently located just five minutes away from the malecon, right besides the cathedral and very good value for money.

hotel veracruz mexico
Its pink colored colonial architecture can be easily recognized when you reach the main square.

Facilities at Hotel Veracruz

Its colonial architecture stands out in the intersection of Independencia and Miguel Lerdo’ street, and you’ll probably find plenty of people enjoying lunch or an evening cafe in its outdoors restaurant Sanborns. This is a franchised restaurant in Mexico that serves a great variety of traditional Mexican food, customizing its dishes to local cuisines and to the different festivals happening in the country throughout the year. Best of all it is very fairly priced yet skips nothing when it comes to comfort or food quality- it is my favorite franchised food chain in Mexico, by far.

sanborns cafe hotel veracruz
Sanborns cafe and restaurant is inviting and charming both during the day and once the sun sets.

It is difficult (if not impossible) to find parking in the area, so your best bet will be to leave the car to with the valet parking service they have. The parking is in the opposite side of the block- a 5+ minute walk- so you probably won’t feel like dragging your suitcases. Once inside you will easily recognize the lobby, where friendly staff will be waiting for you. But before doing so take a look at your right; Sanborns also has a shop where you’ll find everything you need (pharmacy, book store, cameras) and a lot that you won’t. It’s not a cheap store, but it is top quality. On the first floor you’ll find the outdoor swimming pool and business center with free computer and internet usage.

lobby hotel veracruz
The lobby at Hotel Veracruz
shop hotel veracruz
Sanborns shop at Hotel Veracruz

There are two elevators that will take you to the rooms, most of which boast great views of the Zocalo. Without a doubt the views are one of the best perks of the hotel, as they are picture worthy both during the day and at night.

hotel veracruz balcony view
The view from our balcony at Hotel Veracruz

The rooms at Hotel Veracruz

The rooms at Hotel Veracruz are spacious enough for up to four people if they have two queen size beds and have plenty of space if yours is meant for a couple, then having one king size bed. They all have free Wi-Fi internet access, a few jarocha decorations (anything “jarocho” refers to it being from Veracruz) and are cool enough despite the constant heat you should expect in this area at any time of the year. Of course the AC makes them much more comfortable, however you’ll turn it off during the night more days than not. I particularly liked having the sink separated  from the toilet and shower, allowing two guests to take care of business at the same time.

room hotel veracruz
Comfortable rooms at Hotel Veracruz
hotel veracruz room
Another view of the rooms.

Continental breakfast is included in the reservation and served in a small restaurant on the first floor from 7 am to 12 pm. It is here that I found a small opportunity for improvement; I found that without the continental breakfast being too plenty or particularly complicated serving time was not quick  even when the restaurant was mostly empty.  This said the staff was very polite and the coffee, fruit, toast and fresh juice quite tasty.

Hotel Veracruz review: conclusion

Hotel Veracruz is comfortable, very conveniently located and well staffed without it being very expensive. While the rooms might like some of the character most of the hotel has they are cool, well appointed and have very comfortable beds. The Sanborns shop and cafeteria guarantee you’ll find good food and anything you might need without having to leave the hotel if you don’t want too, and the outdoor pool is a nice place where to chill out after checking your email at the free Business Center (1st floor) or a long day of tourism or work. I would recommend this hotel to couples and families on vacation, but perhaps not as much to business travelers. Still, I am sure that anyone who stays at Hotel Veracruz will enjoy their stay and take some time to walk to all the nearby attractions.

My stay was kindly comped by Hotel Veracruz during my visit, but this has not affected my opinion in any way. All the opinions in this post are, like always, my own. You can reach the hotel at their website www.hotelveracruz.com.mx

 Have you visited Veracruz? Do you think this hotel would be a good fit for your needs? Have you stayed in it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and this post too if you liked it!


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    1. Like to go rafting? The small town of Jalcomulco is about 2 hours away and is probably the best place where to go whitewater rafting in Mexico!

    1. While the city has limited attractions there is actually quite a bit to do if you check the surroundings, and even more if you head to other towns and areas.

  1. Beautiful Hotel! I think I should try visiting this place before I get a call from God. Jokes apart, the facilities provided are excellent and the rooms are luxurious too. Thanks for sharing some great information about Veracruz.

  2. It is my dream to visit Mexico once in my life. But every time I search some good hotels there, I land up dissatisfying with the facilities provided by them. But after coming across your article, I think there are really good hotels out there with luxurious facilities and architecture. Thanks for sharing this post!

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