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What to See and Do in Cordoba, Veracruz


Founded in 1618 Cordoba in Veracruz is the third largest city in the state, yet what is has in age it lacks in taste, architecture and attractions- but there are a handful of things to see. The city is made up of mostly old buildings that were apparently never planned and need all the maintenance one can think of. Without a doubt it is one of those cities I had high expectations for yet failed to deliver any kind of charm that would make me recommend it to other travelers. But alas, it is on the way to many other small villages nearby, and it is also the city from which trekkers prepare their hike to Mt Orizaba, the third highest in North America at 5,700 meters.

Plaza Corredera

If there is any tourism to be done in the city it will all be done in Plaza Corredera, the city’s main square and where all the attractions are located. This is the only area that has a distinct charm, and if you’re here for tourism (or business) try to book a hotel near it. It is the only place I pulled my camera out of the backpack, and all the photos you’re going to see were taken here.

La Presidencia

Begin your visit by walking into the city hall. It has the colonial architecture you’d expect to find in most buildings but best of all is its spectacular mosaic that depicts a local myth, a truly wonderful piece of art and what I consider to be the city’s most unique attraction.

cordoba hall
The City Hall in Cordoba
cordoba veracruz hall
I’m not an art expert, but I can appreciate nice paintings. This one is almost 5 meters tall.

hall cordoba veracruz


Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral

The cathedral is easily recognizable, set on the opposite side of the city hall and is painted in a soft blue and white tone. It was built in the first half of the seventeenth century and is the most popular church in town. Most of the weddings in Cordoba take place here.

cordoba veracruz cathedral
The cathedral in Cordoba, Veracruz.


People watching

Besides the two pieces of architecture mentioned already the other thing to do is people watch. This part of Mexico is not visited by tourists to frequently, so you’ll find it unspoiled and easy to go. Jarochos ( people from the state of Veracruz) also struck me to be some of the nicest and most easy going in all Mexico, something I noticed as soon as I hit the road with the rental car. This also came in handy when Liza and I  had to take care of some international payments via a local bank   and the teller did not know what to do, but tried her best to help us out. No shoulders were shrugged this time and even though we left with the problem still unsolved we were in a good mood.

cordoba people
A perfect example of how to take care of business with style.

Other than the main square there is no need for you to wander about and try to find another nice area in the city. Most of the streets are like the one you see in the picture below minus the view at the end, so take your time, have a nice meal in one of the two nice restaurants you will find there and then head to other towns if you have spare time.

cordoba veracruz street
One of the streets with the best views in Cordoba, Veracruz


Few cities in the world have little to see and do, and Cordoba in Veracruz is one of them. If you’re in the area you might want to stop at Plaza Corredera for some pictures and a meal, but don’t plan on spending too much time- I even noticed a lack of nice and well priced hotels.  You will be better off checking out this square and heading to nearby Orizaba, a much smaller but touristy attractive town with all the character Cordoba lacks.

Have you visited Cordoba in Mexico? How about Cordoba in Spain, or Argentina? How did you like it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below, and this post too if you liked it!



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  1. The artwork on the walls depicts a whole new story of the place. It is beautiful from what I can make out from the pictures. It is always fun and intresting to visit new places and learn about the people residing there, their culture as well as their tradition. I loved everything about your post.

  2. I’m always surprised how much more there is to do in Mexico beyond the silly stereotype I’ve always had of all inclusive resorts in Cancun. I really need to get there soon!

  3. It is a shame to see how bad you express yourself about this city in process of development, who are you? to decide upon the architecture of the city, arquietecto?

    While it is a city lacking in some respects, don´t you want to get into the head and eyes of people to denote a lack of professionalism after your poor summary, better not come back to tread this place neither by mistake, in fact no other little and humble town with your tabloid criticism.
    From Córdoba

    1. Hi Marion,

      I can see you’re upset about my opinions on Cordoba, but I don’t have to be an architect to have one. In fact the main square is quite attractive in this sense, but other than that I stick to what I saw. I did enjoy my visit, but enjoyed much more the surrounding villages. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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