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Review: Hotel NH Convenciones in Seville, Spain


One of my favorite surprises during my recent visit to Seville was learning that despite Seville being a tourist hotspot for many decades the prices of the hotels are very competitive, much more affordable than in other cities not only in the world but within Spain as well. During our stay we spent a night in an apartment in Santa Cruz and a night in large, perhaps business oriented hotel: Hotel NH Convenciones.

View of Hotel HN Convenciones in Seville from the street

The Hotel

While not smack in the middle of where all the action is, the hotel is a comfortable 15 minute walk from the northern street of popular Barrio de Santa Cruz, and about a 30 minute walk from the Giralda at a comfortable pace. If you don’t to walk you can reach it by metro (two stops) or  grab a taxi;  the trip should not take more than five minutes or cost more than 4€.

The hotel also includes several services that make it stand out from others in the are. The outdoor swimming pool can be very handy during the very hot summer days, a buffet restaurant that serves fantastic yet healthy breakfasts, a spa and massage services, and all the amenities you would expect from a hotel of this caliber: all rooms and areas inside the building are climate controlled, 24/7 reception service, safe box in rooms, it is accessible for disabled visitors and underground parking which again becomes very handy during summer.


The rooms in the hotel are comfortable, well distributed and have a big bed facing the wall where the LCD TV is. They might not be very big but are large enough to include a couch, a working table with chair and a few extra small tables too where you can leave all your stuff- there is also a large closet on the entrance where you can put all your clothes and shoes away too. Don’t worry, there is free Wi-Fi internet too.

Hotel Convenciones in Seville
Hotel Convenciones in Seville

I was surprised to find that the rooms do not have a mini fridge, an extra I believe business travelers would find quite handy, but there is a snack bar by the pool and a supermarket adjacent to the hotel.

hotel in seville
Our room in use at Hotel Convenciones, Seville

Being the hotel one of the high rise buildings in Seville, the rooms facing South do offer some great views.

view from Hotel Convenciones NH
The view from our room.

The bathrooms are tastefully decorated, and while not particularly big either all are very well appointed and include many high quality extras including brand shampoos and shower gel, lotion creams and hair dryer. There is of course hot water immediately available and the bathtub has plenty of space that allows you to take a comfortable shower. While I did miss  something that would keep the water from spilling out of the tub, whether a curtain or a glass door, I appreciated having the toilet was separated in a small room for itself within the bathroom.

bathroom at hotel convenciones seville
The bathroom (toilet is on the left)

The AntiOx Breakfast

The hotel has a snack bar at the swimming pool and a offers a superb buffet breakfast you should not miss. The new AntiOx concept the hotel includes in its breakfasts aims to provide healthy, nutritious yet full of flavor breakfast to its guests.  Some of the items the assorted menu includes are:

  • Berries,
  • 100% fresh juices of different flavors and combinations of them (fancy a grape and brocoli juice? How about tomato, mint and cucumber?)
  • Fresh made jellies
  • Organic yoghurt to be combined with mango, papaya kiwi, nuts and other dehydrated fruits
  • Muesli.
  • Coffee with almond, soy, rice and other naturally scented milks (yes, there’s plain milk too)
  • Salads with algae and vegetables
  • On-demand omelets with egg white only (if you want)
  • Bakery without hydrogenized fats
  • Cheese, hams and more
  • A fantastic assortment of teas ( I’m not a big fan of teas but had to try the Darjeeling tea with red berries and loved it!)
  • And more.
Antiox breakfast hoteles NH
This is part of what my Antiox breakfast included. I indeed had more, lots more!


Hotel NH Convenciones in Seville is a modern, comfortable and well located in Seville. Offering all the amenities you might expect from a hotel of this size and more, I was pleased with the staff’s attention and the quality of the rooms, but there is one thing that really surprised me: the breakfast. I really enjoyed the buffet knowing that what I was eating not only tasted good but  is healthy as well- heck, I even drank tea! Price wise, depending on the time of the year

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Have you visited Seville? What hotel did you stay in? Have you stayed in an NH Hotel somewhere else? What was your experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you liked it!

I was guest courtesy of NH Hoteles, but the opinions shared in this article have not been influenced and are entirely my own.


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  1. So glad to see such health-conscious choices!! Seville has grown so much since the last time I was there. I really need to return lol. Enough already!

  2. The interior and exterior of the hotel looks amazing! The bathroom is very clean, same as how I like when I am not in my house and travelling outstation. I cannot stand stinky bathrooms. Now coming to the breakfast, it looks delicious. Everything is so nicely done and decorated on the table. I am sure it tasted good!

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