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Hotel Review: the Courtyard Marriott in Toluca Airport


Toluca is a medium sized city just outside Mexico city that has nothing going on for travelers but perhaps one thing: its airport. While few low cost airlines fly into this country those that head to the nations capital do so via this city and it’s thus a hub for travelers on a budget. This was no exception to me and when planning my trip to Finland I had no choice but to make my way here if I wanted to save some money with the flights. Fortunately there are a few good hotels, and I was invited to have my beauty sleep at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel Toluca.

room view marriott toluca
The view from my room

The hotel is just a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport ( around 100 MXN) and it caters mostly to business travelers visiting the nearby mills and factories. As such the hotel has made sure that all its services are sleek, up-to-date and useful to the guest.

Rooms at the Courtyard Marriott Toluca

The rooms in the Courtyard Marriott Toluca are comfortable and spacious enough for travelers on business and every other kind too. With a large queen bed facing the window  mine had a large closet, a large 42″ LCD TV as well as a couch, table and a working desk with… free Wi-Fi!! I’m not kidding. This Marriott Hotel  must be one of the few upscale hotels that does not charge for internet use in the room, and not only that but besides all rooms being Wi-Fi ready they also have a cable for those who want to plug it for optimum speed. Should you be concerned about your belongings all rooms have a safety box and there is a mini-bar too, however somewhat noisy and too close to the bed in my opinion.

marriott toluca airport
The bed at the Marriott Toluca Airport hotel
marriott toluca room
Another view of the room
room marriott toluca airport
Yet another view of the room, just a few steps after walking past the door.



Lobby and Reception Services

One of the first things you notice when entering the hotel is the large i Pad on the left wall. This is a one stop center of information where you can learn about nearby restaurants, get directions to any location you might need and print any document with a single click.

While at it you might also want to head to the Boarding Pass computers where you can show up, pull put your e-ticket and quickly get it printed. Should this still not be enough there are five computers with internet in the lobby all connected to two printers which you can use for free (up to 20 pages). Keeping the connectivity in mind the hotel is also prepared with dozens of electrical sockets where you can plug your smartphone, computer or what not without having to go too far.

restaurant marriott toluca
The restaurant
business center marriott toluca
Business center


Food and Sports

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel has a gym with a heated swimming pool and a jacuzzi. I did not use any of these services but did notice that the gym was on the smaller side, focusing more on providing cardio exercise opportunities than a full workout center (because of its location there is no place to go to for a jog nearby). The pool on the other hand seemed quite inviting as it was indoor and had the jacuzzi right by.

Regarding food quality versus quantity and price I am not able to say anything as I did not eat there, but I did notice that it was almost full during dinning hours. If you want to eat outside the hotel there are a couple of pricey restaurants within walking distance, but if you want to eat something on the cheap you’ll have to get a taxi to an area  know as “Pilares”  (40 MXN) where you’ll be able to sample traditional cheap Mexican food.

pool Marriott Toluca
The pool, rather inviting I must say.


The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Toluca is a good medium sized hotel that offers everything  the business traveler might need: the rooms are very comfortable and there is internet throughout the building, a nice touch not many other similarly priced hotels can say. It is very close to the airport and industrial zone which is great when heading to and from work, but by the same token there are no shops or cheap eats within walking distance (which should not come as a surprise as Toluca is not a touristy city in any case). This said, 35 pesos will take you to a nearby neighborhood where you will find cheap food. The airport does cater to several low cost carriers and you might find yourself here when traveling to Mexico, Central or South America from the USA or Europte, and because of this the Courtyard Marriott Airport Hotel is a great choice if you have an overnight stay for a connecting flight the following morning and an even better one if here for business.

For more information on the hotel please visit the official website of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel Tollocan. I was invited to stay the Courtyard Marriott Toluca Hotel, but all opnions stated in this article have not been biased and remain, as always, my own.

Have you stayed in this hotel? What do you think about Marriott hotels? Any recommendations for those who will stay in Toluca a few days? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you think other might find it useful!


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