June 27

Win Anti-Theft Travel Gear by TRAVELON


Update 8/9/2013: Winner announced at bottom of this post

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a review of Travelon products and bags I did.Β  Travelon is a leading brand that specializes in the development of anti theft travel gear including backpacks, handbags and more, as well as other consumer travel goods. Having used their products for a little while now I have to say that I am pleased with them and I certainly recommend them should you need anti-theft travel gear. These products are designed with safety, comfort and ease of use in mind, and can be a great resource if you have a tendency to worry about your belongings, with or with reason.

travelon giveaway

Well, the good news is that one of you will be the lucky winner of a Classic Backpack and a Shoulder Bag, which will be shipped by them directly to your house by them no matter where in the world you are.

What do you have to do to enter?

Very easy! Simply leave a comment below telling me why you think you should be the owner of these two bags and from all comments received I will choose the one that convinces me most, either because of its originality, real need, or witty answer!

When will the winner be announced?

The lucky winner will be announced the first Friday of August 2013.




Congratulations Elizabeth Rodriguez! You are the chosen winner of these two anti-theft travel bags by Travelon as we want this first trip of yours to be memorable and just the first of many to come besides the ones you have planned already. I will be reaching you via email and have the bags shipped to you. Congratuations! As for the rest, thanks for participating as there will be another contest very soon.


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  1. Well I would love to win these bags for our 6 month overland adventure we are going on starting in October. The sense of security would be awesome, especially as we’ll be living out of our car and having to carry most of our “valuables” around with us all the time. That being said, I did already win something from you before so I totally understand if you deem someone else more worthy πŸ™‚

    1. Victoria, winning something already means you do actually follow the site, which is actually extra credit ! πŸ˜‰ By the way, did you get your voucher for the dolphin swim?

  2. Last year when I went to Europe for a holiday on one of the legs of the trip I found one of my cases had been opened. This scared the life out of me. There was nothing missing that I still can recall. I wasn’t stopped by anyone leaving the airport so I could assume there were no drugs slipped in, but it certainly put a damper on the whole trip. Maybe the lock broke although I had purchased them from a reputable travel shop. I am planning another trip next year and high on my priority list is bag security.

  3. I would love to win this gear as I’m planning on buying a macbook to allow me to blog more often whilst travelling (after many months of working and saving up!) and I’ve got up and coming trips to Europe and South America planned so I would love this gear to keep my Macbook and other gadgets safe!!

  4. This is my first trip & the beginning of my travel adventures- my first stop Hawai’i on August 2013! Being a college student I had the chance to go on road trips to different parts of the country but never on an airplane, now that I am done with college my first stop is Hawaii- from what I have heard one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Planning Sri Lanka & Europe next year! aside from all my future advantures I am 5’2 petite girl and every where I go I truly think about safety and a anti theft backpack would be awesome just in case robin hood decides to come out from behind a bush:-)

  5. Hello there ^_^,
    IΒ΄m a starting Documentary and Fashion Photographer based in germany and soon I will start a long term documentary project in Asia where I travel for about 7-8 month in Thailand, laos,cambodia,malaysia,singapore,indonesia and papua-neuguinea.

    And when traveling with expensiv photography equipment and more around aisa I really would appreciate anti theft travel gear ^_^

    So I really would like to win this gear to make my travel more at ease knowing that I can at least count on my protectiv gear ;))

  6. My boyfriend and I are slowly going on what we call our heritage tour – we are visiting every country our ancestors were from! So far we’ve been to Sweden, England, and Italy, but we have a lot left, including Australia and New Zealand. We’d love to have these great bags as we tour our own family histories.

  7. In one month, I’m departing for the adventure of a life time! I’ve sold most of my possessions and am going to Europe with a one way ticket. I’m not sure where my adventures will take me, but it would be amazing to know that I have an awesome bag keeping my possessions safe! (Also, the last time I went to Europe, I literally broke the supposedly quality bag I brought! Unfortunately, most real quality bags are quite expensive and I’m saving as much as I can!)

    Thanks for the consideration!

  8. I would love to win because I’m paranoid by nature when I travel so keeping my valuables extra safe would be a huge load off my mind. These sound fantastic!!

  9. I’m so lucky I travel all year around, in the Winter I’m some place in the Mediterranean and in the Summer I’m up in the North of Europe. Which also means I travel with all my belonging, so extra security is needed.
    I will also post this on my FB and twitter accounts πŸ™‚ thanks for making this contest.

    1. Thanks Susanne for dropping by! How come you travel all year around? Thanks for sharing and leaving a comment, only 2 weeks left for the winner to be announced!


  10. My dream has always been to travel, as soon as I could, I started to learn to speak English, Finnish (we had Finnish neighbours) and that was when I was 3 y/o , my parents were not expecting questions like “how to you say ice cream in English ” πŸ˜‰ … Then I had some tough years (work in corporate world) where I lie the foundation for being able to travel. Even better yet I have a partner who is like me …

    1. Congratulations on achieving what for so many is a dream! And having a partner who shares the same passion makes things much more fun and interesting…

    1. Hey Liz! Winner will be announced this Friday 9th as this is the first full week in August. Stay tuned and thanks for asking!! πŸ™‚

    2. Greetings all,
      Since there is still time until tomorrow… here goes my reason:
      My partner and I seem to synchronize on almost all levels, but what shocked me first was the way we pack our bags/clothes. From what I’ve noticed in our adventures together, we are some of the lightest travelers you’ll find. So, that’s what I’d like to win those bags for: to declare in all customs “Just this luggage. Thank you!” and to carry on smiling that I got them from you, just by posting this out of the blue, in the last minute with least chances of winning. ;))) Plus, he’s away on a work trip now, so it would be nice to make a surprise in my “typical” style (never conventional).
      Thank you for your consideration and good luck to all participants!

      1. Hi Denisa, just in time! Thanks for the entry and good luck, you certainly are in to hopefully become the winner! πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks for the quick reply. Now I got my hopes high. No higher than the urge to explore Tuscany’s secrets freshly discovered in your post related to it. I’ve been there before and can’t wait to take a thermal bath in those heavenly spots on my b-day. 13 days to vacation and the countdown continues…
          Have a great summer!

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