July 4

Visiting Finland: Ice Fishing in Lapland (Video)


The North of Finland is known as Lapland, a large area covered by pine trees, lakes….and snow during most of the year. It may seem like an isolated and remote area, yet while the fist adjective might be true to some extent getting there is in reality very easy and very much worth it. During the winter months skiing is very popular as I learned during my visit to Saariselka, and just a few kilometers away the small village of Inari with its beautiful lake is one not to be missed. Soon after arriving to Lapland I made my way to a small lake near Inari where I participated in my first ice-fishing contest ever, and yes, it was also my first time ice fishing.

In this video you will see and learn about the area, what you need to go ice-fishing and why this is a popular sport in this part of Finland as well as in many other cold regions around the world.

Did you like the video? Was there anything you learned you didn’t know before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, and this post too of you liked it!

This video was filmed during my visit to Finland sponsored by Tourism Finland. I was not told to film during my visit and all opinions mentioned here as well as the fun I had are genuine, and my own.


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