December 18

Prepare for your holidays- 4 Simple Tips


In the midst of all the pre-holiday excitement it’s easy to forget the important things. These are usually things that would never normally cross your mind, and if you’re like me, you’re far too concerned with whether you’ve packed your straighteners, or whether your shoes are going to poke a hole in your suitcase!

prepare your holidays

Despite this, there are a few vital things you must do before you jump on the plane and head off to warmer climates, or maybe snowier climates if you’re off skiing. You can visit my travel tips page for plenty of info, but if you want it in a nutshell then read along:

The first, and probably most important thing to check is, have you booked your travel insurance?! If not, do it now! This is vitally important in case of something going wrong, from something minor like your suitcase getting damaged, to completely lost, right over to serious health problems. If you make sure you purchase an adequate policy, take it with you, and declare any pre-existing health conditions, you have nothing to worry about.

Second thing – make sure you tell your bank you’re going away if you’re planning on using any of your bank cards whilst you’re there. Even if you’re only taking your credit card for emergencies, ring the bank and ask them to put a travel marker on it as a precaution. This is because banks are now red hot on preventing fraud, and rightly so, and if your card is used overseas and they don’t know it’s you that’s using it in a foreign country, they could put a block on any future transactions, making life tricky for you a thousand miles away from home. A travel marker will go some way to ensuring your bank are informed about your whereabouts, should your card be used.

Third – make sure your travel plans are all confirmed and in order. The one thing people don’t think about much when booking a holiday is how they’re going to actually get to the airport. This is probably the most important part other than the flight! I would recommend driving yourself if you’re able, as this makes the whole journey much less stressful and more leisurely. Holidays are meant to be fun things, not events that turn your hair grey. Check out the facilities for parking at your airport, such as Manchester Airport parking, which is a service used regularly, or Stansted parking for example, and see how much you could not only save money-wise, but also on panic and stress.

Fourth – make sure you’ve checked with your GP whether you need any special vaccinations for the area you’re traveling to, and whether you need to take anti-malaria medication. Do this in good time, because you often have a time limit of taking this prior to traveling. Additionally, make sure your regular tetanus and polio immunizations are up to date.

Those are the most important things to remember, I’m sure there are many but just like you, I’ve forgotten!

Oh, one thing – turn the gas off!

What other tips can you share with us?


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