January 3

One Way to Save Money as You Begin Your Trip


Wherever you go on holiday, there is one thing you must absolutely do whilst you’re there, and that’s to go on at least one excursion that takes you to see the real part of the destination you’re visiting. By this I’m talking about maybe a jeep safari that goes into the countryside, to small villages, where most people don’t venture. In my opinion, you should at least try and see some of the off the beaten track sights.

Of course, this all depends on where you’re going, and what there is on offer when you get there. If you save money prior to leaving the house, you’ll be in a better position to explore further, and truly explore your destination. A good way to do this is to look into ways to save money on your travel plans, and I found I could save a decent amount by booking airport parking if driving to the airport, such as Gatwick airport parking. This might sound like an odd suggestion, but look into it and you’ll see exactly what I mean. You can use the money saved, compared to the price you would  pay on the train, to book a few excursions on your holiday, and certainly put it to good use.

It could be as simple as a boat trip, so you get to see the coastline of your destination from a different point of view, usually stopping at a few places of interest along the way.

It’s worth shopping around for your excursions, as you might find you get them cheaper by booking with a street vendor, compared to the price you’ll pay from your rep. At your welcome meeting, if you have one, use the information to find out where you want to go, and then do a little walking research on the main tourist street, and see what the difference in price is. It’s usually that you can get the same, or very similar, trip for less than what your rep will sell it to you for. You’ll often be able to haggle a little here too, which may feel strange at first, but does save you money!

I have always been of the opinion that seeing some of the sights around your destination, even if they are geared up for tourism, enriches your holiday experience, and if you can get to see some of the culture of the area, then you’ve succeeded in having not only a wonderful holiday, but also learnt something. Most holiday destinations are quite close to areas of interest, so why not do a bit of research before you jet off, it’s a good way to count down the pre-holiday time.

Remember those money saving offers, such as airport parking, and you’ll have a bit more free to enjoy yourself. If you’re considering driving yourself to the airport, then I  recommend you look at the offers from sites like ParkBCP, as you’ll be very happy with the level of service and the price quoted. Every little helps!


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