January 5

Three Escapes for 2014


There are plenty of great places to visit around the globe, but some just have that little more appeal than others. This year, go for an escape destination that is off the beaten track and discover something that is out of the ordinary. Whether you choose to stay in the UK or head to the other side of the world, make your escape is one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

taranaki volcano new zealand

The Northumbrian Coast

One of the best seaside destinations that you could imagine lies in the north east of England. Unlike the coast of Devon, Cornwall or even mid-Wales, the Northumbrian coast remains relatively undiscovered and this can mean that you get huge stretches of beach to yourself – even in the high season. Northumbria has plenty to offer families who want to explore the coast and take part in activities like kiting, windsurfing and rock pooling. Travel to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne for a great day trip that costs nothing. You can also head inland and discover the great uplands which are much like those that are found in the Lake District on the other side of the Pennines.

New Zealand’s South Island

Many visitors to the Pacific enjoy a trip to New Zealand as a part of their stay, but not so many tourists are drawn to the South Island. With a colder climate than the North Island, it is a place of outstanding natural beauty. There are some stunning mountain ranges to explore in scenery that has been used as a backdrop to many a Hollywood movie. Try a trip to Stewart Island, which is off the southern tip of the country. It contains New Zealand’s newest national park, Rakiura National Park, which is free to access. This is the perfect escape for those seeking peace, quiet and even a little solitude. You can reach Stewart Island by ferry from the mainland. If you are driving around, which is probably the best way, make sure you take out adequate travel insurance and don’t forget to take your driver’s license with you.

The Heritage Of Mauritius

This island is one of the up and coming holiday destinations around the globe. The people of Mauritius are drawn from all over southern Asia and Africa. Le Morne, a mountainous area in the south-west of the island, became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. Here, you can discover some of Mauritius’ heritage and culture. Another place worth seeking out, besides the island’s wonderful white sand beaches, is the wonderful Place D’Armes Avenue which is open to all at no cost. Here, you will find statues and architecture that date right back through Mauritius’ past. Lastly, don’t leave the island without experiencing the sega, a lively dance that the locals perform regularly. It expresses sheer zest for life and every Mauritanian is brought up to learn it’s rhythmic and up beat dance moves as a child.


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