January 8

Bangkok’s Cultural Treasures at a Glimpse


At first glance, the bustling city of Bangkok appears to be an overcrowded metropolis embellished with towering buildings, corporate offices, high-end shopping malls and busy streets jam-packed with endless traffic. But when one tries to look beyond the commercial picture of the city, it’s quite shocking that this colorful Asian landscape has successfully preserved its vivid traditions and culture under an invisible and sparkling contemporary veil. A quick trip across the city is the best way to experience the amazing tastes, sights and sounds of Bangkok, so compare cheap flights to Thailand here and get your vacation underway!

A Brief Overview of Thai Culture

The sheer simplicity, beauty and richness of Thai culture tempt countless visitors from all over the world, and their way of life is is easily reflected in simplistic lifestyle and social traditions followed by the natives. Bangkok is definitely known for culture dissemination, a concept that helps the foreigners understand the exact identity and cultural believes practiced in different parts of Thailand.

Historical Buildings

Head out to Old Bangkok to visit the Wat Pho Temple, that features a gigantic statue of reclining Buddha (approximately 140 feet tall), inscribed with religious messages in crude Thai language. This place is of great religious importance to the natives and offers plenty of mesmerizing sights for the vacationers. Furthermore, in past the temple served as a public university for the local inhabitants!

The Grand Palace is located just opposite the Wat Pho Temple. This structure is one of the most ostentatious and aesthetically attractive buildings of Bangkok, and it served as the official residence of early Siamese Kings during 18th to 19th century. Its stunning golden spires loom over museums, temples, chapels and residential buildings located within the temple premises.

Cultural Centres

The National Museum, situated in the vicinity of the Grand Palace just across the Pramane Ground, houses over 1,000 artifacts from the Neolithic times to the modern era. This building was constructed in 17th century, and presently it’s the largest museum in Southeast Asia. For those who seek visual and musical Japanese entertainment, head out to the Thailand Cultural Center located on the Ratchkadapisek Road, opposite the Siam Jusco shopping mall.

Art lovers can seek refuge in the National Arts Gallery that features appealing works of art by national, international and local artists. If you’ve got time, you can stop by the Bangkok Gallery (which is run by Hongjorn Sanehngarmcharoen, a famous Thai artist) or Carpetucm Gallery that features modern pop art. If you find Thai handicraft fascinating, be sure to check out Thai silk outfits, lacquers ware, bronze ware, ceramics, Khon masks and wood work at Narayanaphand, the leading cultural center of Bangkok.

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This popular shot is timeless

Educational Buildings

The National Library and Neilson Hays Library feature an extensive collection of English, European and Thai books, and these institutions are famous across Thailand for promoting Thai, English and joint cultures. If you wish to learn more about German language and culture, why not visit the Goethe Institute. It hosts theater performances, art exhibitions, video shows and motion pictures to promote cultural cooperation between federal republic of Germany and Thailand.

While these are some magnificent examples of art and labor, there are other much simple Thai souvenirs you can take home to remember your incredible vacation!


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