January 8

Packing Tips for Women- Basics


How do you pack?

Are you a roller?

Are you a folder?

Are you a throw it all in and hope for the best kind of person?

There are some great informational websites for female travelers like Wanderlust and Lipstick for difficult, decision-making planning,  however you put together your holiday wardrobe and essentials, one thing will always remain – holiday packing is the worst part of holiday preparation.

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For some, the only reason they don’t like packing is because they can never decide what to take. You might  like choice and variation, and  find having to decide on what to wear for an entire holiday far too restrictive! However, restrict we must, and it’s for that reason you should go  for the super lightweight suitcase. I would recommend this for anyone, because it really does save  space and weight, meaning you could pack more in, and look after the part of me that likes choice.

As for how to organize it all, I’m a  a firm believer in the art of rolling. It does actually work, although for anything particularly delicate I would recommend sticking to carefully folding. As for shoes, definitely at the bottom, underneath maybe a beach towel or something thick, to stop rips from heels etc.

I’d suggest trying to use your hand luggage for things like straighteners, because that will cut down on weight and space.

I have never been guilty of taking too much, especially clothes wise, but other have learned from experience that they don’t need to take a new outfit for every day and night for the duration of the holiday. Discover the art of travel wash basically, and the art of mix and match. A denim skirt, a maxi skirt, linen trousers – these can all be teemed with different tops to create a different look, and dressed up with jewellery for a little bit of bling, if the occasion calls for it. As for shoes,  take one pair of heels and a couple of pairs of sparkly flats, as you’ll lern the hard way that generally heels don’t go with overseas pavements!

As for beach wear, you do not need a new bikini for every day! My wife once took 7 bikinis for a week’s holiday – how many did she wear? Three. You will find you gravitate towards your favorite and most comfortable beachwear, and a simple rinse out every night and left to dry will do more than well enough! Again, one beach towel, not several!

Once you’ve done all your packing, don’t go and ruin the whole thing by making a dangerous mistake – forgetting to book holiday insurance. This is a must, must, must do for any holiday, because should you fall ill, or in this case, should you lose your luggage, and if you haven’t booked insurance, then you won’t be covered in the slightest. Take a little time out pre-holiday to sort this out and you’ll have peace of mind.

Packing done, you can relax. I then use this time to research my destination and get excited. I also check out what’s available at my airport, and I’d recommend you do this because it means you don’t miss out on anything, and you also get to find out about departure times etc. If you often fly from London airports always check Stansted departures prior to traveling, so you can get up to date information.

Packed, insured, researched – check some last minute travel tips I give you’re ready to go.


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