January 10

Tips for Using Your Concierge During Your Trip


If you are planning a trip out of town that requires you to stay in a hotel, don’t forget to use your concierge during your trip. Concierge services are designed to help provide guests easier access to the wide variety of services to ensure that their personal and professional needs are accommodated. While some hotel guests only use their concierge for directions and recommendations to local eateries and tourist destinations, it can provide so much more.

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Comforts of Home

Most guests are unaware that their hotel offers certain additions that can provide them with more of the comforts of home. This could include adding a microwave or mini fridge to a room that does not come standard with one, having a crib or high chair for your little one, or even having on-site DVD and game rentals. For added security you can see if you have access to a safety deposit box or an in-room safe.


Professional Needs

For hotel guests conducting business during their stay, your concierge can direct you to the resources you need to get your job done. This includes items such as access to office space, fax machines, copiers and printers, rooms where you can conduct meetings, audiovisual equipment, and express mailing services. These are just a handful of the professional concierge services available in many hotels, all of which save you the time and hassle of seeking out off-site business services.


Convenience Services

While you are staying in a hotel you may have some unexpected problems arise; oftentimes your concierge services will have you covered. This could be anything from access to dry cleaning, do-it-yourself laundry services, an ATM, currency exchange, a newsstand, and daily delivery of the newspaper. Also check to see what on-site facilities you have access to such as a gym, pool, spa, gift shop, restaurants, room service, or continental breakfast.


References by Preference

When traveling to an unfamiliar area, most people search online for common tourist attractions. However, there is nothing like getting a recommendation from a local for area restaurants and attractions that align with your specific hobbies and interests. Prior to setting your full itinerary for your trip, reach out to your concierge and ask for recommendations. This is a conversation you can begin by phone or email prior to arriving for your stay. As an added perk your concierge may have connections with local businesses to offer you discounts, package deals, and customized excursions and outings.



Many hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport, train station, or other transportation facilities. This is ideal for travelers who will not be renting a car during their stay. Whether you are traveling with or without a car, check with your concierge to see what type of transportation services are available, such as valet parking, onsite parking, access to limo services, prearranged taxi service, or what additional locations the hotel van is available to take you to.


As a guest of the hotel it can be easy to forget that you have access to so much more than just a room while on vacation. To get a clear picture of all that is available to you, contact your concierge.


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