January 24

Safe Travel In Mexico – What Is The Truth?


Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world. No one can doubt this because of its exotic culture and the people themselves, and it doesn’t help that Mexico is the geographical location of the best beaches on this planet.

Over the years, Mexico has been criticized about the safety of tourists visiting the country as well as its citizenry amidst the report of kidnapping, robbery, theft, and murders. But name a place without that kind of news? Every place you’ll be traveling into has instances of these unfortunate events. The thing is, these incidents are more incidental than general. Mexico wouldn’t be one of the topnotch holiday destinations if it’s really one of the dangerous places on earth. So what’s the real score? Here are some safe travel tips for you whenever your travel into Mexico.

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Always Know the Address of Your Embassy

If you’re a foreigner in any place, it’s your obligation to know where your embassy is at; so that in case of any potential legal trouble about your document and other matter, you’d know where you can seek help.


Only Ride Legitimate Taxis

If you have reservations about public transport and would opt instead to pay for a taxi cab, it’s easy to get a legitimate taxi cab. Just ask the management of the hotel you’re staying and you’ll be able to know which of the taxi cabs in Mexico are legitimate.


Travel with Groups for More Fun

There’s truth to the phrase, the more, the merrier. So when you explore the streets of Mexico be sure to travel with a group. If you’re a solo backpacker, why not book guided tours so that you’ll enjoy a safer trip around Mexico City.


Travelling Solo at Night is a No-No

Unless you’re a huge risk taker or want to experience a different level of adventure, it’s highly advisable for you not to travel alone at night. There might be spectacular sceneries best viewed during the night but your safety should be your number one priority.


Prefer Public Transportation

It’s still safer to mingle with the crowd than to stand out. Unless it’s a legitimate taxi cab, don’t take it; opt instead to take the public transport. What’s good about taking the public transport is that you’d get to see and experience the city sights of Mexico together with the busy crowd of the locals. However, if you do take the public transport, be sure to guard your personal belongings like your wallet or even your watch against pickpockets.


Dress Down and Don’t Stand Out

Before you arrive at a conclusion that Mexico is a dangerous city know for a fact that it happens in every city in the world that when a tourist stands out he has a bigger chance of being spotted by one who has a criminal intent. So to avoid being the apple of the eyes of pickpockets or even opportunists, it’s better to dress down and act like you’re one of the crowds.


End Note

Remember, when travelling into new places, do your research in advance and know the various safety tips on how to travel into Mexico. Sites like Travelbag can help you get best deals on flights and accommodations. So what you are waiting for? Plan your holiday to Mexico today!


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