January 27

Making Flights as Stress-Free as Possible


Anyone with experience of a long haul flight will know that it can get very old, very fast. Sitting in a barely comfortable chair for hours on end, wiggling your feet every now and again to try and keep the circulation working, isn’t that best way to spend your day but, if you want to enjoy the far-flung destinations, it’s something that has to be done.

Whether you’re traveling with youngsters, your other half or on your own, there are plenty of ways in which you can relieve the boredom and stress. If you stay calm and relaxed for the duration, chances are the flight will feel like it will go much quicker than if you’re sat on the edge of your seat, bored out of your mind.

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Hop on the Plane With a Good Night’s Rest

Being free from stress is essential if you are going to have a successful flight. From the moment you leave your home to the moment the aircraft touches down in your destination, if you can keep stress at bay, you’ll be fine. The key to success is to be relaxed and feeling fresh and well-slept from the off. After all, you’ll need to be in the best frame of mind possible to endure such a lengthy flight. If you’re flying form London, why not take a look at the airport accommodation, such as Travelodge’s Heathrow hotels in Terminal 5, which can help to guarantee you a good night’s sleep before your flight. It’s much more advisable than having to wake up at the crack of dawn, to drive to the airport and tackle the various amounts of traffic along the way. If you stay at the hotel the night before, all you will have to do is head out of the door, check in, drop off your bags and relax to the max.

Before you set off on your holiday, make sure that you give some thought about what you can do whilst you’re in transit. Sleeping is a popular choice, but sometimes it’s just not possible – especially if you have little ones in tow who are yanking at your sleeve every five minutes. Make sure that your cabin bags are filled with things to keep yourself, and your family, occupied so that, if sleeping isn’t an option, there are plenty of other activities to be getting on with.

Caring for Children during Flights

Young children can be difficult but if you stay calm and collected, they will probably do the same. Babies are usually happy to sleep and eat, as long as they are comfortable, so make sure that you have enough milk to last (you can pre-order baby formula at the airport to avoid issues with security) and also pack a few little toys to keep them enthralled during boring moments. Toddlers and pre-schoolers can get a little restless and irritable, so pack plenty of age-appropriate goodies, such as colouring books and activity books, as well as their favourite teddy bear for snuggles. Snacks are also advisable to use as a distraction, while having the luxury of an aisle seat will help them, and you, to stretch their legs without disrupting other passengers.

In Flight Entertainment for Adults

Older kids may still be a little tetchy after a few hours in the air, but as long as you keep them entertained with books, music, video games and films, they should be OK. Packing a tablet computer would be ideal, loaded with some of their favourite films or new releases, while the in-flight entertainment may also be put to good use.

Adults can usually take care of themselves, but a few puzzles, books and magazines stowed away can certainly help you while away the boredom and remain stress-free and as relaxed as possible, whatever your age!


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