January 30

Sydney: Top Attractions not to Miss


Lying on the south-eastern coast of Australia, and the capital of the State of New South Wales, Sydney is a beautiful place sprawled around the scenic harbor. Its modern buildings, unique architects, and hundreds of thrilling things to do, put you in awe. Whether it is the gigantic Sydney Harbor Bridge, the iconic Sydney Opera House, or the water-sports activities and explorations, you are blown away out of proportions. Checkout some of the affordable places for accommodation in Sydney and let the fun begin.

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To seep in the beauty of the place and satisfy your exploration craves hop on a ferry ride which takes you through some the stunning landmarks including the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. For your rendezvous with history you can take a ferry ride to Cockatoo Island, where you can tour the historical prisons and dockyards. People treating adventure as religion can lunge for a rented kayaks and paddle around the inlets of Sydney Harbor National Park or, enroll in surfing classes at Manly Beach. For your excursions on foot tryout the Federation Cliff Walk, which is a 5 Km stretch of track starting from Raleigh Reserve Park, and it gives you a panoramic view of the surroundings of clear blue waters, uniquely carves harbor, and the iconic structures.

Bondi Beach

For beach lovers Bondi Beach is one of the must-visit places on earth. It also happens to be the closest beach from the city center, but that is no reason for it being a very popular spot among tourists from all across the world. For it exhibits hot bodies and string of fun-filled activities, that even the TV production houses could not help making shows about it. Littered across the beach are the surf shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, ice-cream parlors, and other facilities. It is a good place for sea-surfers, with two surf club – Bondi and North Bondi patrolling the beach. For swimmers if the sea is rough, you can head for the saltwater sea baths at its either ends, which are safe for the kids as well.

Sydney Opera House

One of the most magnificent pieces of architect whose roof shells represent billowing sails, this world renowned performing arts center is visited by millions of tourists each year. This stunning complex houses many performing arts venues, and annually it hosts more than 1500 performances. Though it is not all about attending a performance, a guided tour of this majestic structure can also give you an awesome experience, where are taken across the backstage, dressing rooms, halls, etc.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

This majestic structure is one of the most photographed landmarks of Australia. And it has all the reasons to be, as this amazing bridge stands 134 m tall above the Sydney Harbor. Climbing it is one of the most sorted things to do in Sydney. You get a dazzling panoramic view of the harbor as well. It will be a great adventure of your lifetime.

Then you can have great dining experiences, satisfy your wild nightlife craves, and get drowned in the colors of joy, all in the city of Sydney.


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