February 10

The 5 Best Beaches in Turkey


The summer season is fast approaching; mark your calendars and take that much needed leave from work. Your stop? The amazing country of Turkey. This historical country was once the birthplace of the first civilization of men; now, Turkey not only boasts some amazing cultural landmarks but it’s also the geographical location of some of the best beaches in the world. Be ready to shop for those skin tight bikinis and trunks; load up on that sun block lotion, and start exercising to get that beach body ready and visit the best of Turkey’s beaches.

photo by TimoAndDog on Flickr

  1. Patara Beach: Where the Crowd Knows How to Party

If you want a more mainstream beach holidays to Turkey then head out to Patara beach. What attracts people to this accessible beach is its fine sand. If you’re spending the holidays with the kids, then Patara Beach is the perfect place for you. Here, you can engage in some moderate water oriented activities like kayak, water boarding, and even parasailing. Umbrellas and sun beds are easily available for rent within the area. What’s more, there are certain areas here, usually off limits to the public, where you get to observe nesting sea turtles.

  1. Ortakent Beach: Conveniently Accessible, Equally Breathtaking

Ortakent beach may no longer be a secret beach but it’s still equally breathtaking because of its blue waters and varied activities. This is one of Turkey’s kid friendly beaches. The attractive factor of Ortakent Beach is its surrounding area. When staying in the area, you get to shop at market gardens; plus, there are affordable hotels that are accessible to the beach.

  1. Hisaronu Bay: Windsurfer Paradise

Are you into windsurfing? Your holiday isn’t complete without visiting its beaches for action sports lovers. If you have to choose for a beach to go to, Hisaronu Bay must top you list. Friends travelling within a budget will love Hisaronu Bay because the area is jump-packed with restaurants. Whether you want ultra sophisticated restaurant or just your average affordable eatery, you’ll never run out of option in Hisaornu Bay.

  1. Kaputas Beach: The Honeymooners Must See Place

Holidays to Turkey may also include an amazing honeymoon newly wedded couples will never forget. If you have to choose then Kaputas Beach is the place for you. This secluded beach requires any visitor to do a little trekking. In fact, you will have to do some trekking just to get down the pre-marked trek before you can get to the beach. This could mean that there are no facilities in the area which ultimately means that you might want to pack on some aqua, food, and other things you usually order from the restaurant.

  1. Cirali Beach: A Backpacker’s Paradise

Backpackers are the breed of travelers who are not afraid to share their adventures to the public. When it comes to beaches in Greece, Cirali beach is quite secluded. One of the attractions to this place is the logger head turtle. This is beach is perfect for both for  honeymooners or couples looking for some RnR with the missus.


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