February 14

Mountain Comfort at the Steamboat Grand Hotel


Nested on a side of a small hill the Steamboat Grand is without a doubt one of the best hotels in Steamboat Springs. Offering all the services you might need and then more, it is able to deliver a rustic  cabin style environment despite its size, mostly because of the careful decoration it can proudly show off.

You know you’re in a special hotel as soon as you step into the through the main door, welcomed by a large painting on the wall, an even larger chandelier and the sound water falling down a small waterfall just ahead of you. The steps lead you to the lobby where careful  attention is provided by the staff, and a short walk to the left takes you to the elevators.

steambot grand hotel
The entrance to the Steamboat Grand

The Rooms

Our room was a one bedroom suite that could sleep four people comfortably. It had a living room with a flat screen TV and an adjacent kitchen with all the utensils one could need; we did make good use of it, cooking simple dinners and enjoying breakfast every morning. I particularly liked the wood furniture, and the gas powered fireplace that made the room very cozy at night. The room overlooked the ski slopes which are within walking distance of course, a fantastic treat to the eye, and once the sun set we were lucky enough to have the moon right there too. Needless to say that there’s all the hot water you may need, and if there’s one thing I liked above all it was the space, lots of space to work , eat, sleep and store our belongings conveniently.

steamboat grand room
Our room


view room steamboat grand
Another view


the kitchen steamboat grand
The kitchen, which we did use every day.
The bedroom


Other Services

Of the other services available we only used the heated pool (more than once) and walked past the gym. As this is a hotel meant to be used mostly during the winter season there are two ways to the heated pools, one out the main door and the other through the gym and directly into the water, wading across a curtain to the open air. There is actually two swimming pools, the hotel one also becoming a jacuzzi (a powerful one must I say!) via a timer set on the wall.

We did not use the spa or the restaurant as our room was very well appointed and made spending time in it invigorating. This also saved us money (and will save you too) as you can buy groceries at any of the shopping centers and then hopping on one of the free buses to the hotel.


The Steamboat Grand is a great hotel by any standard and one I can certainly recommend if visiting the area. Rates vary with room size, but you’re in for excellent service and a very comfortable time.


Steamboat Grand Website steamboatgrand.com


I was a guest of the hotel during my visit to Steamboat Springs, but all opinions and pictures in this post are, as always, entirely my own.

Have you visited Steamboat Springs? What hotel did you stay in? Would this be one of your choices? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you think others might find it useful!


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