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Tips and Ideas for Visiting Mexico


Mexico is a beautiful vacation destination that has a lot to offer. Not only can a trip to the country be relatively inexpensive, but Mexico’s unique landscape and history offers everything from hiking, swimming, and exploring Mexico’s unique cultural and historical sites. For many Mexico is one of the world’s best exotic destinations!

Best Places to Stay

Puerto Vallarta

One of the favorite spots among tourists to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta offers the natural beauty of the beach along with the rich history and tradition of the old town. While in Puerto Vallarta, you can choose from many activities, including taking a tour of the city, visiting one of the art or cultural museums, snorkeling or scuba diving, or even going skydiving! A perfect beach resort, Puerto Vallarta will keep you and your family entertained for days.

couple on the beach

Los Cabos

Another favorite tourist vacation, especially if you want a more romantic getaway, is Los Cabos. While staying in Los Cabos, you can take a trip to Lover’s Beach, enjoy a beautiful dining experience while on a private yacht, or simply spoil yourself with massages and beach lounging. If you decide to stay in Los Cabos, don’t overlook the benefits of staying in one of the luxury vacation villas, which can offer peace, serenity, and privacy with five-star services.

Must-See Attractions

The Mayan Ruins

While staying in Mexico, don’t miss your chance to visit some of the Mayan ruins that the country is famous for. One of the most sophisticated ancient cultures in history, the Mayans built humongous temples that they used to honor the gods. Now considered world heritage sites, the ruins offer a unique insight into life in the Mayan culture during the 7th century. Additionally, the ruins are all nestled deep within the jungle, which provides for a scenic journey to even reach them. Once there, you can go on one of the many tours or explore the ruins alone. Don’t forget to challenge yourself by attempting to climb to the top of the pyramid El Castillo in Chichen Itza!


Another unique place that’s a must-see while traveling in Mexico is the world heritage city of Campeche. Part of its uniqueness stems from its unique architecture, which embodies themes of a military presence combined with Caribbean and Baroque influence. While you’re there, you can visit one of the military forts, tour the city, stroll though the botanical gardens, or take a tour of one of the historical and colorful mansions.

Tips for Traveling

Plan Ahead

Before you head to Mexico, make sure your trip is completely planned. Most travel bloggers gave been in Maexico and can give you plenty of tips and advice with their awesome travel blogs.  Additionally, just as you should do anytime you travel to another country, make sure you register with the US Department of State’s traveler’s program. Doing so is completely free, and is a good precaution to take in case of an emergency.

You should also plan to have enough money on you to make it through your trip—but don’t keep it all in one place! If you’re hesitant about having a lot of cash on you, make sure that any trips to the ATM are done during daylight hours in public places.

Exercise Caution

Keep your family together, don’t tell strangers what your plans are, and keep your eyes peeled for danger. While you most likely won’t have any problems during a trip to Mexico, it’s always a good idea to exercise a reasonable level of caution any time you travel.

Most importantly, though, have fun! Stay at a place where there are a lot of tourists—those areas tend to be the safest, and sign up for tours rather than traveling on your own. Enjoy!


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