March 1

Varna in Bulgaria: Enjoy Your Summer


Hey, what about making the most of the sunny times during your vacation at one of the most sought after places for getting a tan and escaping from the scorching sun of summers? Yep, it is Varna in Bulgaria this time where you can find the solace of your life. Well, rolling out a red carpet for you are the resorts which provide you with free transportation services from the airports as well. It is one of the cheapest destinations which offer you enough ammo to make your vacations as enjoyable as possible, with quite a few things to do.

Kaliakra Nature Reserve

It is a fantastic idea to take a day out to explore the Kaliakra Nature Reserve situated on Southern Dobruja region of Bulgaria. It is about one and half hour drive away and it provides fascinating exploration experiences. There is abundant wildlife and old ruins to draw your attention. It gets you up-close with the beauty of mother-nature with number of isolated caves, and hundreds of species of birds. There are hot spots along the cape to watch dolphins, and cormorants.

The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is an icon of the town of Varna which has been the center of attraction for tourists for more than a century now. It is now popular for being an amazing place which beholds Natural Science Museum, the Copernicus Astronomy Complex planetarium, the Naval Museum, a zoo, and the Dolphinarium and Aquarium. Things do not end up here, for there are other fun-filled activities including a swimming pool, an open-air theater, tennis courts, and lots of amusing activities for children. There are number of cafes, and restaurants to give you the tastes of sumptuous seafood.

Madara Hoseman and the Petrified Forest

Get a look at the horseman at the 8th century old rock relief. The fantastic carving is done on a vertical rock which is about 23 meter high, and is considered as excellent piece of work which exhibits the early Bulgarian medieval art. Owning to its magnificence and uniqueness it got its inclusion into the official UNESCO registry. Then to mesmerize you is the amazing Stone forest, which has an accumulation of stone pillars which reach up to 6 meters. The pillars have unique shapes to quiz your minds, and you can figure out shapes of animals, or frozen fountains and cascades. They are pieces of exceptional natural phenomenon which has created such impressions on the rocky surfaces.

The Beach

The beach is another of the popular hot spots which the tourists cannot resist walking through. The place is a littered with people sunbathing, then you can see paddlers, or some others enjoying beach-volleyball action. All along the beach is a never ending lane strewed with bars, restaurants, and nightlife clubs for giving you some refreshing moments.

There are number of other attractions including churches, museums, Roman ruins, fortress, and countless other things to grab your attention, and which keep you on your toes and give you great entertaining times. Your Varna vacation is tailor made for you- come and discover!


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