March 5

How to Beat Pre-Flight Nerves


It’s perfectly understandable why some people are nervous about flying. When you think about it, it goes totally against the laws of what makes sense – a huge machine floating in the air, with no safety net. It’s probably best not to ask how it does it, ignorance is bliss!


flying business
Lots of leg room, drinks all the time, and almost fully horizontal bed, good food…flying business is something else.

Despite the countless statistics of how safe flying is, this doesn’t calm the nerves of someone who is just a little worried about flying. It’s perfectly natural, but something that can be managed, to enable you to go on equally as enjoyable holidays, as someone who loves to fly.

The first thing to remember is that organization is key. Getting stressed about your travel plans before you even get to the airport isn’t going to start your journey off in the most calm of manners. This is why I regularly book airport parking and drive myself to the airport. I just find having control in my hands and not being rushed by a third party means I can relax from the get-go, and that transfers through the rest of my journey. You’ll find this service nationwide, even regionally, such as the great value facilities for Bristol Airport parking. All it takes is a little search, and your getting from home to the airport plans will be sorted out.

Once you’re there, checked in, security done, the best way to keep your nerves at bay is by implementing a bit of routine. To do that, I usually head to a restaurant and have a meal, depending on the time of day of course! This keeps a bit of normality to what is essentially a very abnormal situation, and also passes the time. If you concentrate on the waiting, your nerves will more than likely grow, so keep your mind distracted – I find the best way to do that is to hit duty free!

Drinking probably isn’t going to keep you calm, however one or two won’t hurt you. Moderation is key!

Keep your eyes on the screens so you know you’re not going to be rushing to the departure gate, and try and keep calm. Deep breaths will help but if you find you’re really going to be getting into an unnecessary tizz then it may be a good idea to visit your GP before you travel, to see if there is any medication or herbal therapy they can recommend to keep you chilled-out for this part of the journey. Just remember to keep drinking to zero or minimum if this is the case.

Once it’s time to board, mention to the cabin crew that you are nervous, because if they’re aware of it, they’ll keep reassuring you, check in on you every so often, and you’ll feel supported throughout a time that is worrying for you.

In-flight – keep occupied again, and make yourself comfortable (have you tried the J-Pillow I reviewed?). If you have an iPad or phone, top it up with music, films and games, and try and keep your mind off the travel. Don’t look at the flight route map, as this will just make time drag, and if you’re given the option of booking an in-flight meal when you originally plan your holiday, take them up on this, as it will again make time go faster and break up your journey.

You’ll find that keeping occupied, using available technology as I explain in this post, taking deep breaths, and seeking extra help when needed will make the journey go faster, and you’ll soon be in the sunshine where your holiday fun can really begin.


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