March 18

Tenerife: The Dream Vacation


For your next vacation, check what Tenerife has to offer to make it your ultimate dream vacation. The sun kissed soil of Tenerife’s volcanic island has countless gems as attractions which gives tourists a perfect get away. It will be a monumental task to keep away from the beautiful sandy beaches in this place of moderate climate. Tenerife is the largest of the Canaries and a very popular tourist destination.

tenerife beach


Yes, Tenerife is the ultimate place for you to enjoy the balmy sun all through the year. It is a good place to get some tan after the bone chilling winters. For beach lovers, it is slice of heaven on earth which is ideal for swimming, and the scenic sands are ideal place to stroll around or make good use of the sun-beds and sunshades. For your high action adrenaline craves are the various water-sports activities, including wind surfing, jet skiing and other adventurous boat trips. Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos are two of the impressive beaches which are buzzing with activity. Or, you can also ahead for El Medano, which is a splendorous spot for kite-surfing, where the World Championship are also hosted.

Teide National Park

You simply cannot do without taking a trip to the Teide National Park, which is an out-of-the world place literally, for the landscape is made up of amazing basalt and pumice rock formations. The landscape has magnetic effects on film directors, who chose the lunar-look landscape for shooting their Sci-fi movies. To have a great panoramic view of the whole landscape, you need to go for the cable car ride. Your ride up to the Mount Teide, which also happens to be the highest point in Spain, and have a great picturesque view of the surroundings, the blue waters, and distant whales displaying their glory in water. You should explore the naturally created crater, and enjoy the tranquillity around.

Scuba Diving

Upon visiting Tenerife scuba diving is another endeavor which tourists love to indulge into, whether they are professionals or beginners, for there are scuba diving courses which you can undertake before going down under. It is a unique experience awaiting you and the diving sites are just less than 20 minutes away by boat ride. It is real fun exploring the ocean with sharks, rays, moray eels, barracudas, and corals to give the seascape an impeccable beauty.

Enjoy the Show

For another great timeout, head for the Sound of Musicals which is a spectacular show of pulsating dances, melodious songs, razzmatazz, and hilarious comedy, sewn together. It has a perfect setting for dinner with 2 course meal along with wines, and beer for your entertainment. The interior decor is exquisite with chandeliers, and carpets to give it an elegant ambience. The show itself is something unique with colourful costumes and excellent performances.

With great accommodations and delicious cuisines and countless entertaining thing to do in Tenerife, your vacation is bound to keep you spell bound.


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