March 25

How to Discover a Country With Locals


Since I’ve traveled to many countries, I always have the tendency to compare experiences and places yet one thing I’ve learned since the beginning is that the best memories of a trip are often the experiences with locals. Unfortunately, I often miss the close connection with locals during a day trip. I question myself: what would the locals do? What would they really eat? What would be their favorite place to visit? Experiences with a local give you the opportunity to discover a culture up-close. This way, you’re able to discover more than just the famous, and often extremely touristy places.

withlocals travel

Of course, I still recommend everyone to visit well-known landmarks like the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur or Tanah Lot in Bali. Yet besides this, it’s always nice to see something more than just the famous sights. Recently, I learned about a  new platform called Withlocals. This is a marketplace which offers the opportunity to discover a culture together with a local. You can for example book a tour in Sri Lanka or Malaysia where the local will show you the hidden gems of his or her city.  You can also go for a home-dinner and taste the traditional food with a local family.

withlocals travel
How about some authentic home made food?

The website acts like a marketplace where locals from Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, and Malaysia offer their unrivaled knowledge. While the tourists benefit from the most authentic travel experiences, locals have the possibility to show you their favorite places.

family travels with locals
Take your family on a tour guided by a local.

Withlocals also helps local communities in Southeast Asia by creating more jobs for the local population, since local people can choose what they want to offer and can set their own prices. They can show their favorite places, teach you their favorite activity or let you taste their signature dish, and earn some extra money by doing so. In my opinion a great project.


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What do you think about this project? Would you travel with a local? Do you like to meet new people and would love to show them your home town or sample your food while making some money? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and visit their website to sign up and offer your services!


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