April 6

3 Steps Moving Abroad from the UK


The hassle-free way to move abroad

Whether you’re moving abroad for a work opportunity, to further your studies or simply to experience a different way of life, starting again in another country can be daunting.

After the initial excitement from booking your flights and arranging your travel has subsided, the reality of how much organisation lies ahead of you can be overwhelming.

Although you won’t have your usual network of friends and family around once you arrive, by planning in advance, emigrating from the UK easily and stress free can be possible.

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1. Prepare your paperwork
Although you probably have some ideas of what permits, documentation and visas you will need to move abroad, make sure you take care of all the little details. It can be easy to overlook the preparation of less memorable papers like a driving licence or residency permits. And remember, keep all the paperwork you will need to present to authorities on arrival in an easily accessible place – preferably on your person.

2. Arrange the transport of your possessions
Moving abroad is much easier when you enlist the help of a long distance removals firm you can trust – especially if you have valuables to be moved. Take the weight off your mind by doing your research as soon as possible. Finding a reliable international agency a few months ahead of your arrival date will help things run smoothly and efficiently after the plane lands.

Before you begin packing, take the time to have a clear out of items you no longer need – packing pointless items will not only waste your time, it will cost you additional money. Also remember to take into consideration items like beds and kitchen appliances which can easily be overlooked.

Finally, always take the time to create a box full of essentials you will need for the first day. Hunting around madly for pyjamas or a toothbrush after a long flight is far from ideal!

3. Tie up any loose ends
Before you leave the country, make sure you have paid any outstanding utility bills, closed down any direct debits and cancelled any services or memberships you are currently subscribed to – the last thing you want a few months down the line is having to deal with legal issues overseas!

If it is practical, consider moving any funds you have in the bank and closing down your account. Always take time to ensure that arrangements have been made for any important mail to be redirected.


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