May 13

5 Things You Should Always Carry When Trekking


Trekking is a great way to keep fit and experience the outdoors with friends, whether for a short or long distance. It is common to find trekking trails in areas that are surrounded by a lot of natural habitat which makes the hike much more adventurous. This outdoor activity can be done by anybody who wants to enjoy exploring their surroundings while hiking. Nevertheless, for a day of trekking to be successful there are a number of essential items that must be carried along on the trip (different from the ten things you should carry on a long backpacking trip). Some of these important items that should be part of your gear include:

Rain gear

Apart from putting on the right attire when trekking, it is also important to carry extra clothing which might come in handy incase of bad weather (a high chance of this happening if you trek the Pacific Crest Trail for example). Most times, the extra clothing consists of rain gear that protects the body when you are caught in heavy downpour. This gear is usually made from waterproof material that does not allow any water to soak your clothes or backpack if you are carrying one on the hike. Stores like Cotswold Outdoor have a wide range of appropriate clothing for your outdoor adventures.

First aid kit

Although the goal of trekking is to have fun outdoors, there are instances whereby accidents may happen resulting in the need for first aid. It is for this reason that it is important to carry a first aid kit that should contain basic supplies such as pain relievers, antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, sling and a small water bottle to clean wounds. Most times, the items in the kit are enough to treat minor injuries on adults as well as children.


Finding the right way when trekking is crucial, thus making it important that you have a compass  you can use well and comfortably. This navigation tool may be small in size but is very essential especially when used alongside a map. The map also helps you track your progress as you move along the trail on which you are trekking, and if you own a smartphone you can have both of these items with you without the extra bulk).


Having a flashlight as part of your gear is essential whether or not you will be trekking late in the evening or at night. Most times, this light source can come in handy in times in case you wander off or the hike takes more time than expected. In addition, the flashlight should be packed with together with an extra packet of batteries to ensure that it can be used for an extended time period.

Food and water

Trekking consumes a lot of energy and so it is important to pack extra food for the hike even though you might have had breakfast. The food should consist of energy giving foods that will keep you going throughout the whole day such as protein bars, chocolate or even a peanut butter sandwhich will do. Carrying bottles of water is also important because it keeps the body hydrated especially when walking under the sun.


All in all, carrying the things above when trekking will ensure that you have a comfortable as well as safe experience in the outdoors.



What other items do you carry with you or recommend people bring along?


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