May 23

Flying Over Steamboat Springs in a Hot Air Balloon (Video)

About two and a half hours West of Denver lies Steamboat Springs, a medium sized town famous for its “champagne snow” ideal for skiing during the long winter.  Walkable and with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy including mountain biking, fishing or horseback riding Steamboat Spring also gives you the opportunity to soar the skies in a hot air balloon- how’s that?

Initially we were supposed to join the ride a couple of days after we arrived, but foul weather was on the way and the flight was rescheduled to the following morning, which meant that whith only 4 hours of sleep we’d head back out and have some fun. And we did as you can see in the video of the trip!


I would like to say that the flight was very smooth, lots of fun despite me not being a big fan of heights and Ian the pilot was a very entertaining individual who had us all laughing and in awe most of the time.  To learn more about the flight you may want to read the full post of the hot air balloon ride in Steamboat Springs .

We were guests of Wild West Balloon Adventures for this trip, however all pictures, opinions and of course the video are entirely my own.

Have you ever flewn in a hot air balloon? Where? Did you enjoy it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you think others might like it!


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