July 3

5 Family Friendly Things to do in Singapore


Visiting Singapore as a family is a great way to explore the country while having fun at the same time. The country is a great destination for families that are looking for a unique but active vacation where they can learn more about the culture and relax as well (have you ever heard of the Gardens by the Bay ?). Even though the prospect of travelling to Singapore is quite alluring, it is important to plan early to avoid being disappointed at the last minute. Bookings for plane flights and accommodation should be priority especially when travelling with children so that they are comfortable and safe. Finding proper accommodation is easy because of the many hotels in Singapore as well as AirBnB options.

Enjoying family time in Singapore is made easier because of the diverse activities that one can engage in both day and night. Some of these family focused activities include.

Learn about Singapore history

If you are curious about the journey of Singapore from its early years to the present then a visit to the Singapore Discovery Centre should be your first stop. The centre, which is located at the Upper Jurong Road, provides a lot of information on the various milestones of the country. It is a good place for local as well as foreign tourists to learn more about Singapore and the entrance rates are affordable. In addition, the Discovery Centre also has other attractions which are quite entertaining and technologically advanced.

Relish the cuisine

Enjoying the local dishes in Singapore is a great way to bond with your family when on vacation. The cuisine is known to be delicious regardless of the time of day. Kaya Toast which is accompanied by tea and sometimes eggs is a “must have” when visiting the country. Also, children can sample the delicious Chili Crab, if they are able to handle hot chili.

Enjoy a night safari

Exploring Singapore by night is quite exhilarating even for families as they get to enjoy the Night Safari together. It is a once in a lifetime experience that involves riding through the zoo on a tram at night to have a chance to see the activities of animals at night. The zoo has more than one thousand animals and is a great place to visit for families looking for adventure.

Have fun at Sentosa

The enjoyment experienced at Sentosa is one that every family need s to be part of when in Singapore. Families can travel to the island using cable cars which allow them to view the city in all its magnificence. It has a number of attractions that are all family oriented such as the Underwater World where different species of fish reside. Enjoy Fantasy Land which is filled with slides as well as rides that everyone can hop on to and cool off. Lastly, movie enthusiasts can have fun at Universal Studios all within Sentosa.

Explore bird life

A haven for birdlife within a city is how many people would describe Jurong Bird Park. The park has over eight thousand birds that can be placed within six hundred species making it a fun place to be with your family. The key attractions at the bird park are southeast Asian birds aviary, bird discovery centre, Lory loft aviary and the African waterfall aviary.


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